High School (9-12) Courses

Bend-La Pine Schools Online partners with Fuel Education to provide a variety of high school course offerings.

Click content areas below and select course titles to see descriptions for all 2018-19 courses available for our Bend-La Pine Students.


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High School Courses

High School Course Level Definitions

  • Core
    • In FuelEd Core courses, topics are broken into discrete modules that are taught in tandem with the framework students need to develop strong study skills. Rich, engaging content with interactive demonstrations and activities help students absorb and retain information.
  • Comprehensive
    • In FuelEd Comprehensive courses, students do more extensive writing and research projects and tackle problems that require more analytical thinking. Course projects and activities also demand more independent thinking and self-discipline than projects in Core courses.
  • Honors
    • FuelEd Honors courses hold students to a greater degree of accountability and demand even greater independence and self-discipline. Students synthesize and evaluate information and concepts from multiple sources and read texts typically assigned in college-level courses. Students also demonstrate college-level writing in essays that require analysis of primary and secondary sources, responsible use of evidence, and comprehensive citation of sources.
  • AP
    • FuelEd AP courses are college-level courses that follow curriculum specified by the College Board. These courses are designed to prepare students for success on AP exams, providing students the opportunity to earn credit at most of the nation’s colleges and universities. Our AP® courses include a companion AP Exam Review course that provides practice for multiple choice exams and essay writing; and it provides students an individualized study plan based on their results.
  • Remediation
    • FuelEd Remediation courses are designed to build foundational skills in math and English—guiding students through the competencies and knowledge needed for success in high school.
  • Credit Recovery
    • FuelEd Credit Recovery courses are tailored for students who need extra help in mastering content by using simplified explanations, interactive lessons with narrated audio clips, and vocabulary links. Most courses include ELL support.

Please Note…

Please consult with your high school counselor to confirm that the course you are interested in is still offered and is eligible for the type of credit you need.