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Amity News, September 29 2020

Hello Creeker Families,
As you know, we had expected to begin in-person instruction at Amity Creek on October 5 for our K-3 students. Unfortunately, because of a recent increase in Covid-19 numbers within Deschutes County we have had to postpone these plans.  Our district will be monitoring the situation weekly. The earliest we could return to in-person would be late October, but only if the health metrics improve. You can find more information on the district’s Return to School webpage. In the meantime, teachers and students will continue with comprehensive distance learning and remain on the same schedule.  By now all of you should have heard from your child’s teacher.

I know that this news is extremely difficult news to receive for many of you, and especially your kiddos–our hearts break for them as we know how excited they were to return to school. This has been a wild ride of emotions for all of us, and I think we are all digging deep into our well of strength and positivity to reset! I remain optimistic that we will meet the metrics in the coming weeks and be able to resume our plan to begin in-person learning soon–first for Kindergarten-Grade 3 and soon after for Grades 4 and 5. Let’s all do ALL that we can to help keep the numbers down!

As we reset the metrics clock I wanted to be sure that you have access to some important links and documents to help you stay up to date on what’s going on–please take some time to view the links below in the coming days and weeks.

Ready Set Learn: Planning for a Safe Return to School 2020-21 (Bend La Pine)

BLP District FAQ page

Deschutes County Health COIVID page

Oregon COVID-19 County Case Rates

iPads have arrived for K-2 students!
We’re excited to share that the iPads have finally arrived. We are getting them ready for distribution this Friday.

Packet/Materials/iPad Pick-up this Friday
The following classes will have new packets to pick up this Friday. Additionally, K-2 students can also pick up their iPads. If you are not able to make it during the times indicated please contact Patti and we can make arrangements for pick up at another time.

Kinder-Grade 3: Noon-3pm
Grade 4: NO materials to pick up
Grade 5: 2-3pm

As I shared last week, music is my go-to in good times and tough times and during the last 6 or 7 months I have been listening to lots of music. One of my favorite sources of music as of late is Playing for Change (, with their motto of “Re-imagine a World Connected by Music”. Here’s a great cover of Sitting Here in Limbo (written by Jimmy Cliff) performed by John Cruz–just seems like the perfect song for the moment! Enjoy, and remember that sitting in limbo can also present great opportunities!

October 2: Packet/Material/iPad pick-up, 12-3pm (2-3pm for Grade 5)

Here’s to a beautiful Fall week ahead!

Amity News, September 21, 2020

We lost a true American hero last week, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. She was truly an extraordinary person who fought tirelessly for the rights of women, and equality for all. Her loss is monumental and she will forever be a beacon of integrity and hope. In her words: “I would like to be remembered as someone who used whatever talent she had to do her work to the very best of her ability.” May we all be as successful as she was at using her talent to better the lives of others!

I hope the first week of the school year went great for your kiddo and for you! Everything I am hearing from teachers is super positive and they thoroughly enjoyed getting to know your child and you last week. This week continues with more connections, and the roll out of more routines and activities. The goal for this week is to fold in more and more academic pursuits and to continue to build stamina.

Moving to Hybrid (Kinder-Grade 3)
As I am sure you all know by now that Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades are scheduled to move to Balanced-Hybrid starting October 5, a few weeks earlier than we originally planned (hoping for Grades 4 and 5 to join us October 26). We are excited to be welcoming students into the building for in-person instruction! That being said we know that this decision is also putting considerable strain on some of you and we want to help in any way that we can to reduce the strain. Please do not hesitate to reach out for support, we are here to help in any way we can. The district should be providing all of us with an update this week, and we currently have a Safety Team working alongside the Safety Team at Northstar to create a site specific safety plan. Some things we are hopeful to provide for you in the coming week:
*Arrival/departure routines
*Guideline for movement within the school
*Breakfast and lunch routines
*Cleaning procedures
*Cohort sizes
*Face covering requirements
*Recess and use of outdoor plans
*Isolation room guidelines
*Managing suspected or confirmed cases, including notification procedures

I know this list probably only scratches the surface of questions that you may have. I am so appreciative of all of you who have sent me questions, and I am hopeful my responses have been helpful. Please keep the questions coming, I want all of us to be as comfortable and confident in our plans as we return to in-person learning.

