June 12

Work Calendar- Please see the updated ’20-’21 work calendar. Note that there will NOT be an all district welcome back this year.

Horizontal Meeting- We will have our last horizontal meeting of the 19-20 school year next Wednesday at 1:00.

Reopening Guidelines- The state has published the first edition of their school reopening guidelines. Expect that these will be updated every couple of weeks throughout summer until school actually does start. A planning team had their first meeting yesterday. Know that we will be thinking about logistical, academic and social emotional considerations while planning. As Lora shared in her email Wednesday, expect some form of communication July 1, August 1 and August 15, if not earlier.

Level Review Assessors- This is a reminder of sorts from Jon L. regarding Level Review Assessors (a follow-up from an email he sent out on Tuesday this week).  The only difference this year is that principals will need to do the recommendation form in Applitrack.  This eventually will be easier when the principals get the hang of it.  The applicants will not be able to see what is on the recommendation.

Great Summer Reading for Students- If you are looking for a good read over the summer (or would like to recommend one to someone you know – no matter what age), then check out this list that our district librarian has compiled.

Leadership Retreat- Remember to mark you calendar for August 11. All admin, student services and deans are invited. We will not be including ICCL’s this year.

That is all for this week. I tried to keep it short as I know you have a lot on your plates in wrapping up the year. I am hopeful that you can get away for a while and not think about school and the many challenges that lie ahead. If I know anything about this group, you will pull through and figure out ways to provide great experiences for your students. But before you can do that, know that you need to take care of yourself.

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June 5

Summer Learning Choice Boards- Thanks to our instructional team for creating summer learning choice boards for students and families. Feel free share with families. A translated Spanish version to you as soon as it is available. There is a lot of print to translate, so it will take a while. It is being worked on right now.

Summer Learning Opp- Thanks to Sean for sharing this great summer learning opportunity on trauma informed educational leadership.

Evaluation Meetings- Jon said that you won’t be required to meet with every teacher to review eval. We know the logistics of that could make it difficult. You do need to meet with someone if they are an employee of concern. You are welcome to meet with any and all.

Self Evals- Please be sure to submit if you haven’t already done so. Thanks!

Leadership Meeting start time has been changed to 2:30.

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May 29

Next week- I will not have access to my office next week (6/1 – 6/5), so please don’t call or leave a message on my office phone and then think I’m ignoring you for not calling back. Email, call, or text my phone to find me!

Postings- As discussed at yesterday’s meetings, you can begin posting for staffing plan 2.0. Please email me what you would like to post. I will respond, cc’ing Jon and Debbie, giving you permission. All closings are on June 30 or later. Hopefully, dependent on the legislature, we will be able to begin interviewing or hiring July 1. Elementary generic classroom postings have been left up and are still active and available for us to use if/when we have the green light. Give me a call if you have any questions.

Self Evals- Please complete and submit your self evals asap. After some more thinking, due to time and other constraints, I will not be putting out a schedule for summative meetings. Once complete, I’ll share your summative for your review and signature. We can talk more if you like. No need to sign up for an end of year conference with me.

Summer Programming- You may have recently heard that our school buildings/facilities will be open for summer programming starting June 15, as long as these groups/organizations follow ODE guidance, including social distancing. Boys and Girls Club and Park and Rec., in addition to our own athletic programs, will be the likely users of our facilities during this time.

ELL/Bilingual Summer School- The ELL Dept is partnering with Migrant Education to provide summer school for emergent bilingual students.  We have additional (limited) space in the program for ELL students who do not otherwise qualify for migrant ed services.  We are prioritizing students who:

  • Are credit-deficient and at risk of not graduating by Aug (seniors)
  • Are earning “incompletes” this spring in math or language arts (9th-11th)
  • Have a history of significant learning struggles, or are in the process of team problem-solving
  • Are K-2 students (early learning)
  • Have not made progress on language proficiency assessments (long-term ELLs)
  • Have parents/family who are unable to support academics at home

ELL/Language Specialists are working with buildings to identify and refer potential candidates.  For more information or to include this referral process in your end-of-year MTSS/RtI conversations, reach out to your specialist!

Next Year Planning- Thanks to all who shared they are willing to serve on a committee to figure out what next year might look like. I always appreciate this group’s willingness to serve and help in any way. We needed to keep the group small and so could only have three elementary reps. Thanks to Steve A., Jen H. and Kelle H. for their willingness. We will keep you in the loop and up to date the best we can. Feel free to share your thinking with and/or ask any of us questions as well.

Upcoming Events

June 8- Leadership Meeting- 3:00 PM

June 11- Last day of school

August 11- Leadership Meeting- No ICCL’s. Deans and Student Services Invited

August 13- Safety Day

More Great Stuff from Elementary Schools:

Bear Creek with a little ‘Beach Towel Book and Blanket Day.’

Flat classroom from Mindy Drake at Silver Rail

Give Tammy a call sometime and ask about schoolwide virtual BINGO. Heard it was a great success.

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May 22

IPAD Communication- Please include in your normal modes of communication the English and Spanish versions of the letter from Skip explaining that IPADS will not be collected at the end of the year. Please do so in your next communication. If families do NOT want to keep the IPAD over the summer, no problem. Have them bring it in. Let me know if you have any questions.

End of Year Messaging- I appreciate your efforts to communicate to parents that the last day of school is still June 11. Once again, please focus your energy on the theme of what we will be doing (parent/teacher conversations, report cards, helping finish incomplete work, pointing families to summer supplementary activities, answering emails, etc.) rather than what we won’t be doing. I apologize for the confusion around this message and once again, thank you for your efforts to clarify for families that school isn’t over on June 5.

