February 1, 2021

Hello Creeker Families,
It feels good to say–WE ARE BACK! As hoped, the first week with K-3 students back full time was a huge success filled with lots of reconnecting, celebration, and joy. A big thanks to all of you for helping make the week such a success and for your endless support and encouragement. This week Grades 4 and 5 return in a hybrid model attending in-person school twice each week and continuing to do school at home three days each week. We’re really hopeful that Grades 4 and 5 will transition to all-in in the near future.

First, a few photos now that we’re back:

A few notes to share with you as we start the week:
1) You have all been AMAZING with drop off and pick up–I cannot thank you enough for your efforts to support the plan! Drop off has been flawless; I cannot say as much for pick-up. As you know we had to make an immediate change on Friday in an effort to reduce conflict with busses and North Star parents picking up their children. The new plan worked great on Friday and I am hopeful it will continue to work great going forward! As a reminder, pick up starts at 2:40pm–please do not enter the pick-up loop prior to 2:35pm. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Wednesday pick up time is 1:10.

2) A few other drop off/pick-up reminders:
*Please do your best to have your child(ren) exit and enter your car on the curb side–this is a significant safety concern
*Please do all you can to have your child ready to exit the car when you pull up for drop off
*Please avoid getting out of your car if at all possible
*If possible pull forward just beyond the pick-up area after your child gets in the car to do any final buckling and adjusting.
*Arriving late? You may find the gate locked; if so, please call Patti (541-355-2800–a good number to program in your phone for many reasons) and we will send someone down to unlock the gate. This may take a few minutes.

3) NO school this Friday, February 5. This will be a day to check in with teachers and you should have received communication from them about this already.

4) A request from teachers about food being sent to school: Please send food that is easy for a student to open themselves, including thermoses, snacks, and water bottles. This will help us minimize the amount of adult contact with food items.

5) April Conference date changes: The original dates on the District calendar were incorrect. Conference Days (we call them Conversations at Amity) will be April 14-16. There will be no school on these days.

6) Reporting an absence: It is vital that if your child is not going to be at school for any reason that you contact us by phone or email ([email protected]) to let us know. In our efforts to track illnesses we need to hear from you and to know what symptoms your child is experiencing. We also want to know if your child is absent for other, non-medical, reasons. We appreciate your help in keeping everyone as safe and healthy as possible!

7) IMPORTANT MASK UPDATE: Initially gaiters and buffs were not going to be allowed at school, then that guideline changed allowing them to be warn. New information about their effectiveness has brought new guidelines–gaiters and buffs are no longer allowed to be worn at school. Not sure what a gaiter or buff is? See below:

February 5: District inservice day, Parent/teacher meetings, No school
February 15: President’s Day, No School
March 22-26: Spring Break, No School
April 14-16: No school, Conference Days (called Conversations at Amity)

Thanks for all you are doing to support your child and us during this transition back to in-person schooling!

See you in the Drop Off Zone,