Lastly, we will soon share information about the Balanced-Hybrid Transition Week (Sept 28-Oct 2) as well as the Orientation Week (Oct 5-9) mentioned in communications from the district. Expect an email from me later this week.

Balanced Hybrid Cohorts–IMPORTANT
As was indicated by the district we are using an alphabetical delineation as our core determination in setting up cohorts. That being said, there are other factors we are considering including balanced numbers (A-K and L-Z lists don’t always divide evenly), gender balance, special needs services for students, and significant child care needs. While we are doing our best to stay close to the alphabetical approach asked of us, we will exercise some discretion in final decisions about cohorts. My goal is to send out lists to all of you by the end of the day Wednesday. I will do my absolute best!

Music, PE, and Art begin this week (and future changes)
We are so excited to get started with Music, PE, and Art this week! Nathan will be kicking off his Music classes today (live virtual), PE will begin on Tuesday (on-line), and Art with Korey begins on Friday (live virtual). Links are being sent out by teachers this week, but I am including them here for back-up.

Music with Nathan:
Art link will be sent later in the week

Also, with hybrid instruction starting for Kinder-Grade 3 on October 5 we will need to shift our specialist times around to accommodate the new cohort schedules. PE will continue with links to activities–there will be one activity for K-3 (they will get PE time at school at least once each week), and 4-5 will continue to have two activities per week. Tentatively, Music and Art will move to Wednesdays for K-3 (a day that all students will be at home), Grades 4 and 5 will stay on Friday for now. I will share the new schedule next week.

Amity Creek Resource Page
We have created an Amity Creek Resource Page that has some useful links for you and your kiddo. The link is below and it will also be sent out by teachers soon. For those that have an iPad be sure you or your child opens the link on the iPad. Watch the video below the link to see how to save the link as an icon on the iPad home screen. For those opening it on a computer, simply add it to your bookmarks for quick, easy access!


Return to Hybrid Survey (K-3 only)
Thank you to so many Kinder-Grade 3 families for filling out the survey–it is so helpful as we begin planning to return in person! If you haven’t had a chance to fill out the survey, please try and complete it before the end of the day Monday:

Attendance in CDL and Balance Hybrid
Some of you have asked how attendance is being tracked in Comprehensive Distance Learning and how it will be tracked in Balanced Hybrid. Here are the quidelines that we are following from the Oregon Department of Education:

Grades K-5: Attendance must be taken at least once per day for all students enrolled in school, regardless of the instructional model (On-Site, Hybrid, Comprehensive Distance Learning).

For any Hybrid Instructional Model or Comprehensive Distance Learning, ODE is establishing the following definitions and guidance:
1) Attendance includes both participation in class activities and interaction with a teacher during a school day or interactions with educational assistants and paraprofessionals through teacher designed and facilitated processes.

2) Interaction can be evidenced by any of the following or reasonable equivalents:
~Participating in a video class
~Communication from the student to the teacher via chat, text message or email
~A phone call with the student, or, for younger students, with the parent
~Posting completed coursework to a learning management system or web-based platform or via email
~Turning in completed coursework on a given day.

3) When there is no evidence of student interaction during a 24-hour period surrounding a scheduled school day as described, students are reported as absent.  

4) When a student is scheduled to be attending school virtually (every day in CDL or on their remote learning days during hybrid), attendance will be recorded by teachers using the following (attendance will be taken by 10 am for the prior day):
*Present Virtually is considered a School Activity type and counts as attending school
*Not Present Virtually is considered Unexcused absence

Next Packet Pick-up
We are tentatively setting up a packet and materials pick-up for Thursday, October 1. Please put this on your calendar as tentative and we will confirm soon.

Other Activities to Do At Home
I’m passing on this classic list of “40 Old-Fashion Skills That Kids Need To Know” (thanks to Cindy Girrior for passing on the list) in case you’re looking for practical learning activities at home. Not sure about balancing a check book (a what?)–do you see other things on the list that may be outdated? Still some great things on here worth your time!

