We’re Moving…Finally!!!

Hello Creeker Families,
This is the last note I’ll write from our space here at North Star–we’re really moving this weekend! We are over-the-top excited to finally be returning home to our sweet little school. We know that you and your kiddos have also been anticipating this moment for a long time and we can’t wait to see their expressions of joy on Monday! Yes, in case you have missed our earlier communications, we start back at Amity Creek on Monday morning! As a reminder, we are still looking for volunteers to help unpack on Sunday from 8am-noon at Amity. Parents only, no kiddos (we can’t have kiddos in the building with “visitors”).

Below I am re-sharing information about Drop-off and Pick-up that I shared last week and I hope you will re-read it to make sure you know the plan. I want to add emphasis that we are funneling all morning arrivals to the back of school through the gate on Broadway. Whether you use the drop-off zone or park and walk with your child, all entry for the morning is via Broadway. If you arrive late and the gate is locked, please bring your child around to the front door and check in with Patti.

Before I re-share, I wanted to also remind you about the amazing Camp Fire After School Programs that starts at Amity after Spring Break–on March 29. So far enrollment numbers are a little low and this may cause Camp Fire to have to re-work their offerings; so, this would be a good time to sign up if you have not already done so. Also, I want to encourage those of you who have signed up already to invite another family to check out the offerings–let’s keep working on the numbers so we can offer the best programming available. Here’s the link:

As I re-share the information below, I’d like to highlight two important things about drop-off:
1) Please do not have your child(ren) exit your vehicle on the street side–even with your help this is simply unsafe and may cause further congestion. Always have your child(ren) exit your vehicle on the curb side.
2) If you are a family that needs extra time at drop off (again, you know who you are) please park on a side street and walk your child to the drop off zone. One particularly slow drop off can hold up the entire flow of the zone. Thank you in advance for using this option if you know you need to!

*All morning entry will occur from the back of school through the gate on Broadway.
*We will continue to do a morning drop off. This will occur on Broadway along the back side of the playground beginning at 7:40am. As you will see on the map below, we are requesting that you approach the drop off zone starting at Colorado Avenue. We believe that by doing this we can avoid congestion on the smaller side streets and keep the neighbors happy. Yes, keeping the neighbors happy is extremely important! The drop off zone will work very well for most of our families, specifically those families that have the drop off down to a science–your kiddo(s) are ready to unload and do so very quickly.
*For families who generally need a little extra time unloading in the morning we are kindly asking that you use our alternative drop off option–park your care on a side street near Broadway (we have an arrangement with parking enformcement not to ticket between 7:30 and 8:30am), take all the time you need, and then walk your child across the street to the drop off zone. By using this option you will keep the drop off zone from becoming slowed down–this is crucial to keeping the traffic flowing on Broadway. We thank you in advance for knowing you need a little more time and using this option!

*All afternoon pick-up will occur from the back of school through the gate on Broadway.
*Pick-up is changing as we are certain a drive up pick-up is going to cause tremendous back-up on Broadway. Instead, pick-up will now be on foot. We ask that you park your car(again, no ticketing will occur between 2 and 3pm), and enter the playground through the gate on Georgia street. You’ll enter the playground, locate your child in their assigned zone (will be easy to find!) and then exit through the gate on Broadway. This is a one way operation–in on Georgia, out on Broadway. Due to restrictions and guidelines you must exit as soon as you meet sup with your child. Any socializing with other families MUST happen off campus. Drake park is a few short blocks away!
*Pick-up for K-2 students (and their older siblings) will begin at 2:20pm (12:55pm on Wednesday). Please make every possible effort to be on time as we have a second group coming out for pick-up 10 minutes later.
*Pick-up for 3-5 students will begin at 2:30pm (1pm on Wednesday).

Thanks again for help with this map Casey Davis!

We can’t wait to see you all at Amity Creek on Monday!