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December 2017

Dear Creeker Families,
As you can see, I am trying a new format for my monthly newsletter, opting for more of a blog-like format.  This format gives me a lot more flexibility in terms of including links, photos, and video. As we adjust to this new format any and all feedback is welcome.

We’re in that wonderfully sweet spot between the Thanksgiving break and the upcoming Winter holidays–the energy here at school is charged!  Presently we are ramping up for the greatest show on earth, the annual Amity Creek Variety Show (formerly known as the Talent Show)  this week!  The show has a new name this year to reflect the variety of talent and entertainment that makes it so special!

In this issue:
*Variety Show
*FOA update
*Cafe Amity
*Site Council
*Cuppa Yo fundraiser
*Auction Update
*Expressing gratitude
*Article of the Month–smartphones
*Change for December Parent Education series

Variety Show (formerly Talent Show)–Wednesday, December 6

We kick off December with the much anticipated annual Variety Show!  The show is next Wednesday, December 6th—doors open at 5:30pm at the Bend High Auditorium, and the
show starts at 6pm sharp.  The kids have been busy preparing an amazing show for you and they are really excited to show their stuff.

As in previous years we’d like for this event to also be an opportunity to do something for others who are less fortunate in our community.  This year we have decided to support a newly opened local children’s food bank called Kid’s Korner (part of the Giving Plate–  Here is a link to Kid’s Korner: On the night of the Variety Show we will be collecting monetary donations in the form of cash and check (made out to Amity Creek).  Or you can go on line at any time and donate:

Important note: We will have a dress rehearsal on Monday here at school and appreciate if you could help your child remember to bring any instruments, props, and/or costumes they may need.  Thank you!

A quick word about the variety show, as we see it.  Amity Creek’s Variety Show is special, and indeed it is like no other.  For all its craziness, we have the deepest appreciation for our show’s inner workings.  Our show is rooted in process, where a child has the opportunity to shine in all their glory, and to continue to develop a sense of comfort in their own skin.

As teachers at Amity, we observe the many choices a child makes on any given day, and throughout their time at Amity Creek.  During the month (plus) before the talent show, there is a definite surge in processing and choice making.  For the kids, it is real, fun, exciting, invigorating, scary, courage defining, sometimes heart wrenching, challenging, at times stressful, character building, and so much more.

At many schools, kids have to audition to perform in a talent show, and many kids have to experience the devastation of not being chosen to perform; this is a pure form of rejection and can plunge a child into a mind full of comparison, and potentially cause a child to give up before even trying.  A small percentage of kids move on in the actual benefiting process of such a performance.  For us, a variety show brings so many opportunities for growth in so many ways, and we choose the possibility of positively reaching as many kids as possible. In these developmental years, providing opportunities for a child to go out of their comfort zone, in whatever way that looks for them, can provide very special life defining moments.

As a staff, to watch a child refuse to go on stage in kindergarten, and then in 3rd grade belting out a song, is a magical experience.  To watch a child not be comfortable with working with others join a skit group and practice using their voice is inspiring.  To watch a child who thinks everyone else is better than them start to embrace who they are and dance to their hearts content is heart-warming.  To watch a child have the courage to leave their friends because they want to do their own thing or be with someone else is an act of bravery we could all take a lesson from.  These are just a few random happenings of the process every child chooses to go through when they are a part of the show.

With this in mind, as you join us on Wednesday to watch the kiddos in all their glory, imagine what incredible backstories each performance has, and the courageous effort it took to get on stage.  Also know that your child is experiencing something extraordinary in that moment on stage.  There is no better show on earth!

A Word from FOA

Starting this month we will get a monthly update from Friends of Amity:

Friends of Amity Creek (FOA) Board Update- Nov 2017

Many thanks to everyone that has volunteered and participated in special fundraising events and ongoing efforts so far. For more information on Friends of Amity Creek, fundraising and volunteer efforts, please visit our website:

Here’s how we are doing so far this year:

2017-18 School Year Fundraising Goal $46,000
YTD Total Funds Raised    (incl. school supply donations) $12,800
Concert on the Green raised $  1,200
Harvest Festival raised $  1,200
Mountain Air raised $     385

Please consider making a year end TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation for 2017 to support Amity Creek’s art and music programs. You may deposit a check in the FOA mailbox in the hallway outside the school office, or by simply clicking on this link:  Donate to FOA