Music has always been my go to when I am feeling down, looking for inspiration, connecting with friends and family, or looking to celebrate joy that I’m feeling. I’ve been listening to so much music lately in these challenging times and I want to share a collaboration that I’ve been listening to recently, “Love” (by Imagine Dragons)–it’s from Playing For Change (Grade 5 teacher Ray showed many of these videos at Community Time last year). I hope you enjoy!

Sept 28-Oct 2: Hybrid Transition Week for K-3. Reduced Webex group and small group meetings. More details coming soon!
Oct 1: Packet/materials pick-up, tentative (will confirm soon)
Oct 5: Hybrid Orientation Week for K-3. More details coming soon!
October 12: Hybrid instruction begins for K-3

That’s it for me for now. Here’s to a great week ahead and to continuing to find ways to thrive in these challenging times!


Amity News, Sept 7 2020

Estará disponible una versión en español abajo muy pronto.

Hello Creeker Families!
We’re just one week away from the first day of school! While the beginning of the school year will look quite different from years part, we are excited to connect with your children and you! Teachers returned last week and got right to work on their schedules and plans and they are looking forward to sharing these with you on Wednesday morning.

Like us, we know you are going through a complicated maze of emotions as we start the year with Comprehensive Distance Learning. We know this is a difficult time for you and your child(ren) and we want you to know that we are in this together. We are here for your child and your family, and we will do all we can to make this year’s start of school as smooth and joyful as possible. We know that the fist few weeks will present some new challenges and that it may take us all a few weeks to settle in to a smooth, manageable routine–we are in this together and we will find a way to thrive!

As there have been a few changes to the staff for this year I want to share the following so you know which teachers and educational assistants (EA) are assigned to which class(es). In our effort to provide the best support at each grade level we have made a few changes to our staffing.

Kindergarten: Lindsey Nightingale
Grade 1: Amanda Bowers*
Grade 1: Sara Mcgowan*
*There will be two small Grade 1 classes. I will be reaching out to Grade 1 families to let you know which teacher your child will have.
Grade 2: Stephanie Fowler (w/Nathan as the dedicated EA)
Grade 3: Frans Alajoki
Grade 4: Matt Henry
Grade 5: Ray Page
Grade 3/4/5 EA: Brad Baxter
Special Education Services: Jake Dagget
Kindergarten/Grade 1 EA, Speech and Language: Jill Dewey
Grade 2 EA, Music: Nathan Shierbeek
EA (supporting Parks and Rec program at Northstar): Mindy Saye
Art: Korey Horsell

A few important notes as we approach the launch of the school year:
1) Materials pick up. We will be distributing learning materials this Thursday, from 2-5:30pm. Each student will receive a Math and English/Language Arts learning kit, as well as materials specific to their class. Grade 3 will also receive their iPads. I will send an email later this week with details of the drive through pick up.

This is also a great time to return some of those books you forgot to return last Spring (or didn’t realize you still have). Please bring the books back in a bag (paper or plastic) and hand it off to us when you pick up your materials. Thank you!

Materials Pick-up Schedule:
2-3pm: Kinder and Grade 1
3-4pm: Grades 2 and 3
4-5pm: Grades 4 and 5
5-5:30pm: For anyone who was not able to make it earlier

2) Community Meeting on Thursday from 6-7pm: Please join us on Webex for a community meeting this Thursday. As this is traditionally our Watermelon Social we are encouraging you to enjoy some watermelon while we virtually meet. This will be a time to get a few updates and an opportunity to ask questions that you may have. I encourage you to send questions you may have to me this week ahead of the meeting, but you are certainly welcome to wait. The intention of the meeting is positively focussed on answering questions you may have that will be helpful in getting us all off to a smooth start to the school year. If you have significant concerns, especially ones that may be unique to your situation or your child, I want to encourage you to reach out to me this week so we can make time to talk on the phone or via Webex. I will send a link for the community meeting later this week.

