April 3

Please be on the lookout for our Guidance Document from Jay on ODE’s new directions for delivery of distance learning. We will be discussing and answering questions at Monday’s leadership meeting. Elementary will webex at 1:00.

Welcome- I’d like to welcome Ellen Jones to the Office of School Support. Ellen has replaced Jody McBride. Jody’s husband got a job in Southern California and they moved prior to spring break. Ellen spent several years at Cascade and will be in our office Mon-Thurs (or working from her home).

Abuse Reporting- Please remind your teachers that abuse reporting remains critical, especially during these times. A fillable form is on the portal so teachers can complete and submit electronically.  We received the following from the KidCenter: “Last week, the Oregon Department of Human Services released data indicating that calls to the child abuse hotline have dropped by 70 percent since the mandated closure of K-12 Schools due to the coronavirus. These closures mean that most children no longer have daily interaction with teachers and school personnel who are required by law to report concerns of abuse and neglect. When we also consider social distancing mandates, it is even less likely that children will have much interaction with adults outside of their home who might be able to identify and report signs of abuse. These factors are compounded by added emotional and financial stress the coronavirus pandemic is bringing to many families, all of which is likely to place more children at increased risk for abuse or neglect in their home environment. We know that as the pandemic continues to evolve, it is a matter of time until the real impact to children becomes known and reports of abuse and neglect begin to skyrocket.” 

Safe Touch- Please update your safetouch reporting form with all that has been completed and send electronically to [email protected] At this time, unfinished lessons will not be made up while we are participating in distance learning. I will let you know if that needs to change.

Translations- Effective immediately and for the remainder of the 19-20 school year, please send all document translation requests or status checks/updates to Ellen Jones: [email protected].  

As a reminder: documents for translation should be emailed in an editable file format (directly to Ellen Jones); requests for interpreters for meetings/events go through the Interpreter Request Form (link on the Portal).  This might be a good time to review our district’s Language Access Plan.  

Title- JoAnne is checking, double checking, triple checking and finalizing numbers this week. We will be able to let you know by Monday whether or not your school still qualifies for Title. We of course do not have a preliminary allocation from the state at this time. It usually arrives sometime in spring, although I don’t have any expectations this year. We will use historical data (avg. decreases, avg. difference between initial and final allocations) to determine a starting point budget. I would not expect anything during the month of April. Thanks for your patience.

Horizontal Schedule- Below you will find groups with days/times for meetings. We will aim to keep these between 30-45 minutes. I will share any new pertinent information that I have and then we will have Q and A or discussion with the idea that a smaller group will allow for a bit more fluid conversation. Your school’s assigned instructional coach will be invited to the meeting as well as Skip and Amy. No guarantees that they can be at all of them.

Tuesdays @ 1:00 – Amity, Highland, Jewell, Julie Walker

Tuesdays @ 2:0o – Buckingham, Juniper, Westside Village, High Lakes, John Craft

Wednesdays @ 1:00 – Lava Ridge, N. Star, Ensworth, Rosland, Lindsley Gehrig

Wednesdays @ 2:00- Elk Meadow, Three Rivers, Miller, Ponderosa, Jenn Montoya

Thursdays @ 9:00- Pine Ridge, Silver Rail, Bear Creek, La Pine, Kerry Morton

Short Video on Webex Basics– Thanks Christie Boen.

Conferences- Conferences have been cancelled.

New Students- You can enroll new students with a start date of March 13. If the student is coming from another school in Bend La Pine, please have a conversation with the principal of the outgoing school to determine if best to keep at original school so their is an established connection.

Social Distancing- Remember to be vigilant in ensuring social distancing with anyone who is in your building. If teachers are there and need to bring their own children, please make sure the children stay in classroom.  It is my understanding that the ‘policing’ of this by local authorities is going to amp up and may include some consequences. Thank you for all you are doing with this.

Principal Communication- This has been an incredibly busy week connecting with your staff, answering a million questions, planning distribution of materials, etc. As the pace slows a bit, please be thinking of how you will be regularly communicating with families. There is a balance as we want to maintain connection and disseminate appropriate information without overwhelming families. Tim B. sent this family letter out today. Well worth your read. Please share your ideas on our google doc.

