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January 2020 Newsletter

Happy New Years Creeker Families!
I hope you had a fantastic holiday season with your family and friends. We enter 2020 with an abundance of excitement and look forward to spending this year with you!

This month we honor the great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, one of my true heroes. Officially we celebrate the life of MLK, Jr on January 20 (no school) but in truth his life is far more important than a single day of acknowledgment. I think it is really important to keep the memory of Dr. King alive and to share his message of love, courage, and acceptance each and every year, and to spend some time talking about King with your children.  If you are looking for ideas here are a few (of many!) links:

In this newsletter:
*Auction Time!
*Korey Returns!
*Pick up on Georgia Street
*After School Playground Use
*Cafe Amity and Coffee
*Campfire New After School Offerings
*Early Release Wednesday Reminder
*Former Creeker baking his way to fame!

Auction Time!
It’s time to get ready for the BIG Annual Auction and we need everyone’s support! Currently there is an amazing small group of parents who have stepped up to help plan and organize the event, but we need everyone’s help to make it successful. The theme this year is “20/20, Vision for the Future” and the event will be held on Leap Day, February 29. There are many ways you can get involved and help support this important event:
1) The most important way to support the auction right now is helping to procure donations. This is the time to think about all the people you know in the community who may be able to donate goods and/or services and to reach out to those people. A separate email will be sent out this week with a copy of the procurement form you can use when soliciting donations. You can also pick up copies of the form in the office.
2) Donate, donate, donate! Do you have goods or services you can donate? Now is the time!
3) Contribute to the Classroom Basket that will be auctioned off. This has been a very fun and popular way to contribute. The Class Lead for your child’s class should be reaching out soon with the theme for your class.
4) Sign up to help at the auction–set up, working the event, cleaning up, etc. We’ll be in touch soon with more information about signing up to help.

Remember, this is all about the kids and the arts–all funds raised go to support our art and music programs! More information coming in the next few weeks.

Korey is back!
Korey Horsell, parent of two Amity graduates, and former Amity art teacher will be returning to teach art for the remainder of this year. We are excited for Korey’s return and appreciative that she is stepping in to take over for Julie. We are very grateful to Julie for her time with us during the first part of the year! Korey will start next week.

Pick Up on Georgia Street
In an effort to make pick up time safer and more efficient I want to share a few reminders with those of you that pick up your children on Georgia Street at the end of the day:
*We would appreciate if you would meet your child on the school side of Georgia Street rather than having them cross the street to meet you. Several times in the last few weeks of December students crossing the street to meet their parents were nearly hit by passing cars or other Amity parents trying to find a parking spot.
*Please be sure that when parking on Georgia Street that you do not block access to any driveway. Our neighbors have been incredibly gracious and understanding with all the activity at the end of the day and we want to be sure we are respecting their property and space.
*Please do not park and leave your car unattended in the pick up zone–it is marked by two NO PARKING signs. Once you have your child on board please leave this area so others can pull in.
*Please do not park on the corner of Georgia and Wall Street as it makes it incredibly difficult to turn on to Georgia Street when there is a car parked there and it causes a back up on Wall Street. With your help we can keep the end of the day pick up safe and flowing. Thanks for your support!

After School Playground Use
Just a reminder that we love for you to use the playground at the end of the school day but please do not take school playground equipment (jump ropes, balls, hula hoops) outside after school. You are welcome to bring your own equipment to use during the after school time!

Campfire’s New After School Offerings
Campfire has new offerings to kick off 2020. Follow the link and get your child signed up:

Cafe Amity and Coffee
Cafe Amity continues! This Friday, January 10 Grade 2 hosts. Be sure to get your coffee orders in by Tuesdays at 3pm and coffee will be delivered on Friday. You can order coffee every week, even weeks that we don’t have Cafe Amity. Visit the Friends of Amity Website to place your orders:

Early Release Wednesday Reminder
Just a friendly reminder that school gets out at 1pm on Wednesdays.

Former Creeker Baking His Way to Fame!
Former Creeker Reggie Strom is competing on Food Network’s “Kids Baking Championship” and last night he made it through the first round! Here’s an article from the Bulletin: Go Reggie!

January 10: Cafe Amity, Grade 2 hosts
January 20: NO SCHOOL, MLK day
January 24: Camp Amity!
January 31: NO SCHOOL, teacher work day
February 7: Cafe Amity, Grade 1 hosts
February 17: NO SCHOOL, President’s Day
February 26: Lottery Informational Meetings, 2:30pm and 5:30pm–tell your family and friends!
February 29: Annual Auction

See you in the hallway!