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Magic Monday (on Tuesday), May 26 2020

It’s Magic Monday (the days all run together lately) and there’s some fun, magical, and positive things to share. A big thanks to all who contributed this week! We only have 2 more Magic Mondays left, so remember to capture the magic moments and share them with us!

This weeks Magic moments:
1) From Zoe (Grade 1) and family: We have a small water feature in our back yard and for the first time in 9 years, we’ve had a pair of ducks make it their home. Zoe and Levi have enjoyed watching them come and go each day. The ducks don’t seem to mind the kids running around or our dog. Zoe also caught a frog that was croaking loudly night after night and relocated it to the canal. 

2) Kai (Grade 3) and his family did the socially distanced Pole Pedal Paddle recently and made this video that you have to watch!  Kai did the downhill and the mountain bike and helped film.

3) During his time at home Barrett (Kinder) has learned how to fly!

4) Sydney (Grade 5) is learning piano virtually amidst her time learning at home. She’s finding chords to be hard but fun! She also just decorated the vegan cake she made for her dad’s 50th birthday Saturday!  Her mom says it’s actually pretty tasty…

5) Sami (Grade 1) and Paige (Grade 5) got to enjoy the sounds and smells of a waterfall and did a little writing about it.

6) Here’s a picture of Ruby (Grade 5) with a rock she found that looks like an arrow head.

7) We may not be having Camp Amity this year but it shouldn’t stop you from visiting our beloved spot! Benji (Grade 1) was there recently with his family and made sure his brother got the full tour!

8) Nari (Grade 5) and Teya (Grade 1) are becoming masters at baking sourdough.

9) Rose (Grade 3), Bjorn (Kinder), and Leona (recent Amity graduate) on a family field trip to painted Hills thanks to the inspiration from Leona’s Wonders of Oregon report. 

10 Mitchell (Grade 4) is a motor cycle riding enthusiast. Here’s a video of him out riding, followed by a picture of what happened next. He’s healing up!

11) Nora (grade 5) got out skiing with her dad during the recent short opportunity to do some Spring skiing!

12) And finally, a photo from Ray that he took at the Community Garden where the Grade 5 class harvested veggies to make soup earlier this year. A great memory!

Hoping that the week ahead brings lots of positive and magic things into your life! Keep going, you’re doing amazing!

Magic Monday: May 18, 2020

Hello Creekers!
I hope you enjoyed the first of Phase 1 weekends and that the rain didn’t keep you from getting out and about. Believe it or not we’ve officially entered the last month of school, and that feels strange to say given our current situation. We continue to be here in partnership with you and we want to stay connected as much as possible! I’m returning to the blog-style posting and will use this format for Magic Monday emails from here on.

I want to start the magic by honoring the man behind the glorious “Double Rainbow” video that went viral in 2010, Paul Vasquez, who passed away last week. Back in 2010 he posted a 3.5 minute video capturing a pair of rainbows outside his home near Yosemite National Park. The sense of wonder he shared about the moment (at one point shouting “What does it all mean?”) was the stuff magic is made of! In case you forgot the magic moment, here it is:

Here are this weeks Magic Moments from Creekers:
1) Eli F (Grade 4) is building a convertible wood bench/picnic table with his dad.  He gets to measure all the lengths and angles and cuts it himself–he’s having a really good time with it!:

2) Talus (Grade 4) has been designing a pump track and jumps in his backyard–he’s been hard at work digging and designing. He has been getting BIG air at The Lair, too. He’s inspired to keep going faster and higher!

At the Lair

3) Charlie (Grade 3) found a new friend!

4) Ruby has been having fun building tracks.

5) Kelli, our wonderful secretary, has been trying her hand at baking, but was recently discouraged when she received this picture from Chris Bachtel (queen of Cafe Amity, parent of Emory in Grade 1)! Chris is still baking, we’re just not getting to enjoy the fruits of her labor…

6) Tiana (Grade 4) shared this video with us, a peek into how she is starting her mornings.

7) Emory and Kai (grade 1) are keeping their mutual affection for Pokemon alive and well, just from a safe distance. Also, Emory is “sprouting”.

8) Bjorn (Kindergarten) enjoys snuggling and relaxing on rainy days.

9) Our talented EA, Nathan, has another wonderful song to share, a cover from the musical “Dear Evan Hansen”:

10) Once a Creeker always a Creeker. Karima, our fabulous EA, is the mother of two Amity graduates. Recently, at a quarantine birthday celebration, they celebrated by getting their groove on to one of our Amity favorites, Unwritten!

11) Even I am getting in on the fun these days–my daughter, Kaila, and I have been wanting to make pickles for the longest time and we finally did!

12) PE NEWS from Erin: I sure you hope you and your families are finding ways to stay active at home. I do miss playing in the gym with all of you, it is not quite the same from home. I want to challenge you this week to do one video from the PE website three times this week. Which ones are your favorite?PE Website: My second challenge this week, is come and do at home PE class with me on Webex. Last week we played soccer and had a blast. You will have to wait to see what we are doing this Tuesday. Meeting Tuesday and Thursday this week from 1-2pm. See you there.Webex Link:**Remember you can get to the webex room through the PE website. Stay Healthy & Active,Erin

I’ll end this with a message from Pooh. Sara, our fantastic Grade 2 teacher, recently shared this reminder with her class.

Love to all of you, we miss you more than you can imagine! Keep on finding the positive, magic moments in your daily lives!