That’s it for today. Take care of yourself this weekend. ‘See’ you Monday @ 1:00.

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March 27

I hope you are all hanging in there. Strange times indeed. I’ll try to keep today’s notes to a minimum. Enjoy the weekend. Feel free to give me a call/email if you need anything.

Learning Packets- The email went out to teachers Thursday that included a letter with links to the first two weeks of learning and the teacher resource page. You should also have received this email.

Printshop is printing all hard copy packets and we hope that they can be delivered to schools by Monday, March 30. Please do NOT distribute until April 1.

After the first two weeks of materials are distributed, staff should be working on weeks three and beyond as well as a plan for communicating with their students and families.

Important: Teachers should be encouraged to modify and adjust the packets as they see fit. They can tell parents what parts to do and when to do them. They can stretch the packet into a longer period of time. As we have said, communication and connection are the most important things. The packet is a tool to be used, not something they give to parents and check in every two weeks. The packet can seem overwhelming, so teachers can and should adapt to the needs of their students if necessary. Directions from teachers are critical for success. Take it slow. Stretch it out if need be.

Distribution of Materials- You should be working on and be ready to communicate a plan to your families for distributing packets and IPADS to students who do not have them. Please follow the guidelines outlined in the email Lora sent on Wednesday.  Please do NOT distribute until April 1.

What should I be doing?– Things are obviously going to be different for an indefinite period of time. You should be thinking of ways to regularly communicate/ check in  with your staff. You should have a pretty good idea of the work they are sending to students as well as their plans for communicating. You should also have your own plan for communicating with your families on a consistent basis. Please refer to and/or add your great ideas to our ideas page. We will all do a better job if we are working together and helping each other!

Questions- I know we all have lots of questions. I’ve created a question/answer google doc for your reference. Please check here if you have a question as I may have already provided an answer. Please write your questions and I will input an answer asap as I will be checking it regularly. As always, feel free to contact me directly if that is easier for you.

Please expect regular communication from me via email, phone calls and webex meetings. I will share my plans for communication with you soon. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you navigate uncharted waters. Thanks for all you do.

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March 20

I feel like I’m living in a movie. I keep waiting for the Rock to crash through my window and spray me with an antiviral mist that he invented from residue left on his barbells and a little duct tape. Until that happens, we will do our best to help families in our community stay sane and feel connected. Thanks for being on the front lines until the Rock arrives.

This is going to be a very full blog. Thank you for all you are doing and for your patience and grace. I know we want to have everything perfect and we want 100% consistent messaging, etc. Realize we will do the best we can given that people take the same consistent message and interpret it multiple ways and the messages that we have now may not be the messages we have a day or a week from now.

Wider Communication-  This letter from Shay will be going out soon to staff and families updating them on where we are today. This has a lot of good information and an FAQ. Please read and familiarize.

Teacher Expectations- Please share teacher expectations with your teachers during your webex or other on Monday, 3/30. These are minimum expectations. We know teams will go above and beyond. That’s ok as long as these expectations are being fulfilled beginning April 1.

Teacher Resource Page (Amy’s page)- Amy shared a great resource page with you all yesterday during our horizontal. Based on your feedback, we believe it is best for this page to be shared at the same time. We are asking that you go over this Continuation of Learning Plan on Monday, March 30.  The first page provides a quick philosophical overview for teaching/learning during school closure, as well as a number of hot links to other sections of this document. (One of the embedded hotlinks takes you to a Remote Learning Tools page – please highlight this resource as well.) Please read and be familiar with this document and other embedded links found within its pages – as you will likely be asked questions about it from your staff. I look at this page as a resource for teachers to help them meet the expectations outlined above. Please share that they don’t need to be doing all of this, but rather, they can refer to this if they need some extra support for fulfilling one of their requirements.

IPAD/ Packet Dissemination- After further discussion at cabinet, we know that schools have different needs and factors to consider when making a plan. We are going to leave that up to your school teams to decide how best to disseminate realizing that things are changing. You should be thinking about a plan for distributing packets/IPADS that involves the least amount of social interaction possible. Realize that if we go into a shelter in place, all bets are off.

