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February 2018

Dear Creeker Families,
January was a busy and exciting month, and February looks to be more of the same magic!
There may not be much snow around these parts, but the Winter Olympics start this month.
We’ll celebrate the Olympics with our version of the games here at school on Wednesday,
February 14 so stay tuned.

Also in February Grade 3 heads to Warm Springs as part of their Native American studies, Grades 4 and 5 get to have some fun at Bend Science Station, and Grade 1 and 3 get to spend some time at the High Desert Museum.

We’re only a month away from the big Amity Auction and we need your support–please read the section below to find out how you can help!

In this issue:
*Trivia Night this Wednesday
*Annual Auction needs you!
*Lottery Meetings this month for Amity
*Bend La Pine Job Fair coming soon
*We’re jumping rope this month
*Safe Oregon
*Article of the month (actually a video)

Trivia Night this Wednesday, February 7
As part of our on-going commitment to create more opportunities to connect with families and strengthen our community, we are hosting Family Trivia Night this coming Wednesday.  Please join us starting at 5:30pm for an evening of fun and brain tickling!

The Auction Needs You…Like Now!
Amity Creek’s biggest fundraiser of the year is coming soon–March 10!  This fundraiser helps us to fund our music and art programs, field trips, Bend Science Station experiences, Memory Books, Community Events, Teacher Development, and so much more.  The success of the auction relies on participation from the whole community–we need help from each and every one of you!  How can you help, you ask?  There are many ways:
1) Donations, donations, donations!  We live in a very generous community and sometimes its as simple as asking for donations–when you are out and about in your daily life ask those businesses that you regularly support.
2) Volunteer to help at the event!
3) Contribute to the theme basket for your child’s class.  You should have received an email from your class lead about this.
4) Encourage others to help.

You can visit the Friends of Amity website to find out more: Friends of Amity website

Amity Lottery Info Meeting
We are gearing up for our annual lottery information meeting on Wednesday, February 28.  If you have friends or family that you think will be interested please share this information.  We’ll hold two meeting that day, at 2:30pm and 5:30pm.  We’ll also have tours on March 1 and March 6 at 8:30am.  FYI, applications for the lottery are due by 3pm on Friday, March 23.  

We’re Jumping Rope this Month!
We’ll be jumping at Choice Time, Lunch Time, in the halls, and at PE.  As we honor the heart in February, both metaphysically and physically, we’ll be jumping rope and talking about the importance of taking care of our hearts.  We’re doing this with the support of the American Heart Association who do extensive educational outreach in schools across the country.  In support of their efforts we will be sending home a donation sheet–if you feel compelled to donate please do.  No pressure to donate, but the money does go to a great cause, especially in communities where resources are limited and children aren’t always exposed to healthy habits.

Bend La Pine Job Fair
Bend La Pine is look to fill positions–are you looking for a new job?  Follow the link:

Safe Oregon
Bend La Pine Schools have recently partnered with Safe Oregon to provide our community with a new way to report information 24-hours a day that involves students, the safety of their fellow students, or their school. With SafeOregon, students and parents can report anything from vandalism to theft to cyberbullying via text, phone, email, or on line.  I recommend that you take a moment to check out this new tool.   Safe Oregon

of the Month
In place of an article I want to share this short video with you.  It is a great video illustrating the importance of creative thinking.  The captions are in a foreign language but if you pay close attention you get the point without knowing what the words say.  Essentially, the challenge is to get the peanut out of the glass tube.

Important Dates:
*February 7: Family Trivia Night, 5:30pm start time
*February 7: Grade 1 hosts Cafe Amity
*February 14: The Amit Olympics
*February 14: Kinder hosts Cafe Amity
*February 19: No school, President’s Day
*February 21: Grade 5 hosts Cafe Amity
*February 21: Parent Education Series #4–details coming soon, but get it on your calendar
*February 28
: Lottery Info meetings–tell friends and family!
*February 28: Grade 4 hosts Cafe Amity

See you in the hallway!