Prior to our meeting I want to strongly encourage you (if you haven’t already) to watch the recording of the live BLS Town Hall Elementary meeting that took place last week. The meeting covered many of the topics that you may have questions about and it would be super helpful if you have already viewed the recorded meeting:

3) Schedules and Teacher connection: Teachers are still working hard as they finalize their daily and weekly learning schedules. You will receive an email from your child’s teacher on Wednesday morning that will include both a personal welcome and a schedule for your child and you. If you do not receive an email from your child’s teacher by noon on Wednesday please email me or call the office: 541-355-2800. Your child’s teacher will also soon begin to set up meeting times with all families during the first week of school.

A few important notes about schedules:
*Our most important objective is connection. We want to form a strong, supportive partnership with your child and you!
*Students will have 2 hours and 20 minute (Kindergarten and Grade 1) or 2 hours and 30 minute (Grades 2-5) instructional blocks each day (except Wednesday). This learning block will be a mix of live meetings, small groups meetings, and independent or applied learning. There will be intentional balance between time on screens and hands on learning opportunities–we are committed to finding a healthy balance! Morning Webex meetings and/or short recorded videos will help set the tone and focus for the day, and serve to start the day with connection.
*There is a strong focus on small group learning, with 1 or 2 small group meetings per day (reading, writing, math). Specific schedules will be shared by teachers this week.
*The first 2 weeks will look a little different than week 3 and beyond as teachers focus on connecting with students and families, creating opportunities for students to connect, and creating a class connection. Teachers will focus on building student (and parent) stamina during the first two weeks in preparation for a more full schedule in week 3.
*All teachers will use Webex as their on-line platform for live group meetings, small group meetings, and individual meetings. Kindergarten-Grade 2 will use SeeSaw as their communication platform, and Grades 3-5 will use Google Classroom. Teachers will provide support in learning how to use these platforms, and your children will also be teaching you!
*Wednesdays are set aside for more independent projects in the areas of Social Studies, Science, and beyond. Teachers will provide information for Wednesday learning each week.
*Applied learning, which shows up on all schedules, can take many forms–independent reading, journaling, working on assignments and activities, as well as other endeavors. Your child’s teacher will provide specific tasks for your child on a daily basis.
*Lexia and Dreambox are both supplementary on-line learning apps that will be incorporated into your child’s weekly learning. Lexia is a reading program, Dreambox is a math program. Your child’s teacher will share more information soon.
*Special Education supports will be available every day for students on IEPs and 504s. Case managers will be reaching out soon if they haven’t already.
*PE/Music/Art: Students will have Music on Mondays, PE on Tuesday and Thursday, and Art of Friday. Both Music and Art will be live sessions. Students will engage with PE through various recorded sources which will allow some flexibility with when you want to do PE and also provides an opportunity to engage in activities outside if desired.
*Afternoons from 1-3pm are self directed learning and growing opportunities. During this time teachers will not be providing instructional support–this is a time to engage in art projects, passion projects, get outside and enjoy some fresh air, play with siblings and “quaran-team” members, and be free from structured and on-line learning.

4) As I noted in my last note to families, this is a good time to begin some of the important routines that will be needed starting next week. As a reminder:
*Start practicing getting up at the time you will need to wake up to be ready for CDL.
*Create the learning space. This is especially crucial as children should feel that the space they are using is different from the rest of their daily life–a special place where they will engage in school that is relatively clutter free. This doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it should feel like a special, separate space. Also, this will serve as a crucial space to keep track of assignments and supplies.
*Talk with your child about what worked and didn’t work in the Spring and discuss plans to be even more successful.
*Begin to familiarize yourself with the schedule the district shared with you. Teachers will be reaching out to you this week with more details, but now is a good time to begin to understand the basic structure.
*Think about the structures and consistent routines you will engage in during the day–try to set routines that will help simplify the day, making it less stressful for your child (and hopefully you!).
*Continue to think about ways to keep your child connected to friends outside the school day. These relationships are crucial!
*Think about and develop a self-care plan for yourself–our partnership relies on all of us being at our best. How do you take care of yourself? The better you get at self-care, the more energy, creativity, and patience you will have in supporting your child(ren). This could be as little as 10-15 minutes. Here are a few links if you’re looking for ideas:

5) iPads for students: Grade 3 students will receive their iPads this week as part of the materials pick up on Thursday. Make sure you plug the iPads in as soon as you get home so they are ready to go for next week. iPads for Kinder, Grade 1, and Grade 2 are still on back order and we are hopeful to have them in your hands very soon–we’ll keep you posted! Important note: The district does not provide headphones for students so it would be a good idea to make sure you have some headphones that fit and are comfortable for your child.