Here is what we are asking: 1) Complete this document for your school no later than the end of the day, Monday, March 30.  2) Provide as much detail as necessary about what you want parents to hear about your process, as our Latino Liaisons will be recording a bi-lingual message for you using the information you provide. On Tuesday (3/31) your building’s message will be sent home to your parents (thanks to our Liaisons) via Synervoice.

Between March 30-April 3, ELL Specialists will contact all multilingual families, to gauge who needs delivery of materials out to home/neighborhood.

First Two Weeks’ Learning Activities- K-2 packets will be delivered to schools and electronically to K-2 staff by the morning of March 30.

For grades 3-5, the first two weeks will be delivered digitally to staff. We will also send limited number of hard copies to schools for 3-5 students without internet access. If schools need more copies of the 3-5, they can make these on their own (this would be a good activity for EA’s or other classified).

This will give teachers two days to go through and create any directions for families that they want to add.

For weeks 3 and beyond, teachers will receive digital templates for k-1 and 2-5 with directions embedded on the templates for how to use for planning future weeks. We also created some guidelines for planning. DO NOT SEND THESE TO STAFF AT THIS TIME. 

These are our best attempts to provide a framework for teachers/schools to deliver continued learning. We have amazing teachers that have worked on this and the plans for the first two weeks are exemplar.  Staff know their students. We trust them to add, delete, and innovate based on their knowledge of student needs.

Your Email to Staff- You have asked for a uniform email to staff. I am providing you with talking points that you would want to include in that email to staff.

  • Schools are closed until April 28
  • They report to work March 30. This is remotely if possible- via your virtual meeting.
  • You will conduct a virtual meeting using webex (or other) at ____ time on March 30I’ve mentioned a few times about wanting you to “meet” with your staff on March 30 – oftentimes alluding to the use of Webex as a platform for doing so. I want to make it clear that you do not have to use Webex, or another video-based platform to conduct this all-staff virtual meeting. What you will be sharing in this initial meeting is very important for alleviating the stress that many on your staff have been feeling over this past week (or longer) and will set the tone for the days that follow. Feel free to consider other means to communicate (i.e. slide presentation, detailed email, a combination of written material followed by smaller group Webex meetings, etc.) at that initial meeting. One concern with using Webex with your entire staff at the initial meeting is the possibility of frustration and missed connection due to technological issues from first-time use from all (most) of your staff. Let me know prior to March 30 if you’d like to problem-solve this with me.
  • You will provide expectations to them at that March 30 meeting
  • Continuity of learning begins April 1.
  • First two weeks are provided (see above for details that you can include)
  • See Shay’s email to staff for any other information- this will be coming if it hasn’t already
  • You are welcome to include personal touch as you see fit

What do classified Staff do?- Yesterday, Stephen sent Duvall started a Google doc he created around the sharing of ideas for non-teacher position work task ideas. I see some great ideas in here already – thank you for those who have already added their thoughts.

Staffing- I apologize that I haven’t dug down into your staffing plans yet as other things have been occupying my time. I will be working a lot next week and my priority will be answering your questions about our continuity of learning plan AND reviewing all staffing plans. Thank you for your patience.

Along those lines, we have a completed job description for our elementary ‘student success instructor’, aka our sel/behavior support position. This will be posted district wide and we will run a process similar to our transfer interviews. More info to come as I have pushed this to the back burner for now.

From Sped- Sean asked me to share with you the note he sent to his special programs staff.

Read Alouds- I’m hearing great stories of teachers videoing read alouds and the like. Please share these guidelines from publishers as some titles are off-limits.

What should I be doing? I don’t know of any of us who have been virtual principals (although we’ve probably all tried to figure out how this might work).  What should you be doing during this time? What do you need to work on? How should you be spending your time? I have no doubt you will keep fully busy, but I’ve started a VERY simple page of ideas that I would love for you to all add to as you think of things. This will help us all to be sure we are doing what we are supposed to and also sharpening our digital skills as well.

Well, I’m going to end it there. I know there is a lot that is still uncertain and/or unclear at this time. I didn’t have this in any class I took. I know things won’t be perfect, but if we stick together and do our best, students and families will stay engaged and connected and know how much we care about them. Thank you.

