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March 2019 Newsletter

Happy Winter Creekers,
It finally feels like I can formally welcome you to winter–wow, what a week it was last week! I hope you were able to enjoy the extra time with your kiddos in between shoveling and trying to work!

In this newsletter:
*Variety Show this week!
*Wendy’s exciting announcement
*Auction Update
*Parent Education opportunity
*Listening Sessions Reschedule–Tuesday, March 12
*Woman’s History Month
*Mountain Air Fundraiser–next week
*Article of the Month: Teaching our children Self-compassion

Variety Show this week!
It’s show time folks! This Thursday night at Bend High Creekers will be entertaining us with acts of all kinds–gymnastics, music, skits, and more! We’ve missed a week of rehearsals but the kiddos are working hard to be ready. The doors open at 5:30pm, show starts at 6pm sharp. Please be sure your kiddos have eaten prior to the show as we are not allowed to have food in the auditorium (especially messy foods that are hard for Amity teachers to clean up afterwards).

As I mentioned in my note from last Friday, this year we have chosen to collect donations at the door to support our Sparrow Alexander. There is a high likelihood that Alexander and his family will be in attendance at the event which makes it extra special! Thanks to Rachel Worbes in addition to being able to accept cash, we will have a Square available so we can process credit/debit cards for Alexander’s account. Rachel will also be available in the lobby to answer any questions.

Wendy is headed to Japan!
Yes folks, it is true–Wendy has accepted an incredible offer to teach in Japan for the next two school years. This is truly an incredible opportunity for Wendy and her youngest son, Lincoln. At the end of this newsletter I have included a letter from Wendy to all of you.

What does this mean for Grade 4 for the next few years? First, Amity teachers and I will be meeting to discuss the best positioning for each teacher and make decisions about who will be teaching which grades. We will also be hiring a temporary teacher to join the team, which is exciting–it’s always fun to bring a new person into the mix!  We’ll keep you updated as decisions are made and we have a more clear picture of our all star line-up.

Auction Update
The auction was a big success and we want to thank all of you who came out to support the event and help us raise money to support the Arts, Outdoor Education, and so much more! A big thanks to all the volunteers who gave so many hours to help pull the event together and to anyone who donated items for the auction. A HUGE thank you to Magadalyn who spent countless hours coordinating and organizing the entire event–we could not have done this without her!

There are still a few items that were not purchased during the event that will soon be available on-line to purchase/bid on–stay tuned. Items that were purchased at the auction are ready for pick-up today and tomorrow at Amity. Can’t make it? Please let me or Patti know and we’ll make arrangements. Once we close out the on-line auction we will share totals.

Here is the link to the on-line items remaining: On-line auction

Parent Education Night: Circle of Courage, March 13 at 6pm (Wendy’s classroom)
From Wendy: The Circle of Courage is a wholistic “process” approach that supports and reclaims youth.  It also grows resilience and courage.  Using this process for over a decade, I would like to offer it to parents before I go.  As a parent myself, I feel it supports us being intentional in our parenting and partnerships with others.  This night is only an overview, and I will be using it as the framework for our spring conversations.  It’s one of my favorite tools in growing humans!

Listening Sessions Reschedule–Tuesday, March 12
The Listening Sessions originally scheduled for last week, but cancelled due to the snow closure, has been rescheduled for Tuesday, March 12. We will have 3 sessions: 8am, 9:15am, 5:30pm. Again, the purpose of these sessions is to bring forth celebrations, concerns or questions, and ideas from the entire Amity community. If you are unable to be present for one of the sessions, there will be two other opportunities to give input: 1) send an email to Monica Vines: [email protected]; 2) Fill out cards that will be at one of the round table in the hallway starting March 13.

March is Woman’s History Month
While we strongly believe that relegating the honoring of woman and their contributions to the world to a single month of the year is certainly not the answer to creating more equity in our world, we do see this as a great time to check in. In your home, how do you discuss and promote equity and gender equality? What does teaching the idea of equity and equality look like for children of varying ages? What is one thing you as a family could do to promote more equity in our community? This is a wonderful opportunity for growth and discovery!

The history of Woman’s History Month:

Two great videos!:

Teaching Tolerance (Southern Poverty Law Center) is an organization that my grandmother introduced me to 25 years ago and has lots of great resources:

A few other resources:

Mountain Air Fundraiser
Another great opportunity to support Amity and have a great time! This great fundraiser is next Wednesday, March 13 from 2-8pm. $5 from every jumper (with a flyer) gets donated to Amity. Print out this flyer or stop by Amity to get one.

Daylight Savings Time coming soon
Just a friendly reminder that Daylight Savings time is this Sunday at 2am.

Article of the Month
This is a great article about the importance of teaching our children how to be compassionate with themselves and the impact that it can have on their lives. It is our support of the inner lives of our children that give them the greatest strength and compassion. I love this stuff!
Link to the article: Self-compassion

March 7: Variety Show, doors at 5:30pm, show at 6pm sharp. Bend High
March 10: Daylight savings time @2am
March 12: Listening Session, 8am, 9:15am, 5:30pm
March 13: Mountain Air fundraiser, 2-8pm
March 22: Lottery deadline for new families
March 25-29: Spring Break, No School

See you in the hallway,

Letter from Wendy:

Dearest families,
I’m writing to share some exciting news about my family.  With my own kids starting to share the news with their friends, I was hoping to connect with families face to face to share personally.  The problem is that I simply have not been able to reach out as far as I had hoped.  So please know in my heart that this message is my attempt to have you hear the news from me.

At the beginning of February, I was offered a teaching job in Japan.  This came as a huge surprise as we had just moved into our sweet new home a week and a half before.  The clincher for me in the interview process was watching my son have a conversation in Japanese with the director and realize that this experience would expand his world in ways that I can only imagine.  Also knowing that my older son has been dreaming about traveling the world, and specifically Australia, I had to entertain a leap of faith and trust my intuition.  After much processing and revisiting dreams of global experiences with my children, I chose to take the position and we will leave in August.  It is everything I have wanted to provide for my boys.  I will be taking a two year leave from Amity.  While I am incredibly disappointed that I will miss the opportunity of partnering with some kids (and families) that I have been waiting years for, I also trust the magic of Amity in finding the just right person.  You’ll see!
For those who are curious, we will be moving to Numazu an hour south of Tokyo and super close to Kyoto. I had to slip that last part in because Kyoto is a garden haven and I love my plants!  The school is Katoh Gauken, a K-12 English Immersion school and an IB World school in the upper grades.  This school is actually a partner school with a Japanese immersion school in Portland, OR. Each year the 5thgraders at both schools travel across the globe to experience each other’s world. I actually hope to make it on the trip-fingers crossed.  As for my position in Japan, I will be in charge of any K-3 students needing academic (Japanese National Curriculum) or language acquisition support.  I will also be partnering with families and teachers supporting them to support their kiddos.  And this is where the crazy miracle stuff comes in.  My son, Lincoln, will be doing high school for eight months in 100% Japanese-and he actually was super psyched about it. (Thank you Amity for growing the love of learning in him.) Still a bit surprised by this opportunity, I’m amazed they offered me the job and I do not speak Japanese, though I have been given four language programs to get me started.  I am a life-long learner.  I will be growing so many new neuro-pathways that it will be like brain candy!  I have chosen to “lean in” to the unknown adventure of Japan and the 100% knowing that it is the right choice for my family.

With much gratitude, love, and partnership,