Overview of Certified Teacher Options for 2017

The Bend-La Pine Schools certified calendar includes TWO professional learning days (day 189 and day 190) to recognize both the time beyond the school day/school year certified staff devote to building their skills and knowledge, as well as their desire to identify their own needs and priorities for that learning.

Day #189 is a pre-school year in-service day that may be directed by the district, or the site administration if a certified staff member is not required to attend a district-directed activity. Some certified staff members may have the option of serving Day #189 before the start of the contracted work year. For example, because of the large number of elementary teachers, training for new instructional materials will typically be offered on multiple dates prior to inservice week.

Day #190 is a personal choice inservice “day” (7.5 hours, which can be divided into shorter segments) that certified staff can serve any time outside their contracted work hours over the course of the school year. Note: This is not an “extra” day for staff: their paychecks will reflect 190-day contracts.

* Multi-day trainings in mathematics or literacy

* Restorative practices training

*AP, pre-AP, or IB Training

* Sheltered instruction (SIOP) class

* Action research class

* Instructional technology classes

* Special education training or classes

* Safe Schools training (four hours maximum)

* Four 2-hour sessions with biology teachers to create common assessments

* Four 2-hour sessions with a grade-level team to score an on-demand writing task