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March 13

Good Afternoon,

First off, thank you all for everything you are doing to lead your school communities through unprecedented waters. You are doing an amazing job and it is appreciated. Your blog will be very short today. Please read and share the information that Shay sent to you earlier today. That should answer most of your questions. If you have any further questions or need some clarification, don’t hesitate to give me a call or shoot me an email.

We will see you (building administrators) Monday at 9 here in the board room for more detailed information about plans moving forward. Once again, thank you for everything you are doing.

Horizontal Meeting- If we have a horizontal meeting, it will be short and immediately following the leadership meeting on Monday.

Staffing Allocations- You may or may not get them today. A couple other things were going on and we want to check and double check before sending them. If not today, then Monday.

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March 6

ACR’s- ACR’s were due on Monday. You have all made it clear we don’t need a meeting to sign these. Please remember that both the releasing and receiving princpals need to approve. Please be sure to call and discuss. We have for the most part approved ACR’s that are submitted before the deadline. One exception has been if a particular grade is getting very full and you don’t anticipate getting another teacher. In that case, you are alright to tell parents you won’t be able to answer until closer to the start of school- August. Please be sure to have ACR’s pointed in Synergy by the end of the day Tuesday. Brad uses this to finalize staffing allocations, which we hope are to you by Friday. Please give me a call if you would like to talk through any ACR’s you aren’t sure about.

Staffing- Tuesday’s board meeting is where we hope to have the SIA plan approved by the board. If that is done, then Brad will be able to send out staffing allocations Friday. Once you have those, you can begin working on your staffing plan. Here is a rundown of the process. Steps may change or get revised as we move forward and learn more.

  • Submit staffing plan for approval. Please let me know when it is complete.
  • Any blank teaching spots can be hired from the generic postings.
  • Please be sure that you are communicating with your principal colleagues and me before any teacher transfers are initiated. I would love a heads up if you are considering an in-district candidate for an opening.
  • Counselor positions are posted. If you are planning to hire a counselor (some of you will be required to), let me know. We will organize some group interviews.
  • The job description for the SEL/Behavior position in your schools is almost complete. We are just waiting on a couple of pieces to be finalized. Once that is done, we will post.
  • Other positions you might have open (specialists, etc.) can be posted once I have approved your staffing plan and given the thumbs up for posting to you and HR. I will do this in the same manner as past years- through an email to you and HR.
  • Job fair will be April 13.
  • We will talk more about this at our horizontal meeting on 3/16.

As I’ve said, things will be fast and furious this year, but we will want to be sure that we are still being selective and vigilant in hiring the best people for the job. Nothing causes more work/stress than a bad hire.

New PositionAs I said above, the SEL/behavior position job description is almost complete. I linked a draft so that you can begin to solidify your thinking around what this position is and isn’t. Principals I’ve talked to seem to have a pretty good understanding of the kind of role this will be, but they’ve also shared with me that some teachers are thinking of this as specialist who would deliver SEL lessons to classes on a regular rotation. That is NOT what the role is. The right person in this role will be key to the success in your buildings. I will keep you in the loop as we move forward and revise. Please remember this is a draft.

Mini observations- One more reminder to be caught up on these. Be sure to record in Talent Ed and communicate to teachers. Need to have 4 completed by spring break.

Upcoming Events

March 7-8- Spring forward one hour

March 10- Board Meeting

March 13- Staffing Allocations Released

March 16- Horizontal Meeting- 3:15 @ Juniper

March 23-27- Spring Break

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February 28

Transfer Interviews- Remember these will be held Tuesday afternoon at North Star. The first interviews begin at 3:30 so please try your best to be there by 3:10 so that we can go over the process and hand out materials. It looks like we have enough admin to create 5 or 6 teams and no one should have to do more than 3 interviews. There are currently 15 people signed up for the interviews, so unless we have a mad rush at the deadline tomorrow, I hope to be out of no late than 6 (earlier if need be).

Mini Observations- Please be sure you are up to date on mini observations. You need to have 4 completed by spring break. Janelle is still sharing with me that some teachers are telling her they are not having mini observations completed. Be sure to tell teachers after completing the post conference that you just completed a mini observation and tell them what number it was. You have 72 hours after an observation to complete a post conference. The handbook still says 24 hours and Jon is working on getting that revised.