6) Art supplies. Korey will be teaching art on Fridays. Here is a list of supplies she intends to use during the first weeks of distance learning (first class is on Friday, September 25). If you are not able to secure these supplies we will have some supplies to share on Thursday at materials pick-up. Please let us know if you need these supplies.

Watercolor paper and watercolor paints 
Paint brush
Oil pastels
Black sharpie
Colored construction paper
Glue stick
White glue
Tempera paint (primary colors + black and white)
Crayola air dry clay- white (or make your own salt dough – recipe online)
Washable markers
Printer paper
Masking tape
Around the house: Foil, Saran Wrap, salt, Cereal or granola bar boxes, small bubble wrap and an old white or cream cotton pillow case or sheet (that can be cut)

September 9: Emails and schedules from teachers go out, by noon
September 10: Materials pick up at Northstar, 2-5:30pm
September 10: Community Webex Meeting, 6-7pm
September 14: First Day of School! Refer to email coming from teachers for details on the first day and first two weeks.

While the first day of school will look different this year, let’s not forget how special the first day is! I want to strongly encourage you to think about making it a special day and keep those first day of school traditions alive–get dressed up, take that first day of school photo, and perhaps plan a special breakfast and lunch. We’re going to look back on this particular first day of school as one to remember, so let’s remember it fondly!

I’ll end with a quote that I wholeheartedly believe: Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain. (Vivian Greene).

Here’s to learning (and continuing to learn) to dance in the rain!

¡Hola, Familias de Amity Creek!

¡Estamos a tan solo una semana del primer día de clases! Mientras que el comienzo de este año escolar será muy diferente al del de otros años, ¡nos entusiasma mucho estar en contacto con usted y sus hijos! Los maestros regresaron la semana pasada, y, enseguida, se pusieron a trabajar en sus planes y horarios escolares. Esperan con interés la oportunidad de compartirlos con usted este miércoles por la mañana.

Sabemos que, como nosotros, usted también está atravesando un complicado laberinto de emociones conforme comenzamos el año con el Programa de Educación Remota Integral. Entendemos que este es un momento difícil para usted y sus hijos, y queremos que sepa que estamos en esto juntos. Estamos aquí para apoyar a su hijo y a su familia, y haremos todo lo que podamos para hacer que el comienzo de este año escolar sea lo más sencillo y alegre posible. Sabemos que las primeras semanas presentarán algunos nuevos desafíos, y que puede tomarnos a todos algunas semanas adicionales para establecer una rutina estable y manejable. Nuevamente, estamos en esto juntos —¡y encontraremos la forma de prosperar!

Debido a que ha habido algunos cambios en el personal para este año, quisiera compartirle a usted la información siguiente. Así, podrá saber qué maestros y educadores auxiliares (EA, por sus siglas en inglés) tenemos asignados para qué clases. En un esfuerzo por proporcionar el mejor apoyo para cada nivel de grado escolar, hemos hecho algunos cambios en nuestra dotación de personal.

Kínder: Lindsey Nightingale Grado: Amanda Bowers* Grado: Sara Mcgowan*

* Habrá dos clases pequeñas de Grado. Pronto me comunicaré con las familias del Grado, para hacerles saber qué maestro tendrán sus hijos.

2.o Grado: Stephanie Fowler (con Nathan como el EA dedicado) Grado: Frans Alajoki

4.o Grado: Matt Henry

5.o Grado: Ray Page

EA, a 5.o Grados: Brad Baxter

Servicios de Educación Especial: Jake Dagget

EA, Habla y Lenguaje, Kínder y Grado: Jill Dewey

EA, Música, 2.o Grado: Nathan Shierbeek

EA (en apoyo al Programa de Parques y Recreación de North Star): Mindy Saye

Arte: Korey Horsell

Algunas notas importantes sobre el inicio del año escolar, que cada vez está más cerca:

1) Recogida de materiales. Distribuiremos materiales de aprendizaje este jueves, de 2 a 5:30 p. m. Cada estudiante recibirá un kit de aprendizaje de Matemáticas e Inglés/Artes del Idioma y una serie de materiales específicos para su clase. Los alumnos de grado también recibirán sus iPads. Más adelante esta semana, enviaré un correo electrónico con detalles sobre el sistema de recogida mediante el servicio al auto.

