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April 2019 Newsletter

Happy Spring Creekers!
I hope you all enjoyed a little extra time with your kiddos over Spring Break. April is upon us and we officially enter the last stretch of the school year. Like Spring, this time of year is generally filled with lots of new energy and growth at school, and always lots of fun!

The Spring will see classes out and about a lot more on Outdoor Education adventures, and this first part of April is kicking off with lots of outings: Grade 4 heads to OMSI’s coastal camp for 3 days, Grade 3 will visit the Metolius River, Grade 2 will be visiting the High Desert Museum, Fall River, and Ryan Ranch, and Grade 1 will venture to Miller’s Landing.

In this newsletter:
*Conversations Next Week!
*It’s Time for Spring Cleaning!
*Spring Clothing Exchange
*Being Mindful of school start time and pick-up time
*Spring Book Fair is coming
*Pastini Fundraiser, April 15 and 16
*Grade 4 OMSI Coastal Camp
*Conversations April 12, School April 10/11
*Friday After School Recess is back–starting April 19

*Conversations Next Week!
Conversations are next week and we are looking forward to the opportunity to meet with each and every family. As you know, as a result of having to make up the snow days over the winter we have limited time for Conversations this time around, but are committed to making the best of the time with you! Teachers have sent out links to sign up; however, by now you have likely received an email from Patti with new links to sign up. We discovered a HUGE glitch that was creating a fair amount of chaos for us on this end, but Patti was able to identify the issue and fix it! We apologize to any of you who previously signed up and we kindly ask that you use the new link to sign up again (hopefully the time you chose previously is still available!). Thanks for your understanding with this!

*It’s Time for Spring Cleaning!
It’s that time of year to do a good Spring cleaning, and in doing so you can help support Amity. First, we have noticed that we have quite a few books missing from our shelves which means you likely have a few at home that you’ve yet to return. Second, we will be having our Spring Clothing Exchange April 24-26. So, as you give the house a good once over, please be on the look out for Amity books that need to be returned and clothes you are ready to share with the community.

*Spring Clothing Exchange
The Spring Clothing Exchange is coming!  Mark your calendars now for this fun, FREE event.  This Clothing Exchange will take place April 24-26 (Wed-Fri) on the stage (3 days to allow time for more families to participate).  Time to do some spring cleaning – go through those winter clothes that won’t fit your growing children next year, dig out those summer clothes that no longer fit your kids, clean out your own drawers and closets!  We want your *gently* used clothes and shoes to pass along to other Creeker families who can use them!  (Please donate only clean items free of stains and holes.)  Donations will be collected now through April 19th, outside the Health Room door.  If you have a large amount to donate, please contact Autumn (541-419-2647[email protected]) to arrange a drop off or pick up, rather than leaving it in the hall.  Please also contact Autumn if you are able to help set-up and/or tear-down the event.  Remember, all sizes are welcome, infant through adult, and you do not need to donate in order to “shop”.

*Being Mindful of start time and pick-up time
We realize that the very nature of Amity is relaxed and flexible and so inherently we may give the impression that school start time and pick-up times are also flexible. However, we feel very strongly about the importance of all kiddos being at school by 8:45am and present at Community Time as this is a crucial part of the day–a time to connect, ease into the day, and build community (not to mention shed the occasional tear). Community Time is at the heart and soul of what we do at Amity and we want all of our students to be a part of it every day.

We also realize that pick-up time can seem flexible, too, given that parents and students often stick around well past the 3:30pm pick up time. However, we also see pick-up time as a crucial part of what we do at Amity as it affords parents and teachers an opportunity to connect, and it provides an opportunity for parents to connect as well. Teachers also value the end of the day as an important time to reflect, reset, and plan for the following day; and given that most also have family commitments in the afternoon we want to honor their end of day routines and rituals as well. If parents arrive at 3:30pm each day to pick up their child(ren) then we can accomplish all the goals we have for the end of the day. Your support is greatly appreciated!

*Spring Book Fair is coming–May 1-3
Its time to plan ahead for the Spring Scholastic Book Fair–Stomp, Chomp, Read!  It’s Dino-mite! (Dinosaur theme). The fair will be held May 1-3. This all new event is BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE!!!  That’s right, buy a book and get a second book for free!  We want every child to continue reading throughout the summer break, and we hope this will help jumpstart that journey!  Be on the lookout for more details & information on volunteering opportunities for this exciting event on the Creeker Facebook page and through our Book Fair website:

*Pastini Fundraiser, April 15 and 16
This is one of the easiest ways to help Amity raise a little money–all you have to do is enjoy a meal out at Pastini’s on April 15th or 16th, and Amity gets 50% of the net proceeds. This fundraiser has helped us raise hundreds of dollars in the past and we hope you can make it out for a meal to support Amity!

*Grade 4 OMSI Coastal Camp
In 2016 we had the incredible opportunity to be one of the first groups of students to attend the new OMSI Camp in Newport. For the third consecutive year Grade 4 is spending three days on the coast exploring the incredible landscape and diversity of the ocean and coast. Here’s a link to the camp if you are interested in finding out more information:\

*PakTech holders–now collecting at Amity
Did you know that Deschutes County does not recycle the hard plastic six pack holders (aka PakTech holders)? In efforts to change that, Worthy Brewing collects them and transports them to Eugene where they are repurposed into composite lumber, flower pots, pipes, and more. You can bring them into Amity and drop them in the bin by the office door OR you can bring them into Worthy Brewing Co. or Worthy Taps and Tacos and receive $1 off a pint or a six pack. You can bring in 1 or 1 million six pack holders for your $1 off. Please help us bring awareness to Deschutes County by recycling your six pack holders and hopefully we can make a change!

*Friday After School Recess is back–starting April 19
With the arrival of Spring and the ability to see the playground once again, we’ll get Friday After School recess up and running. We’ll start on Friday, April 19. The playground and equipment will be available from 3:30-4pm each Friday. A great time for the kiddos, and a great time to connect with other families!

*Article of the Month
The Importance of Uncertainty:

April 1-3: Grade 4 at OMSI
April 2: Lottery
April 5: Lottery letters mailed
April 9: Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry’s–we’ll all go in the afternoon!
April 10 and 11: School in session (Snow day make up days)
April 12: No School–Conversations
April15/16: Pastini Fundraiser
April 19: Friday After School Recess begins
April 24-26: Spring Clothing Exchange
May 1-3: Spring Book Fair

See you in the hallway,