EBISS- Next district EBISS meeting will be March 5 from 3:00-4:30 in the boardroom. BE sure to bring your team.

Conferences- Conferences are coming up April 8, 9 and 10. Same as always, consensus in your building on schedule. Call if you have questions.

Interpreters- Please send Jody 2-hour blocks of time that you would like interpreters for conferences. Please do your best to spread those times out a bit. If everyone requests evening, we will not be able to fill them. Please have this to Jody by Friday, March 13 so that she can share with our coordinator at the ESD who knows all of the interpreters and will do all of the scheduling.

Superintendent Search-  Andrea Wilson and Lora have been helping with some of the scheduling for Superintendent interviews. A few of you have been asking about the process, so below is what Lora has provided for me to share.

  • The position closes March 1st. The job posting has a nice summary of the most important qualities the district seeks: superintendent job description
  • The board has created an interview committee with staff representatives who will participate in both rounds of interviews. The first round of interviews (semi-finalists) is scheduled for Friday, March 20th.
  • For the finalist interviews March 30th and 31st, there will be a series of forums, tours, etc. over the two days. In addition to the public forums the evening of March 30th, there will be presentations and Q & A time especially for administrators and supervisors. As soon as these times are finalized, we will get dates, times, and locations out to everyone on the leadership team. In addition, the host(s) of these activities will be soliciting possible questions in advance, so stay tuned.

Erin’s Law- This is your reminder (second- see September 27 for first) to be sure you are delivering the Safe Touch curriculum to all students. This meets our requirements around Erin’s Law. Please complete the documentation sheet and provide to Jody in Office of School Support when complete.

Staffing- I will try to update you each week on anything new for staffing/hiring season. Nothing new this week (see last week’s blog), but be prepared…it’s coming fast and will be a lot more active than years past.

Classified Appreciation Week- Next week is classified appreciation week…just a reminder ’cause I always needed one.

Dyslexia Conference- The Central Oregon Dyslexia Conference will be held on Saturday, April 18 @ North Star Elementary. Please share information with staff.

DHS/ Law Enforcement Interview Protocol From Andrea- I’ve updated the DHS / Law Enforcement Interview  Protocol Checklist form on the portal and on our district website (it coincides with JFG-AR: Student Searches & Questioning) to include an important step : providing notification to the person interviewing a child about the student’s disabling condition (if any).

I’m confident our schools are currently doing this, but our checklist form didn’t include that important (and required by law!) part of the process.

Please ask schools to make sure they are using the latest version of the checklist form.

Upcoming Events

March 3- Transfer Interviews

March 13- Staffing Allocations Released

March 16- Horizontal Meeting- 3:15 @ Juniper

March 22-26- Spring Break

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February 21

Postings- As you know, we have posted our generic teaching positions both in Bend and S. County. The transfer interviews will fulfill our contractual obligation to provide interviews for in district candidates. Please let me know ASAP if you can attend the interviews. Thanks to those who have already told me.

We will soon be posting elementary counselor positions for both Bend and S. County. I will work closely with those hiring counselors to create a process for interviewing as there may be a limited number available and sharing might be a necessity.

We are in the process of creating a job title/description for the certified behavior support personnel so that we can post. As with counselors, we will work together to ensure a fair process. I anticipate quite a bit of interest so am thinking of one posting with a process somewhat similar to transfer interviews- in hopes of saving you and applicants time and heartache and ensuring a fair process for all. Nothing has been decided so please don’t hesitate to call and chat about how you see this possibly unfolding. I’ll take all the input and work with Jon and Janelle to create the best process we can.

BRYT- I appreciate all the feedback and input I’ve received regarding working with BRYT to provide a framework, some PD and support for creating our systems with the behavioral support that is coming our way. The feedback has been almost all positive. We are still working with BRYT to figure out costs and what supports might be possible. In the meantime, I continue to welcome any thoughts you might have and I will keep you posted as things develop.

Office Referrals- Please take a look at a couple of changes that have been made to the school Office Referral Form. We’ve added a “Vaping” violation, as well as added “marijuana” under Drugs. These changes were made in an effort to collect better data connected to these two violations. An updated Office Referral Form can be found on the Portal now, and Synergy will be updated on Monday to reflect these changes. Hopefully, elementary won’t have to think about this too often, but we know we do from time to time.