Cafe Amity
Cafe Amity has become a rich part of Amity Creek tradition, and is a key fundraiser that supports our music and arts programs.  Early on the offerings at Cafe Amity were freshly baked goods made with love by an Amity family.  Over the years the offerings have morphed into more store bought treats that are well loved by students (and some parents, too!).  At a recent Site Council meeting we discussed Cafe Amity and how we might begin morphing it once again to include more savory and health conscious offerings.  We will be bringing forward some ideas in the near future, but in the meantime I’d like to encourage the weekly hosts of Cafe Amity to consider collecting donations of more savory and healthy offerings to go along with the sweet offerings.  Ideas: quiche, egg burritos, muffins made with apple sauce instead of sugar, breakfast bars, etc.  We’d love to be able to offer a little something for all our kiddos, with savory and healthy options to round it out.  If you are interested in being part of the ongoing conversation about Cafe Amity please contact Site Council member (and kinder parent) Casey Davis: [email protected]

Site Council
The Site Council here at Amity Creek meets every few months.  The key role of the Site Council  is as an advising and collaborating group in order to further the success of the school.  The council serves as a means of staying abreast of community needs, obtaining advice, and improving communication. The site council representatives (listed below) represent both the parent group and the teaching staff and together we work to enhance the school program.  Notes from our most recent meeting will be sent in another email soon.

Currently the council is composed of three parent representatives, two teacher representatives, and me.  I want to encourage you to reach out to these people to share ideas and/or concerns, or to simply share some thoughts about how you see Amity Creek growing.  Here are your representatives:
Casey Davis (Kinder parent): [email protected]
Monica Vines (Grade 2 parent): [email protected]
Amy Howell (Grade 5 parent): [email protected]
Lindsey Nightingale (Kinder teacher)
Matt Henry (Grade 5 teacher)
Andy Slavin (Principal)

Upcoming Fundraiser at Cuppa Yo!
Want to satisfy your sweet tooth and benefit our school at the same time?  Then head to either Bend Cuppa Yo location (East & Westside) on Monday, December 11th.  Cuppa Yo will donate 30% of all sales from 6-8pm to Amity. No need to show a flyer!

Auction: it’s time to step into action!

Save the Date: March 10th, from 5 – 9:30 pm.

The preparations for the annual auction are in full swing!   We are now accepting donations.  Donation forms are with the family folders in the office. Once you have a form filled out please return it to the “completed form” folder.  We do not need the actual donated item until late February, but if you already have the item please bring it in! We have a box for the items under the family folders.  This is something all families can help with, even if you are able to get only one donation!

Businesses are a great resource for donations–a few examples:
Coffee House’s
Vacation Getaways – This is always a hit!
Services – Massages, Haircuts, Spa
Fitness gift cards
Gift certificates for kids programs – Summer Camps are always popular!
Questions? email Magadalyn @ [email protected]

Article of the Month

As an educator I am often asked my opinion about smartphones and when I think it’s appropriate to give a child one.  Here’s an article that I think is worth reading on the topic:
What is the right age to give your child a smartphone?

Also, check out this kindness calendar:


Grateful for an amazing teaching staff!
I tend to get very reflective at the end of a calendar year (and the beginning of a new one!) and at the moment I am reflecting on the incredible group of people I get to work with every day.  We are extremely fortunate to have an exceptional staff here at Amity Creek–educators who are truly committed to whole child, creative, and loving education.  Each day I am amazed at the love, compassion, and inspiration that these educators share with the children at Amity.  I believe it’s always a good time to let the people in your life know how much you appreciate them.  So, if you haven’t had a chance to let your child’s teacher know how much you appreciate the work s/he does with your child each day, there’s no better time than today to reach out and say thank you.  And, it turns out gratitude is good for you, too: 

Following us on Facebook?
Just a reminder that we are on Facebook.  We have two pages–one for Creeker families only, and the other for the public at large:
Creeker Family page
District page

Storytelling Workshop for children

A note from Summit High School: Summit Theatre  is putting on a storytelling workshop for students in grades K-5 on Saturday, December 9th from 12 – 4 pm at Summit High School. The cost of the workshop is $25 per student with a $5 discount for siblings. This is a great opportunity for parents to get some holiday shopping done while the kids are having an engaging and fun workshop experience!

Students will learn how to entertain through storytelling. The four-hour workshop will approach the art form of storytelling through actors’ voice work, including projection and elocution, creating character voices and using vocal dynamics for compelling narration. Featuring poems by Shel Silverstein, students will learn how to properly use and care for their voice, as well as interpret others’ work for lively and fun performances. Students will then perform what they’ve learned for friends and family at our end of the day showcase.

Here is the website for more information and the link to register: or call 541-355-4190.

Parent Education Series #3–changed to January 17
The next installment of the Parent Education series has been moved to January 17 (previously scheduled for December 13).  We’ll send more info in January.

Upcoming Dates
December 6: Annual Talent Show!  6-9pm at Bend High, doors open at 5:30pm
December 13: Cafe Amity–Grade 1 hosts
December 11: Cuppa Yo fundraiser, 6-8pm at both locations
December 20: Cafe Amity–Kinder hosts
December 25-January 5: Winter Break!  No school.
January 17-Parent Education series #3.  More info in January.

See you in the hallways,