Éste también es un buen momento para devolver algunos de esos libros que su hijo pueda haber olvidado devolver la primavera pasada —o que puede no haberse dado cuenta que aún tiene. Sea tan amable de traer de regreso dichos libros en una bolsa (de papel o plástico), y de entregárnoslos cuando pase a recoger sus materiales. ¡Gracias!

Horario de Recogida de Materiales:

2 a 3 p. m.: Kínder y Grado

3 a 4 p. m.: 2.o y Grados

4 a 5 p. m.: 4.o y 5.o Grados

5 a 5:30 p. m.: Para todos los que no pudieron llegar más temprano.

2) Reunión comunitaria el jueves, de 6 a 7 p. m. Sírvase acompañarnos en Webex, para una reunión comunitaria este jueves. Debido a que, normalmente, este sería nuestro Evento Social de Sandías, le alentamos a disfrutar de una deliciosa sandía durante nuestra reunión virtual. Éste será un momento en el que recibirá algunas actualizaciones y tendrá la oportunidad de hacer cualquier pregunta que pudiera usted tener. Le aliento a enviarme sus preguntas esta semana, antes de celebrarse la reunión. Pero ciertamente no habrá problema alguno si prefiere esperar. La intención de la reunión se centra de forma positiva en contestar las preguntas que pueda tener en relación con temas útiles para llevarnos a todos a un buen comienzo del año escolar. Si tiene usted inquietudes significativas —especialmente sobre asuntos relacionados más que nada con su hijo— quisiera alentarlo a que se comunique conmigo esta semana, a fin de que podamos coordinar nuestros horarios para hablar por teléfono o vía Webex. Más adelante esta semana, le enviaré un enlace para acceder a la reunión comunitaria.

Antes de nuestra reunión, quiero alentarlo encarecidamente a ver (si aún no la ha visto) la grabación en vivo de la Asamblea Pública sobre las Primarias de las Escuelas Bend-La Pine, misma que tuvo lugar la semana pasada. La asamblea cubrió muchos de los temas sobre los que pudiera usted tener preguntas. Sería súper útil si, para cuando celebremos nuestra reunión, usted ya tuvo la oportunidad de ver la grabación, que encontrará aquí:

3) Horarios y comunicación con los maestros. Los maestros siguen trabajando arduamente para finalizar sus respectivos horarios de aprendizaje diarios y semanales. El miércoles por la mañana, recibirá usted un correo electrónico de parte del maestro de su hijo. Dicho correo incluirá tanto una bienvenida personal, como horarios para usted y su hijo. Si no recibe un correo electrónico del maestro de su hijo como máximo el miércoles, por favor, envíeme un correo electrónico o llame a la oficina: 541-355-2800. Asimismo, durante la primera semana de clases, el maestro de su hijo comenzará a establecer con todas las familias horarios para las reuniones.

Algunas notas importantes sobre los horarios.

* Nuestro objetivo más importante es la comunicación. ¡Queremos formar una fuerte asociación colaborativa de apoyo con usted y su hijo!

* Cada día (excepto los miércoles), los estudiantes tendrán bloques de instrucción de 2 horas con 20 minutos (Kínder y Grado) y de 2 horas con 30 minutos (2.o a 5.o Grados). Estos bloques de instrucción serán una mezcla de reuniones en vivo, reuniones de grupos pequeños y aprendizaje práctico o independiente. Habrá un equilibrio intencional entre el tiempo de pantalla y las oportunidades de aprendizaje práctico —¡estamos comprometidos con encontrar un equilibrio saludable! Las reuniones matutinas de Webex y/o los videos cortos grabados ayudarán a marcar la pauta y el enfoque del resto del día. Además, servirán para comenzar el día con una buena comunicación.