Chinese Exchange Teacher- As many/most of you are aware, each year we have a wonderful opportunity to host teachers from China (to teach Chinese in our schools), as well as send some of our BLS teachers to China to teach English. One of the teachers we are hosting, William, is teaching at Bend Sr. High School and is in need of a host family between March and the end of this school year. The host family would get a $200 stipend per month to help with food costs.  BLS can provide a bus ticket for his transportation – the host family does not need to provide William with a car or transport him each day unless it works for them to do so.

If you know of someone – BLS employee or not, please have them get in touch with Louise Markland at [email protected]

From Julianne- Please read and make adjustments in your visitor/volunteer processes, if any are warranted… We are hearing of unfortunate visitor/volunteer management inconsistencies between schools, which is causing great grief for some of our office managers/staff who are trying to enforce the rules with fidelity.
Scott and I really need your help to ensure that this policy is followed with integrity and consistency. Not only do we fall into possible profiling when we do not follow our policies consistency, but we also find ourselves set up for legal issues.

Upcoming Events

February 24- MAC Survey

March 3- Transfer Interviews

March 16- Horizontal Meeting- 3:15 @ Juniper

March 22-26- Spring Break

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February 14

Staffing- Lots going on here so wanted to provide a bit of an update/timeline.

  • Transfer interview announcement went out from Jon today. We will hold these on March 3 at North Star. Process will be the same as past years. Please tell me by February 28 if you are going to attend the transfer interviews so I know who to put on the schedule.
  • Generic primary and intermediate regular and temp in town and s. county have been posted.
  • I have requested permission to post elementary counselor positions as soon as possible. Some of you will be hiring counselors. There will be a limited number available. I’d like to do the interviewing for these as a team and place counselors cooperatively. I’ll work with s. county schools as well to determine if we want to do a separate s. county elementary counselor posting. We won’t do anything without talking to you so don’t worry.
  • We are working on a job description for the behavioral/SEL support positions coming your way. We will work closely together to post/hire for these as I suspect there could be quite a bit of interest.
  • You will receive staffing allocations March 13.
  • Complete your staffing plans asap after that including any staff returning from leaves (Jon will be meeting with Katie, Jim and me soon to determine who is/isn’t returning) and  indicating openings you may have.
  • I will give ok to post any school specific openings after I have approved your plans- probably sometime during the week after you are given allocations.
  • We will follow the same process as years past- I will approve a posting or you to interview using generic pools. I will then send an email to you and HR indicating approval. You will then be able to move forward.
  • You will be able to begin hiring as soon as all of the above is complete AND we are ok to hire… you may be able to post, but there is always potential for hiring process to stall depending on funding/etc.

I think that covers most of it. Please call if you have any questions.

BRYT- Thanks for your thinking and feedback on the BRYT support we are considering to help with implementation of the new behavior/SEL positions. Please share any thoughts you might have with me in the next few days.

Here is an article that was published last week regarding BRYT.

Resiliency Survey- Your school’s Child and Youth Resilience Survey  (CYRM) administration day coming soon.  Please check to see if your date is ok. If not, communicate as directed below. Please note that there are two important actions for you to do:

  1. Check your survey date and communicate with Shelley Irwin if you need to change the date.
  2. Send parent notification at least 1 week prior to administering the survey.

Everything you need can be found in the link below.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


Kindergarten Round UP- April 22 is the day. Thanks for your feedback.

The Center Foundation Helmet Give Away If you haven’t already signed up for this, please do ASAP. See below.

We are fortunate to be working with The Center Foundation once again to provide bicycle helmets for any third grader in need. Please schedule a time for your school. You will need to provide 45 minutes for the assembly and fitting.   Assemblies need to be scheduled to take place between April 14 and May 29 and must be scheduled in the morning. They can only accommodate one school per day, so please do not schedule a day if another school has already scheduled for that day. Your school contact should expect an email about a month before your assembly with a permission letter and directions.  Please be sure your school contact, if not you, is on top of things so permission slips get delivered and collected on time.  Stuart Schmidt will be the contact for The Center Foundation. He can be contacted at [email protected] or 541-322-2323.  You can also give me a call if you  have a question. Thank you for your help with this. It’s a valuable service they offer for our students.

