October 2019 Newsletter

Happy Fall Creekers!
The cold air has moved in and the leaves on the trees are turning bright oranges, yellows, and reds–Fall is here! The arrival of October means we are officially done with all of the beginning of the year craziness and we are beginning to settle in to some great rhythms, and you can feel that calmness throughout school.

Lots to share with you this month!

Gloves, Hats, Jackets!
The freak September snow has us all thinking about cold weather so I wanted to remind you about being sure your kiddo has warm clothes for the cold weather. Please be sure to send jackets, gloves, and hats to school when it’s cold out as all kiddos go out at least once each day (lunch recess) and often three times per day. Our cut off for outside play is 20 degrees, so please be sure your children are outfitted! And, please, please, please label all the warm gear so we can be sure it doesn’t get buried in the Lost and Found.

Picture Day
Picture Day at Amity Creek is this Thursday. Forms were sent home last week–if you did not receive one please pick one up in the office. You can also do the order on line: mylifetouch.com and use the Picture Day ID FO519598Y0

Amity Creek Parent Book Club
Starting in November join with other Amity parents in discussing The Awakened Family by Shefali Tsabary (https://drshefali.com/the-awakened-family/). Get your copy now so you are ready to join in the discussion on November 4. Parents Colleen Kruse, Amanda Maki, and Euijiin Gray will be facilitating. This ADULT only gathering will be held at Embark, a local co-working space located at 2843 Lolo Dr (near Pacific Crest Middle School, across from the Unitarian Fellowship) starting at 6pm.

School Start Time/Community Time
We know the transition to the new start time has been challenging (for us too!), and we appreciate all the effort that has gone in to making it as smooth of a change as possible! Now that we are easing into our second month of school we’re just sending a friendly reminder that school starts at 8am with Community Time. As a staff we will be making great efforts to start right on time and we want to be sure your kiddos are here for Community Time, especially if it is their class hosting.

Harvest Festival
One of the highlights of the year for the kids–Harvest Festival is coming very soon! Please join us on Saturday, October 19 from 4-7pm. This is a free event and food will be available for purchase. A HUGE thanks to all the volunteers who already signed up–you will be contacted soon with more information. Volunteers are still needed–please email Rebecca Bell if you have not already signed up: [email protected]

**IMPORTANT NOTE regarding costumes: Costumes are encouraged at Harvest Festival but not required. When choosing a costume for this event please consider that there are many younger siblings in attendance–please choose costumes that will not scare the little ones. Also, for security reasons we ask that adults do not wear masks of any kind so that we can easily identify each and every adult in attendance.**

Our version of parent/teacher conferences will be held October 23 through 25. Teachers will be reaching out to you soon to begin scheduling times. These are NO SCHOOL days for kiddos.

Cafe Amity
We’re super excited to be hosting our first Cafe Amity of the year is this Friday! The cafe will be open from 7:30 until 8:15am and will be followed by Community Time at 8:15am. Freshly baked goods will be available for sale along with Strictly Organic coffee. You can order bagged coffee from Strictly Organic via our Friends of Amity website: https://www.friendsofamitycreek.com. All bagged coffee orders must be received by TUESDSAY afternoon. All proceeds from Cafe Amity and coffee sales go directly to support our music and visual arts programs. Note: Cafe Amity will now be held the first Friday of every month but coffee can be ordered every week via the FOA website–order by Tuesday and coffee will be delivered to Amity on Fridays. All proceeds from Cafe Amity and coffee sales go to support our Art and Music programs!

Bread and Jam on Fridays!
If you’ve been in the hallways the past two Friday afternoons you know that Bread and Jam is already serving up freshly baked rolls! Bread and Jam will be every Friday except the first Friday of each month (Cafe Amity Fridays). A big thanks to Chris Bachtel and the other volunteers for bringing us this tasty Friday snack! All proceeds go to support our Art and Music programs!

School Supply Donations
A big thanks to those of you who have already made a donation, your contribution is greatly appreciated. A reminder that this donation also helps to cover field trips. Supply donations will be accepted throughout the year and you are welcome to make a contribution of any amount, at any time. If you are not able to make a contribution, no problem–we have you covered!

You can make your school supply donation through our Friends of Amity Website (http://www.friendsofamitycreek.com/schoolsupplies/) or by check PAYABLE TO FRIENDS OF AMITY (our non-profit) and deposited in the Friends of Amity mailbox just outside the office.  Questions?  Please ask me or Patti.

Drop Off/Pick Up Zone
Please help keep drop off and pick up on Georgia flowing smoothly! The zone pictured below is for drop off and pick up only, no parking. Please do not leave your car parked and unattended in this zone (from the corner to the second “No Parking” sign). Thank you!

We love our furry friends but just a friendly reminder that dogs are not allowed on campus or tied up around campus. Thanks for your support.

After School Program with Campfire Sign-ups for new Session
*2019-2020 No School Day Camps are Open to Register Now! https://campfireco.org/nsdc/
*Session 2 Recrecration and Sparks Afterschool program registration at Amity Creek will open for previously registered Session 1 families on Sunday Sept. 29that 5pm via an emailed link (yesterday)!
*Session 2 Rec and Sparks Afterschool program registration will open to the public on Thursday Oct. 3rdat 5pm via https://campfireco.org/afterschool/

Family Night BINGO
One of our favorite nights of the year–Family BINGO Night! Mark you calendar for November 7 from 5-6:30pm. Bring your own dinner and enjoy some fun community connecting.

Volunteer Clearance,
Just a friendly reminder that if you will be volunteering at school in any capacity you need to be approved through the on-line volunteer check. This includes volunteering in the classroom, anywhere on campus, and field trips (including Camp Amity). Please follow this link to apply:

October 3: Picture Day
October 4: Cafe Amity! 7:30-8:15am
October 19: Harvest Festival, 4-7pm. HELP NEEDED!
October 23-25: Conversations, no school for kiddos
November 7: Family Night BINGO, 5-6:30pm

See you in the hallway!