Friends of Amity

Board Meeting Minutes

October 15, 2020

  • Attendance/Roll Call: Erin R, Julie, Erin G, Andy, Mike
  • Budget Review (Treasurer) –   

Financials are in good order. We are in good position to cover music and art this school year. 

  • New Business- 
    • Due to COVID we are unable to hold the auction in person this year.  The board discussed, then decided against holding the auction as an online even this year. Considering holding a raffle for bigger items in the spring.
    • For families looking for small ways to contribute to arts and music, we will pursue smaller fundraising events for now:, and try to extend the length of each event  (such as restaurants that offer take out). 
    • Amazon Smile – we still have an active Friends of Amity account and would like to remind the Amity community of this, especially as the holiday season approaches.
    • Coffee orders from Strictly Organic – We will check if people can ask for any purchases at the stores to go towards Amity Creek since we are not able to do coffee orders at the school.
  • Other Business
    • Website – The FOA website is due to be updated. Erin R to follow up with Tim.  Julie interested in helping if needed.

Set next meeting and adjourn  

Next meeting set for November 17th at 4:15