Grow Your Own-  You may or may not be aware that we have a “Grow Our Own” incentive program here in our district, where support is given to current classified employees to pursue a credential/degree in a hard-to-fill position. This program is relatively new and we believe not everyone is aware of it. The attached documents were sent out to all classified staff, but if you know of any amazing classified staff in your building who would do great in a hard-to-fill certified role, it would be awesome to have you encourage these folks to attend the info session. (Thanks to Kinsey for promoting/highlighting this program!)

MAC survey- Our Winter MAC survey day is Monday, February 24.
Please coordinate with your FAN Advocate to communicate information to staff.
That’s all for this week. Enjoy your three day weekend.
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February 7

Meeting- I would like to call an impromptu meeting for next Wednesday at 3:30 at Pine Ridge. It will be for principals only. We will discuss Shay’s budgeting message, what I learned while in Boston and how the two may be connected. My apologies for the late notice. Please do what you can to be there. If you are unable, please arrange for your VP to be there if you have one or make an appt. with me so that I can meet with you individually.

Title I- We will take our Title I count on April 1 this year. April 1 data will be used to determine our district average and which schools qualify for title next year. Once that is determined, we will use the same process as last year to budget for 20-21. We do not know when the state will release initial allocations.

Transfer Interviews- We will go ahead with Tuesday, March 3 for transfer interviews. Times/places to be announced at a later time. Jon will be sending out an email to all staff announcing the process.

From Skip This might be an event you would like to share with your staff… The Adult Programming team at the Deschutes Public Library is hosting a free program that will cover the inclusion of tribal history in Oregon schools.  The event will be held at the East Bend Library on Saturday, March 14th at 3:00 p.m.   Here is the link for the event.

First Aid/CPR- Check the latest first aid tracker to see if your school is up to date. Looks like we are doing really well. Thanks for your work on this.

That’s all for now. Gonna keep it short for you. Have a great weekend.

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January 31

Leadership meeting– Remember leadership meeting at 3:15 Monday. Lots of important budget information so you don’t want to miss.

Out- I will be out Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at a PD. I will be checking email and will be available by cell.

Transfer Interviews- Jon and I are looking at a tentative date of Tuesday, March 3 for transfer interviews. Please let me know by the end of next week if that will not work. We want to get that completed early this year as we also hope to begin hiring a bit earlier this year.

Resiliency Survey – Be on the lookout for an email outlining the process for this year’s resiliency survey. Just like last year, you will once again have a pre-set date. If that date does not work for you, please rearrange- directions will be in the email. A team will be at your school on the date to help administer.  You will also have directions on the letter to be sent home 1-2 weeks prior to the survey. The email should arrive next week.

Sustainability- Jackie Wilson asked me to pass along this Sustainability Tip handout from the month of January (that I’m sure is still good for February!).

February is Black History Month – This is a great opportunity for you/your staff to shine a light on a group of people who are often not discussed (outside of slavery) in terms of what they have contributed to US history. Here are some resources for you and your staff to generate ideas (or simply take and use) over the course of the next four weeks (and beyond).

HR Update- From Debbie Watkins: I have received a few calls this week regarding breaks and lunches for classified staff, which made me realize it is a great time to send a reminder on our contract language regarding breaks for staff.  (Article 16.5)

  • If an employee is scheduled for four (4) hours but less than six (6) hours, the employee must be scheduled for one fifteen (15) minute paid break.
  • Employees scheduled for six (6) hours get a fifteen (15) minute paid break and a minimum of a thirty (30) minute unpaid meal period.
  • Employees scheduled for more than six (6) hours shall receive two (2) fifteen (15) minute paid breaks and a minimum of one (1) thirty (30) minute unpaid meal period.

Also, please know you cannot regularly schedule lunches or breaks at the start or end of the employee’s work hours, or combine break and lunch periods to provide for early release or longer lunch breaks.  This would be considered a violation of our contract and Oregon law.  You do, however, have flexibility to modify an employee’s daily schedule for an extenuating circumstance.  If you have any questions about employee work schedules and ensuring you are providing the appropriate paid and unpaid breaks, please call our office.

That’s all for today. I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

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