Invitations, Holiday Sing-along, an update, and Goodbye (and good riddance) 2020

Hello Creeker Families!
It’s incredibly hard to believe, but Winter Break is just a few days away! To say it’s been a strange year seems like a feeble attempt to sum up what has happened in the last 9 months. What I can say is that we have missed you and your children more than you know, and we hope we have done all we can to stay connected and support you and your children from afar. While 2020 has certainly provided us with plenty of learning opportunities, both personally and professionally, we will not be sad to see it go! We remain optimistic about what lies ahead and know that in our heart of hearts, 2021 is going to be a year of re-connecting, celebration, and community!

Before we go…Invitations, Holiday Sing-along, and an update on our move back into the Amity building!

Back by popular demand–Invitations! We had such great feedback on our first round of Invitations, and lots of requests to do it again! So, on Thursday we are hosting our second round of Invitations and we’re extremely excited! Here is the link to see all the offerings and the Webex room links your child will use to get into the Invitation of their choice: Invitations December 17. Please have a look early this week so your child can pick an Invitation and get excited! We’ll start promptly at 11am on Thursday. I’ll send out a link to the Invitations again on Wednesday to be sure you have it.

Holiday Sing-along! From Nathan, our Music Teacher and Grade 3 EA (previous sent via email): Hello Friends and Families of Amity Creek! As I am sure all of the students who have been attending our music class together have noticed, I decided to continue with music as previously planned during our time last week and this week.  I strongly believe that this was the right call, as this allowed for our regular time to be all-inclusive and sensitive to how each and every child spends this time of the year.  

Therefore, as an alternative for those students who wish to show up, we are adding an optional winter song and holiday song sing-along this Wednesday, December 16 at 12:15 PM for all grade levels.  We will sing all kinds of songs together, and no student is obligated to attend, only those who wish to come.  I appreciate your patience as I have been planning this event and going through the process in the best way I knew how to approach it.  I truly love you all!

This time together will include all of the songs I sent out in the previous email, plus some more!  It will not be about knowing every word, but rather just having the opportunity to share in a communal time together! These songs include, but may go beyond:

  • Jingle Bells
  • Let it Snow!
  • The Dreidel Song
  • The 12 Days of Winter
  • We Wish You a Merry Christmas
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  • Happy, Joyous Hanukkah!
  • Up on the Housetop
  • And More!

I hope those children who wish to join me on Wednesday, December 16 at 12:15 PM will attend–join me in my WebEx room: Thank you to each and every one of you, and may you and yours have a joyous end of the year in whatever way you choose to spend it!

We return to Amity Creek in the new year! We are beyond excited to be planning for our return to the our beloved Amity Creek building in January! Here’s the timeline if all goes well (of course we have to be prepared for unexpected delays if they arise, but we hope they don’t):
*December 16: Amity staff get a tour of the building and a sneak peak at the progress
*January 8: Contractor is finished and hands us the keys to the castle
*January 11-15: Begin move-in, IT department gets our phones and internet up and running
*January 18: Official first day inhabiting the building!
*To Be Determined: Students return…

*December 16: Holiday Sing-along, 12:15 in Nathan’s WebEx room:
*December 17: Invitations, 11-11:30am
*December 21-January 1: Winter Break
*January 4: School resumes
*January 18 (tentative): Staff returns to Amity Creek!

Here’s to you and your family and all we have been through together this year! May peace, joy, and health prevail in the coming year, and may we all be back together soon!

Much love,