Amity News, January 18 2021

After what seems like an eternity, we are beginning to return to school this week! Like you we are filled with incredible excitement, but also trepidation. We have spent weeks (and, in reality, months) preparing for this return and we feel ready to welcome your children back to school. Our focus this week, and in the coming weeks, is on connection and helping your child settle back into school. Obviously our number one priority is returning safely to school, but just as important to us is making sure we are re-engaging our loving and supportive community.

I want to take a moment to acknowledge the INCREDIBLE job you have done as parents and co-teachers during this extraordinarily challenging and difficult time–you have been AMAZING! We’re not out of the woods yet, but we are taking one GIANT step forward in the next few weeks as we return to school. Our deepest appreciation to you for your partnership, love, and support over these last 10 months (yes, 10!). We step enthusiastically (and a little hesitantly) forward together!

Some really important notes as we begin this return:
1) This week we welcome Kinder-Grade 3 students for one day of Orientation–you should have received information about your child’s orientation day from your child’s teacher. Next week we will start a full week of school for Kinder-Grade 3 students. Also next week, Grades 4 and 5 will have their Orientation Days–look for information from your child’s teacher. The week after (Feb 1) we begin a hybrid schedule for Grade 4 and 5 students. As a reminder, our school hours are 8am-2:30pm, with doors opening at 7:45am (this is the time you can enter the drop off loop). Please wait until 2:25pm to enter the loop at the end of the day (as noted in the Return-to-School document shared with you last week).

2) Last week I sent an extensive return-to-school document home to share as much information with you as possible prior to our return. I want to encourage (implore?) you to re-read the document tonight so that you have seen all the information multiple times–this will set us up for the best chance of a successful return. *Please pay special attention to the drop off and pick up information, and be watching for signs in the parking lot. Also, please remember to STAY IN YOUR CAR*

3) Please send your child to school with at least 2 masks–we want to be sure that if a mask is lost, damaged, or just too wet to wear that we have a back up. In case of emergency, and when needed, we will always have a mask for a student.

4) For those interested in having your child ride the bus to or from (or both) the Education Center (across from the library) here is the Bus Information:
-The morning bus (Route 154) will pick up at about 7:19 am at the Education Center Building downtown. Students will ride this bus to Juniper Elementary and transfer over to another bus (route 156) and arrive at Amity (NorthStar) at 8:00 am.
-The afternoon bus (Route 156) will pick up at Amity ( NorthStar) and depart by 2:22 (Wed by 12:52) and then transfer at the Transportation Center to another bus (Route 154) and arrive at the Education Center at 2:34 (Wed 1:04)

5) Please remember to send your child with warm (easy to put on) clothes so we can eat, play, and learn outside as much as possible!

6) Just a reminder that parents are not allowed into the building at this time, but you may visit the office–Amity has it’s own entrance on the far west side of the building. Letting Patti know ahead of time that you are planning to visit the office will be very helpful! Call: 541-355-2800

January 25: All in for K-3, Orientation for 4-5
February 1: Hybrid begins for 4-5
February 5: No school
February 15: President’s Day, no school
March 22-26: Spring Break, no school

And finally a short welcome video to watch before Orientation Day–enjoy, and see you soon!

Here’s to a new start!