Amity Creek Information Video for Prospective Parents

Hello Prospective Amity Creek Parents,

We’re so happy you have chosen to find out more about our school! We wish we were doing this in person, but we are confident you will get a good sense of the school from the video below. The video is about 54 minutes long–we didn’t want to cheat you on time just because it’s virtual! Why is it so long? We want to be clear that this is an informational video, not a promotional video; it is a video full of important information about Amity Creek, what we believe in, and how we go about our days at school–and, it’s shared in the words of the staff and a few parents.

When you’re done watching the video we sincerely hope you have a good sense of what being a “Creeker” is all about. Grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the video–we feel it’s well worth the time!

We’ll see you virtually at our question and answer session on Wednesday, February 24th at 5:30pm. Here’s the link: