When will my class start?  Classes will start on June 25th, or 3-5 days after registration if you sign up after that date.

How do I access my class?  All information about your class will be sent to your student email account.  To get to your email from any computer, go to the home page for any school in our district and click “Students”, then click “Gapps”.  Sign in using the username and password that you use during the school year.

How do I get to my school email? Your school email account is accessible from any device with an internet connection.  Simply go to the homepage for any school in our district, click “students” then click “GAPPS”.  Sign in using the same credentials you use during the regular school year (your student email address as the username, and your ID number as the password).

Can students who don’t go to Bend-La Pine Schools register for the BLPO Summer Program?  No, sorry.  Students have to be enrolled with our district to access this program.