Amity News

Hello Creeker Families!
As I shared last week, we are moving back to Amity! Our first day back will be this coming Monday, March 15. The hallways are calling us, we are beyond excited!

As we prepare to move back I have important information to share. Please read carefully through all the information and be sure you are ready for next Monday!

1) Our schedule will remain essentially the same, with a few small exceptions. School will still start at 8am for all students. Drop-off time will begin a little earlier–7:40am. Pick-up time for Grades 3-5 students will remain 2:30pm (1pm on Wednesdays). Pick-up time for K-2 students will begin at 2:20pm (12:55pm on Wednesdays). There are reasons for these small changes, mostly surrounding the more complicated logistics for drop off and pick-up at Amity given all the COVID guidelines and limited access.

*All morning entry will occur from the back of school through the gate on Broadway.
*We will continue to do a morning drop off. This will occur on Broadway along the back side of the playground beginning at 7:40am. As you will see on the map below, we are requesting that you approach the drop off zone starting at Colorado Avenue. We believe that by doing this we can avoid congestion on the smaller side streets and keep the neighbors happy. Yes, keeping the neighbors happy is extremely important! The drop off zone will work very well for most of our families, specifically those families that have the drop off down to a science–your kiddo(s) are ready to unload and do so very quickly.
*For families who generally need a little extra time unloading in the morning (you know how you are!) we are kindly asking that you use our alternative drop off option–park your car on a side street near Broadway (we have an arrangement with parking enforcement not to ticket between 7:30 and 8:30am), take all the time you need, and then walk your child across the street to the drop off zone. By using this option you will keep the drop off zone from becoming bogged down–this is crucial to keeping the traffic flowing on Broadway. We thank you in advance for knowing you need a little more time and using this option!

*All afternoon pick-up will occur at the back of school.
*Pick-up is changing as we are certain a drive up pick-up would cause tremendous back-up on Broadway. Instead, pick-up will now be a walk through pick-up on foot. We ask that you park your car (again, no ticketing will occur between 2 and 3pm), put on your mask. and enter the playground through the gate on Georgia street. You’ll enter the playground, locate your child in their assigned zone (will be easy to find!) and then exit through the gate on Broadway. This is a one way operation–in on Georgia, out on Broadway. Due to restrictions and guidelines you must exit as soon as you meet up with your child. Any socializing with other families MUST happen off campus. Drake park is just a few short blocks away!
*Pick-up for K-2 students (and their older siblings) will begin at 2:20pm (12:55pm on Wednesday). Please make every possible effort to be on time as we have a second group coming out for pick-up 10 minutes later.
*Pick-up for 3-5 students will begin at 2:30pm (1pm on Wednesday).

Here’s the map (thank you Casey Davis!!!)

After School Programs and Bus Riding
If your child will be attending the Camp Fire Program at Amity or the Boys and Girls Club after school please email Patti to let her know: [email protected]

If you plan to have your child ride a bus to and/or from Amity, or you have questions about what bus transportation is available, please also let Patti know.
[email protected]

Breakfast and Lunch Programs continue at Amity
The free breakfast and lunch programs will continue once we move back!

Two Forms Coming Home This Week
We are sending two forms home with your child this week. The first one is the Walking Field Trip Permission Slip which will allow us to get out and about around school. The second one is Permission to Pick-up which is a form indicating what other adults are allowed to pick up your child from Amity. Please fill out both forms as soon as possible and return them with your child. Thank you!

Important News From Friends of Amity: Spring Fundraiser & A Board Position is Available

From Erin Rankin, FOA President: Hello Creekers! All of us on the Friends of Amity board want to invite you to participate in a new fundraising opportunity for the school. This year, to welcome Spring, we have partnered with Flower Power Fundraising, an online flower shop that offers high quality Spring planting bulbs, seeds and berries for your garden. When you make a purchase, 50% of the sale will directly benefit the school through FOA. 
There are two ways to order, you can shop online via this link and they’ll ship directly to your home with a $6 shipping fee. You’re welcome to share this link with friends and family across the country!  Or, you can grab a paper order form and we’ll place a bulk order that can be picked up when ready. Please reach out to Magadalyn [email protected] to arrange a paper order form. We encourage you to take advantage of the online opportunity due to COVID challenges. All orders much be placed by May 1st. 

We are also looking for a volunteer to serve as Secretary on the board! It is a great opportunity to volunteer for the school with little time commitment. We currently meet virtually once per month for an hour to help manage the budget, generate ideas to raise funds, check in with Andy on how to better support the Amity teachers and staff, and fund our music and arts programs and hopefully soon, more outdoor education! We only have 3 meetings left this school year and would love to have this position filled before next fall! Please email Erin Rankin if you’re interested. 

Move-in help needed!
We are still looking for a few volunteers to help out this Sunday, March 14, our big move-in day. We mostly need help from 8am to noon. If you are only able to help out in the afternoon, we will have a few tasks that will still need doing. Please email me if you are able to help: [email protected]

March 14: Amity move-in day, 8-noon. Please join us if you can. Adults only due to guidelines.
March 15: First day at Amity!
March 22-26: Spring Break, No School
April 14-16: Conversations

Bursting with excitement!