* Se pone gran énfasis en el aprendizaje de grupos pequeños y se realiza 1 o 2 reuniones grupales al día (lectura, escritura y matemáticas). Los maestros compartirán horarios específicos esta semana.

* Las primeras dos semanas tendrán un aspecto un poco diferente al de la tercera semana en adelante. Esto se debe a que los maestros centrarán mucho el enfoque en establecer lazos de comunicación y entendimiento con los estudiantes y las familias, en crear oportunidades para la comunicación y el entendimiento entre alumnos, y en fomentar la comunicación y el entendimiento con la clase en general. Los maestros se centrarán en desarrollar un buen aguante estudiantil (y parental) durante las primeras dos semanas —en preparación para la llegada de un horario más completo en la 3.a semana.

* Todos los maestros usarán Webex como su plataforma en línea. Ahí, llevarán a cabo reuniones grupales, reuniones de grupos pequeños y reuniones individuales. Las clases de kínder a 2.o Grado usarán el programa Seesaw como su plataforma de comunicación, y las de a 5.o Grados usarán Google Classroom. Los maestros proporcionarán el apoyo necesario para ayudar a los estudiantes a aprender a usar estas plataformas. Una vez que aprendan, ¡sus hijos le enseñarán a usted!

* Se reservará los miércoles para la realización de proyectos más independientes en las áreas de Estudios Sociales, Ciencias y más aún. Cada semana, los maestros proporcionarán información para el aprendizaje de los miércoles.

* El aprendizaje práctico —mismo que se muestra en los horarios— puede tener un número de variaciones, como la lectura independiente, la escritura en diarios personales, la realización de tareas y actividades y otros esfuerzos. El maestro de su hijo asignará a sus estudiantes tareas específicas diariamente.

* Lexia y DreamBox son dos apps suplementarias de aprendizaje en línea que se incorporará al aprendizaje semanal de su hijo. Lexia es un programa de lectura; DreamBox es un programa de matemáticas. El maestro de su hijo pronto compartirá más información.

* Todos los días, habrá disponibles apoyos de Educación Especial para los estudiantes con planes IEP y de Sección 504. Si aún no lo han hecho, pronto, los administradores de casos se pondrán en comunicación.

* Ed. Física, Música y Arte – Los estudiantes tendrán clases de Música los lunes, de Ed. Física los martes y jueves y de Arte los viernes. Las clases de Música y de Arte ambas se impartirán mediante sesiones en vivo. Los estudiantes participarán en sus clases de Ed. Física con una serie de grabaciones. Esto les brindará cierta flexibilidad respecto de las horas en las que prefieran realizar las actividades que se les asigne en clase. Además, les dará la opción de tomar parte en sus actividades al aire libre, si así lo desean.

* Por la tarde de 1 a 3 p. m., los estudiantes participarán en actividades de aprendizaje autodirigido y oportunidades de desarrollo personal. Durante este tiempo, los maestros no proporcionarán apoyo de aprendizaje. Más bien, éste es un tiempo en el que los alumnos podrán participar en proyectos de arte; desarrollar sus intereses personales; salir afuera a disfrutar de algo de aire fresco; jugar con sus hermanos o con los miembros de sus “equipos de cuarentena”, y estar libres del aprendizaje estructurado y del aprendizaje en línea.

4) Conforme lo mencioné en mi última nota a las familias, éste es un buen momento para comenzar algunas de las rutinas importantesque se necesitarán a partir de la semana próxima. A manera de recordatorio:

* Pida a su hijo que comience a despertarse a la hora en la que necesitará hacerlo a fin de estar listo para participar en el Programa de Educación Remota Integral (CDL, por sus siglas en inglés).

* Cree el espacio de aprendizaje. Esto es particularmente importante, ya que los niños deben sentir que el espacio que utilizan para su aprendizaje es distinto a otros espacios de su vida diaria. Es decir, debe ser un lugar especial (y relativamente limpio y ordenado) para participar en las actividades de su escuela. No necesita ser algo complejo, pero sí debiera sentirse como un lugar dedicado y especial. Además, éste servirá como un espacio fundamental para monitorear las tareas y los materiales y útiles escolares.

