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Magic Monday, June 8 2020

The final Magic Monday of the year! It’s been a wild ride, but also a magical one. A big thank you to everyone who has contributed to these positive weekly notes and shared a little of the magic you found with your children in these challenging times. It has been joy for me to put these moments together each week and to celebrate the positive with you!

I’m starting this week with an image I took in my front yard over the weekend–the awakening of our favorite Rhododendron . For me, this image captures much of what I am feeling at the moment and it symbolizes what I hope our future holds as we begin to reconnect with each other, but also as we seek to understand and eliminate the division and oppression in our community and country. I hope that like this Rhododendron, we are on the verge of something extraordinarily beautiful, and that the light continues to illuminate our lives in ways that help us to blossom and grow.

So many positive, magic moments to share this week–our biggest yet! Sit back and enjoy all of them!
1) Ocean (Grade 1) and his family have been exploring lots of new areas, going on tons of bike rides and hikes, and finding lots of creatures to observe! 

2) Guthrie (Kinder) and her little brother (future Creeker) munching on s’mores. After many indoor camping experiences (the tent in the living room and in her bedroom) Guthrie was totally over the moon for the family’s first outdoor, adventure camping trip! Seriously, what could be better?!

3) Kellen (1st grade) and Sloan (Kinder) spent the day catching and releasing at Camp Sherman in lieu of Camp Amity. Kellen caught his biggest fish, which makes his soul happy, and Sloan frolicked with the butterflies, of which she has learned so much about with Miss Lindsey the past few weeks.

4) Graham (Grade 2) got a chance to take over the sticks (boaters term for oars) while paddling on the lower Deschutes last weekend. The family did lots of exploring, picked wildflowers, hiked, observed unique geology, saw wildlife and enjoyed a powerful storm on Saturday from inside the tent!  Also pictured is Graham’s sister Cassidy, an Amity graduate.

5) Zoe (2nd grade) and Levi (incoming kinder) spent time at Shevlin Park. Zoe was happy to share some Camp Amity traditions with Levi.  

6) The McCaulou family spent four days/three nights floating the John Day River with their next door neighbors (and quaran-teammates), the Dales (also an Amity Family). Here’s a picture of, left to right, Walt (incoming Kinder), Sam M (Grade 2), and Rad (Kinder). 

7) Eli (Grade 5) has been “working hard” at home these days.

8) Abby and Olivia (both in Grade 4) recently got out paddling on Sparks Lake

9) Blaze (Kinder) has had some quality time in the great outdoors.

10) Daisy (Grade 2) had a super fun time building a fairy house. It is the start to the family’s fairy garden with plans for expansion. 

11) Benji (Grade 1) has been mastering the art of paddle boarding.

12) Recently, Sam Bowers (Grade 4) won a writing contest through our local Education Foundation. Sam’s winning piece of writing was about what makes Bend special. Congrats Sam!

13) Avalin (Grade 5) had a dress up contest with her bulldog Kara. Who wore it Best? You decide!

14) Teya (Grade 1) and Nari (Grade 5) spent time mushroom hunting on Whycus creek over the weekend.

15) Eli (Grade 4) finished up his amazing bench project.

16) Charlie (Grade 3) has kept in good contact with former Creeker Naomi.

17) Kai (Grade 1) got out paddling and taught his puppy how to kayak! This was the puppy’s first real day of swimming and she decided to join Kai on the kayak.

18) Bjorn (Kinder), Rose (Grade 3), and Leona (Amity graduate) have had lots of time to play some of their favorite games (along with Robert). Also, Bjorn got to do some river guiding recently.

19) Ruby (Grade 3) in action doing some fun educational lessons on Tumalo Creek.  Ruby has been working with her dad, Darek, and helping create the amazing virtual field trips I shared with you today. Amazing!

20) We’ll end with a moment from Camp Amity. First graders Emory, Benji, Jaxon, and Huxley (along with some future Creekers) came together to celebrate the joy of Camp Amity!

Keep finding the magic moments and remember to celebrate them!

Magic Monday, June 1 2020

As we enter our second to last week I have some super positive moments of magic to share with you! The events of the last few months, and more recently the events of the last week remind me of how important it is to find the positive, hopeful moments that come our way and to celebrate them. If we are to move forward with respect and justice for all that are part of the beautiful fabric of our country we are going to need to see the magic and humanity in each and every person. This is not an issue for people in a far off land to sort out, it is an issue for each of us to sort out in our daily lives and in how we see and embrace others. I am forever hopeful that we can live in a country where everyone feels loved, respected, and safe.

Remember, today and tomorrow would have been our Camp Amity days–get out and do something in nature in the next two days and send me a photo!

This week’s Magic Moments:
1) Grade 4 was challenged to create a Rube Goldberg machine, a complex contraption designed to achieve a simple task. Here are two amazing creations, the first by Harrison, the second by Miles:

2) Joselynne (Grade 1) tending to her garden flowers:

3) Savvy (Kindergarten) doing some art while learning at home and hanging in the hammock with her little sister:

4) Logan (Grade 4) and Barrett (Grade 1) have been living the farm life!

5) Eli (Grade 4) turned 10 recently and spent his birthday at his family’s secret camping spot! Happy Birthday Eli!

6) Nora (Grade 1) has been busy gardening and spending lots of time outside:

7) Brixton (Grade 1) found this incredible skeleton while wandering in the desert!

8) In honor of Camp Amity, Mila and Sam spent some time fishing at Shevlin Park–look at that fish!

9) And lastly, but certainly not least, Ray enjoyed some time boating on Shasta Lake over the holiday weekend–true Ray enthusiasm!

Keep looking for the magic and send me some things to share in the last Magic Monday of the year!