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March Newsletter 2018

Amity Creek Auction is this Saturday from 5-9:30pm at Aspen Hall!  Don’t miss it!

Dear Creeker Families,
I know that February is a shorter month than other months, but it sure feels like February flew by at breakneck speed!  The month of March is looking to be filled with more fun and creative endeavors, including the annual Amity Creek Auction, our biggest and most important fundraiser of the year!  We look forward to coming together to celebrate Amity and to make sure we can fund all the great things we do at school!

In this newsletter:
*Update: Fundraiser is this weekend!
*Meet Alexander, our new Sparrow!
*Reminder about Lottery Deadlines
*Update on the Secure Entry Way at Amity
*Parent Education Series #5 this Wednesday
*Reminder about end of day pick up time
*A message about firearm storage
*Article of the Month

Auction Time is here!

The 15th Annual Amity Creek Auction is this Saturday March 10th, from 5:00 – 9:30pm at Aspen Hall-Shevlin Park (the site of the world famous Camp Amity).  The theme this year is Wizard of Oz- Emerald City.  You are encouraged to come dressed in theme (c’mon, you know you want to wear those ruby red slippers!).  A few notes about the event:
5:00pm: Doors open, Silent Auction begins
7:00pm: Silent Auction closes (done in sections)
8:00-9:00pm: Live Auction!
10:00pm: End of the night–checked out, paid up, and happily on your way home
*This is an Adult Only event
*Light appetizers will be served
*Beer, wine, and kombucha will be sold.  Money from all beer and kombucha sales will go directly back to Amity Creek.
*Get a free beer or kombucha ticket and enjoy an easier Auction experience by pre-registering at:

We still need VOLUNTEERS-please sign up to help @

This is our MOST IMPORTANT fundraiser of the year! With the funds raised we help cover the cost for so many great activities not covered by our school district budget–our music and art teachers, art supplies, instruments, assistance for field trips, and much more.

Please go to our event page for more info:

Friends of Amity Update- March 2018
Our School Year Fundraising Goal for 2017/2018 is $45,000.  To date we have raised $6000.                      As we head into our biggest fundraiser of the year, the Amity Auction, we are slightly ahead of the same point in time last year.

  • Friends of Amity Creek Information board coming soon- This will be a central physical location in the hallway outside the office, near our mailbox. This will be an additional place to find FOA info, aside from our website
  • Stay tuned for:
    • Order Class Self Portrait art posters- details coming soon after the Auction
    • Restaurant Fundraisers: 2 night fundraiser at Pastini April 23 and April 24 (we get 50% of profits!), and a fundraiser at MOD Pizza (details coming soon)
    • Kid’s Bowl-a-thon- May 4
    • Mountain Air Jump For Amity Fundraiser- June 6

Meet Alexander, our new Sparrow!

We have a new Sparrow–Alexander!  We had the amazing opportunity to meet Alexander and his family last week at Community Time and we are all instantly in love, and you will be too once you meet him.  Here is his bio: Sparrow Bio_Alexander

So, what does it mean to have a Sparrow?  Having a Sparrow means that we are committed to supporting a child with significant medical needs get the care they need.  We do this by working with sponsors (10 Barrel Brewing Co. and Kendall Toyota of Bend) who have committed funds to the Sparrow in return for students engaging in community service.  If all Amity students engage in at least 2 hours of community service we will reach our goal of 256 hours.  But, there is no limit to the number of community service hours that a student can do–the sky is the limit!  A few examples of community service:
-Helping a neighbor with chores
-Help clean up the neighborhood
-Help serve food at a shelter
-Collect and donate clothing for families in need (Human society, Goodwill, shelters, etc)
-Volunteer at an animal shelter
-Do chores around the house (ones not normally done)
-Put together a care package for a military person who is overseas
-Volunteer at a adult care facility–bring smiles to the elderly!

The possibilities are endless!  If you or your child has an idea and you’re not sure if it’s “community service” just ask us–we can always find a way to make it count!  Please take some time to speak with your child to find out how s/he wants to support Alexander.

Lottery Deadlines
The annual lottery for Schools of Choice in the Bend La Pine Schools is coming soon.  All applications for the lottery are due by 3pm on Friday, March 23.  If you know of anyone considering applying for Amity please remind them to be sure their application is in on time.  Also, for any of you who have a younger sibling enrolling for next year please be sure you get your application in on time as well.  Please also notify Patti so we can hold a spot for your child. You can follow this link to the on-line lottery application: Lottery Application

Update on Secure Vestibule at Amity Creek
In the last week you likely learned that the district intends to construct a temporary secure vestibule entry at Amity Creek (a permanent secure entry is part of the Summer 2019 bond construction).  There have been some on-going conversations via email, conversations at school and around town, and I have spoken to quite a few of you in person regarding this.  While there may not be unanimous agreement about the building of a secure entry way at Amity, what is clear is that we all want to do what we can to be sure our children are as safe as possible at school.