* Hable con su hijo sobre las estrategias que funcionaron —y las que no funcionaron— en la primavera y converse con él sobre los distintos planes que podrían considerar juntos para lograr un éxito aún mayor.

* Comience a familiarizarse con el horario que el distrito compartió con usted. Los maestros se comunicarán con usted esta semana para proporcionarle mayores detalles. Pero ahora es un buen momento para empezar a entender la estructura básica.

* Piense sobre las estructuras y rutinas consistentes en las que participará usted durante el día. Intente establecer rutinas que ayudarán a simplificar el día. Esto ayudará a que las cosas sean menos estresantes para su hijo (¡y esperemos que también para usted!).

* Continúe pensando en formas de mantener a su hijo en comunicación con sus amigos acabado el día escolar. ¡Estas relaciones humanas son fundamentales!

* Piense sobre cómo desarrollar un plan para cuidarse a usted mismo. Nuestra asociación colaborativa depende de asegurar que todos estemos siempre lo mejor posible. ¿Cómo cuida usted de sí mismo? Entre más y mejor aprenda a cómo cuidar de sí mismo, mayor será su nivel de energía y creatividad —y de paciencia al apoyar a sus hijos. Esto podría requerir tan poco como 10 a 15 minutos. En caso de que desee buscar algunas ideas al respecto, enseguida le proporcionamos algunos enlaces:

5) iPads para los estudiantes. Como parte de los materiales que se deberá pasar a recoger este jueves, los estudiantes de grado recibirán sus iPads esta semana. Asegúrese de cargar la batería de sus iPads tan pronto llegue a casa. Así, estarán listos para la próxima semana. Los iPads para los estudiantes de kínder a 2.o grado siguen estando bajo pedido pendiente. Esperamos tenerlos en sus manos muy pronto —¡le mantendremos informado! Nota importante: El distrito no proporciona audífonos para los estudiantes. Sería buena idea asegurarse de tener en casa unos audífonos cómodos y de tamaño adecuado para su hijo.

6) Suministros para las clases de arte. Korey dará clases de arte los viernes. Enseguida le proporcionamos la lista de suministros que tiene planeado utilizar durante las primeras semanas de aprendizaje remoto (su primera clase será el viernes, 25 de septiembre). Si no le es posible conseguir estos suministros, tendremos disponibles algunos suministros que compartiremos con las familias el jueves, durante la recogida de materiales. Por favor, si necesita estos suministros, no dude en hacérnoslo saber.

Papel para acuarela y acuarelas


Pasteles al óleo

Marcador indeleble —color negro

Cartulina de colores



Tubo de pegamento

Pegamento blanco

Pintura témpera (colores primarios + blanco y negro)

Barro de secado al aire marca Crayola —color blanco (o puede hacer su propia masa de sal; simplemente, busque una buena receta en línea)

Marcadores lavables

Papel para impresora

Cinta de enmascarar

Material que pudiera ya tener en casa – Papel aluminio; envoltura de plástico tipo Saran Wrap; sal; cajas de cereal o de barras de granola; envoltura de burbujas pequeñas, y una funda de almohada (o sábana) de color blanco o crema que ya no necesite —y pueda cortar.

Aunque, este año, el primer día de clases tendrá un aspecto distinto al de otros años, ¡no olvidemos lo especial que es siempre ese primer día! Quiero alentar encarecidamente a su hijo a pensar en cómo puede hacer de ésta una ocasión especial y mantener vivas aquellas tradiciones, tan importantes, del primer día de clases. Puede, por ejemplo, vestirse con alguna ropa especial, tomarse la foto del primer día escolar y, quizá, hasta planear con usted un desayuno y almuerzo especiales. En un futuro no muy lejano, veremos este primer día de clases como algo realmente digno de recordar . . . ¡Hagámoslo un primer día que recordaremos con afecto!

¡Brindemos por las cosas maravillosas!


Andy Slavin


Escuela Especializada Amity Creek

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[email protected]

Se requiere un niño entero para criar a una aldea. En Amity Creek, ayudamos a criar al niño entero —es decir, ¡al niño íntegro!