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The Honeybee Man: An ELD Storyline

I recently just finished an ELD Storyline based on The Honeybee Man by Lela Nargi. The story tells about a beekeeper named Fred who lives in Brooklyn. It is a magical story that provides the perfect base for an ELD Storyline. During the Storyline, the students got to experience what life would be like in a hive through the eyes of their honeybee characters. Ample opportunities for student discussion and interaction were provided throughout the Storyline. Due to local grant money, each student was able to take home a copy of the book at the end. One student exclaimed, “I’m going to read this book every night!”, when she received her copy.

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All 10 of Oregon’s ELP standards were integrated into this ELD Storyline.

How do I create a Storyline frieze for ELD?

I am constantly thinking of ways to adjust Storyline to fit my ELD (English Language Development) program. I only see my students for 30 minutes a day, 4 times a week. Although I love doing art with my students, we don’t have enough time to do all the artwork that is traditionally associated with Storyline. It’s important, however, that students are able to do some of the art. It gives them ownership and makes the Storyline more real.

I have found two ways to manage the amount of art involved:

  1. I have created a lunch recess activity called Storyline Art Studio. Students who are interested in doing more art can come in during recess and help create the frieze and other art items for the Storyline.
  2. I sometimes prepare part of the frieze myself before the Storyline starts. In the photo of the frieze below, I created the grass, the sky and the road from the paper the students painted during Storyline Art Studio. I also created blank houses that the students then decorated.