I want to update you on what I know at this point.  The district is committed to secure entry ways at all schools and it was a key piece of the recent bond measure.  We are slated for construction of a secure entry in the summer of 2019.  In light of recent events the district feels compelled to increase security at schools as quickly as it can, and they have indicated to me that they intend to construct a temporary secure entry at Amity (and other schools) as soon as possible.  The expedited timeline is not a direct response to communications or pressures from parents at Amity (I spoke to a district rep several days before parents contacted the district with their concerns), or a sense that the majority of the Amity community was requesting it; rather, it was based on a determination that it didn’t seem prudent or responsible to wait until the summer of 2019 to do something that could be done now (or in the near future).  The district believes that secure entry ways are a needed layer of security along the pathway to creating safer schools in general.

At this point the team at the district is working to secure building permits and finding out what rules and regulations will apply to the design of the entry way.  For those interested I will stay in touch with the district in terms of the possibility of contributing to the design process.  At this time I do not have any concrete timelines but I will keep you updated as I have new information.

In the time leading up the construction of the secure entry way I want to work with parents on the messaging to our children of why we are building the new entry way.  I see this step as positively crucial,  and I welcome the opportunity to speak with those interested once we know about the construction timeline.  My plan is to communicate about the new entry just prior to the beginning of construction, and we will make time to meet and discuss what this communication should look like as we get closer to that time.

Parent Education Series #5
The Parent Education Series hosted by Wendy continues this week on Wednesday.  This week’s theme is a repeat–The Circle of Courage.  Here is a description from Wendy:
With so many things going on in our sweet community, nation, and world, I can’t think of a better time to gather together to learn, grow, and add well worth tool to our tool belts.  For those of you who missed the January or February Education Series sessions, The Circle of Courage is coming around again. I have been practicing this for over a decade and have experienced the profound affects it offers.   4th grade is actively and successfully using this tool and it has started being integrated into our family/school partnership.  In an everchanging world, this is one tool you need to have to partner in today’s world.  It is a game changer and a key to transformative learning.
Description:  The Circle of Courage is a holistic process approach to supporting and reclaiming youth.  It is rooted in values of deep respect for the dignity and worth of each child.  In this series you will learn how to create and grow a family culture that every child will flourish, be resilient and have the courage to be the person they are born to be.
This culture will grow children who:
*Feel accepted for who they are
*Know who they are as learners and individuals
*Are masters of their choices and learning
*Develop their Spirit of Generosity
*Are resilient and courageous

6-7:30pm, childcare available.

Reminder about end of day pick up time
Just a friendly reminder that school ends at 3:30pm (2pm on Wednesdays).  As the year moves along I have been noticing more and more parents arriving later and later to pick up their children.  Please try to be at school by 3:30 for pick up; if you are going to be significantly late please contact Patti or your child’s teacher to let us know.  We appreciate your support!

Safe Firearm Storage
Gun Owners for Responsible Ownership, a nonprofit organization with an Amity parent on its board of directors, has donated cable locks and trigger locks to Amity to be distributed to those who may need them. This is a great opportunity to remind owners of firearms in our community to be sure that if you have guns in your home that they are locked and out of reach of children. Most gun owners I know are ultra safe with the guns they have in their homes, but occasionally I hear stories of homes that are not taking necessary precautions.  An estimated 36,000 children in Oregon live in homes with firearms that are not properly secured. Sometimes a family has an inherited gun, for example, and hasn’t thought through how to properly store it.  If you need a lock please feel free to stop by my office to pick up as many as you need, no questions asked–just a deep appreciation for being active in keeping firearms properly stored! Also, for those wanting more information about proper firearm storage here is a great site:
Safe firearm storage

Article of the Month
The longer I am in education the more I know that the real work we do is raising good human beings–more than anything it is our most important task!  I read this article over the weekend and wanted to share it–it is found on a great news site that is focussed solely on positive news (and actually is called Positive News–  Here is the article: Positive Education

Upcoming Dates:
March 6: Lottery tour, 8:30am
March 7: Cafe Amity hosted by Grade 3
March 7: Parent Education Series #5, 6pm with Wendy. Childcare available.
March 10: Amity Creek Auction!  5-9:30pm at Aspen Hall (adults only)
March 14: Cafe Amity hosted by Grade 2
March 21: Cafe Amity hosted by Grade 1
March 21: Grade 4 Environmental Night, 6-7:30pm (more info coming soon)
March 23: Lottery Application Deadline
March 26-29: No school–Spring Break!

See you in the hallway!