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January 2019 Newsletter

Happy New Year Creeker Families!
I hope your Winter break was filled with lots of family time, laughter and love. It’s always so nice to have a little extra time with family this time of year and to take a moment to acknowledge all the incredible things for which we have to be thankful! I am looking forward to an amazing 2019 and I look forward to creating lots of new memories with all of you!

(Note: WordPress just changed the layout and tools for this blog over the holidays and I am struggling to understand the new way that it is structured. For instance, I am struggling to insert images and photos in this new format! I should have it all sorted by the time I write the February newsletter…at least I hope I do)

In this newsletter:
*Slight Schedule Change
*It’s Lottery Season
*Projector project completed
*FOA needs a bookkeeper–help!
*The Annual Amity Creek Auction is coming–your support needed
*Focussing on Food Waste
*Martin Luther King, Jr

Schedule Change
Well folks, after giving it a solid go, we have decided to return to our former lunch/lunch recess schedule. We set out to see how having recess before lunch might positively impact our student body; though we saw some positive impacts, the downsides proved to outweigh the positives for us, so much so that we have decided to return to our former schedule. Lunch will still be around the same time (11:45am) and recess will follow from 12:05-12:30pm.

It’s Lottery Season
It’s that time of year again folks–lottery season. 2 things to note:
1) If you have a younger sibling that you will be enrolling at Amity you must fill out the lottery application (sibling status guarantees you priority but you have to fill out the form) –follow this link and fill out the application before 3pm on March 22:

2) If you have friends or family that plan on applying be sure to let them know the application window is open from now until March 22.

Projector Project Completed!
Installation of our new ceiling mounted projector and new audio system were completed over the break and we are so excited! The project was made possible through a generous donation from the Willard L. and Ruth P. Eccles Foundation. The foundation’s mission: While the foundation’s charter provides flexibility for it to meet wide-ranging societal needs and support a variety of non-profit organizations, its major areas of interest are education, preservation of the environment, social service needs, opportunities to foster the basic sciences, and addressing the challenges of providing healthcare for the underserved.  In keeping with the wishes of Willard Eccles, many of the foundation’s current projects focus on the complex issues of healthcare.

We are feeling so lucky to have been connected to this generous foundation through a new Amity family, and this new system will be enjoyed for many, many years to come!

Bookkeeper Needed
Friends of Amity is in need of a bookkeeper. The job entails an hour or two per week. If you have some basic bookkeeping skills (or are willing to learn) please contact FOA president Kory Friedman at [email protected]

The Annual Amity Creek Auction is coming–your support needed
The auction is February 23 and will be held at the Boys and Girls Club just down the street from Amity. The date may seem far away, but it is just around the corner and we need everyone’s help to make it work! Here’s a note from the auction committee:

This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and we need all hands on deck. How can you help? We need donated items! Gift certificates to restaurants, kids camps, and experiences are our best selling items.  (We are going to try to avoid donations of art and clothing as they aren’t typically best sellers, and we want to focus on the art our kiddos will be creating).  You can follow this link for a list of ideas and see who has already been asked. You can comment on it and it will be updated:

Here is the form you will need as you collect donations:

You can also follow this link to sign up to help the day of:

And yes, the rumors are true that we will have a kids zone this year!  We are still working out the details but it will be an economical option for kids ages 5 and up.

Have questions?  Please email us at [email protected]

Art support needed for the auction: A big part of the auction is the art created by the classes. We are underway with the projects for this year’s auction but we need parent support starting this week! You do not need to be an artist or “good at art” to help out, everyone is welcome and we need the support. You will not be asked to create and lead a project, only to help out. If you can help (times vary) please contact Korey Horsell: [email protected]

Also, if anyone has experiences with matting, we need someone to put together the class portraits. Easy to do if you have the right experience.

Food Waste
Over the coming months we will be involving the kiddos at Amity in an effort to manage and reduce our food waste. It will begin by first creating some awareness of the waste at school and then moving into efforts to reduce the waste. Over time we will be working with an Amity family to compost our waste (and feed their chickens!) as well as doing some worm composting here at school (already underway in Grade 4). Stay tuned for updates, we’re really excited! If you are interested in supporting the effort in some way please let me know, either in person or by email: [email protected]

For now we are in need of 5 gallon buckets for our compost collection–we need 20-25 of these buckets to collect and deliver the compostable food. If you have any to donate please just drop them in the office. Thanks!

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
As we do every January, this month we honor one of my heroes Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. King became the most visible face of the Civil Rights movement and it’s spokesperson, and his courage and non-violent message were truly extraordinary. I think it is crucially important to keep his legacy alive and present in the lives of our children.

Two of my favorite King quotes:
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Looking for resources to share with your kiddos?

Jan 21: No school–Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Jan 25: Camp Amity!
Feb 1: No School, Teacher Work Day

That’s it for now, looking forward to a great 2019!

See you in the hallway,