Peak Outage 8PM-11PM Nov. 16

The Peak system will be down from 8 PM-11 PM this evening.  Bend-La Pine Online classes will not be available during those hours.  Sorry for any inconvenience!

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Summer Program Charges

Greetings.  Summer program charges have been posted to student accounts.  Because of a credit from our vendor we were able to reduce planned charges for original credit courses to $50.  Please contact Amy Tarnow if you have any questions.

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Registration is Open for 2017

Registration is now open for full and part time schooling for the 2017-18 year.  Please click on the appropriate level application to start the process or request more information.

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Summer Program Update 2017


Enrollment for the 2017 Bend-La Pine Online Summer Program has ended, and access to student courses will end on August 25th.  If you are not done with your work at that time you can talk to the online coordinator at your high school about reinstatement in a course after the regular school year starts on September 6th.  If you have questions about grades or progress on summer courses please email Christie McCormick.

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