CDC Guidelines- The CDC has published their guidelines to reopening. School guidance starts on p. 45. We probably won’t have any direction from our state until at least June. Once they have provided us with some guidance, we will use that to begin planning for different scenarios.

Extended School Year- It was decided this week, based largely on the summer guidance sent out from the state last Friday, that our Extended School Year (ESY) will be conducted via a distance learning format – students and staff will not enter our buildings over the summer for this program.

August 11 Leadership– As mentioned, ICCL’s will not be attending, but student services are invited.

Outdoor School- Feel free to share Camp Tamarack’s Outdoor School at Home webpage with all of your families.

More awesome stuff coming from elementary schools:

Covid Chronicles from Miller

Elk Meadow Super Readers


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May 15

 QPR Training- Three Rivers, North Star, Miller, Pine Ridge, Amity/Highland (together), Ensworth/Juniper (together) need to sign up for QPR training if you haven’t already.

Erin’s Law- Please send me your Erin’s Law/ Safe Touch documentation if you haven’t already done so.

ICCL’s- HR has approved hiring for ICCL team members whose contracts are up this year. Be sure to follow a process for hiring that includes: notifying all of your certified staff about the number of openings and the deadline for applying, verifying they have submitted their paperwork to HR and selecting your interview team and interviewing all candidates.

Title I Budgets- We have a preliminary allocation for you to use. The amount will be on the Title page of your staffing. When you input a certified or classified employee under the title column it will automatically calculate totals on the title page so that you can see if you have overspent or have more money left. Again, this is preliminary. The school allocation is based on about 3+% less than the state’s initial allocation since that has been the average reduction the last four years when we get our final allocation in August. Hopefully, the final comes in closer to the initial and we have more to distribute in August. Any more than we are budgeting will go directly to schools as fixed staffing costs at district level are already accounted for. Give me a call if you have any questions.

Self Evals- Please complete your self-evals by the end of May. I’ll set up a time to meet (in person or webex- your choice) sometime before June 19.

Leave Sheets- Please send me your leave sheets by Monday.

Kids, Inc. Registration- you may want to communicate this information to families on pre registration for kids, inc. programs in the fall. Obviously, we don’t know what fall will look like in schools, but they are proactively planning. This would be especially good information for kindergartners who don’t have siblings.

A Good Listen- Decisions getting tough? Check out this podcast from Bruce Perry. Lots of implications here. Might want to give kids some breaks in their work day. Also, if you are a kid, don’t get sent to the principal’s office right before they eat lunch.

More great stuff coming from our schools:

A little Three Rivers News:

A poem from an Amity teacher for their annual memory book:

Oh, What a Memorable Year We All Shared!

Oh, what a memorable year we all shared
Learning and growing, showing how much we cared

September arrived, fresh faces joined the crew

The magic of Amity embraced by the new

From community time to singing with rhyme
Art projects, math talks, we had such a good time

Camp Amity, mask-making, Invitations galore

We created much fun; it was never a bore

With March came surprises, so much instantly changed

Your daily routine soon became rearranged

Spending hours at home being safe, washing hands

Trying to meet new online learning demands

You learned how to work from afar on a device

Watching videos from teachers designed to entice

Perhaps you slept in more, stayed in pajamas all day

Experienced normal things in a completely new way

Brain-stretching, risk-taking, growth-mindset the key

For continuing to challenge yourself creatively

Gratitude, patience, and flexibility
Became important as ever for our school family

Although the year ended much different than planned

We connected in beautiful ways through broadband

Perhaps what our community learned above all

Is that love goes beyond just a physical wall

For each of you are unique in your own special way

And in our hearts forever you’ll stay

Students of ours… but oh, so much more

Amity Creekers deep down to the core

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May 8

Leadership Meeting- Don’t forget to attend the leadership meeting on Tuesday at 9. You should have received an email invite from Andrea Wilson.

Conversation Interpreters- Please have teachers work with your ELL teacher to arrange for interpreters for our June parent/teacher conversations. Many of them have already been doing a lot of this and have a system.

Report Cards- Report card directions and report card comments. I will let you know as soon as the revised report card is uploaded. As a reminder, all sections will be ‘NA’ by default except the following: reading, writing, language, speaking, listening and math. Please make sure teachers know this information. Julianne is working on a communication that we will want all of you to use to communicate with families about conversations. I’ll get that to you as soon as it is complete. Let me know if you have any questions.

TAG Letter- This letter was sent to parents of third grade TAG students earlier this week. We will see how many commit to the program before sending invites to anyone else. We will let you know how we determine who to send invites to if/when that time arises.

National Boards- National Board certification recruitment has begun!  Heather and Michele, working alongside OEA and TSPC, have 3 virtual recruitment sessions set for May.  If you have teachers who are interested in pursuing National Board, please share the OEA flyer that is in the google folder.  There are also several resources available for you.  Teachers who are “shoulder tapped” by an administrator are more confident and eager to grow their professional learning in this way and become teacher leaders in their buildings.


Three key points of information:

1) HB2763 will reimburse teachers for the cost of certification once they certify

2) OEA has a grant to support teachers of color and novice teachers (first 5 years) in their pursuit of NB certification

3) MidOregon Credit Union is offering zero interest loans for our candidates in order to support in the upfront cost.

Fundraising- As we navigate COVID-19 and the impacts to our communities and families in the district this spring and summer, we are asking that principals use discernment around any fundraising being considered by schools and programs.  We are not putting a stop on all fundraising at this time.  There is some acknowledgment that some schools or programs may have long-term projects in process and other unique considerations that may warrant fundraising.  However, in general, we are asking that we do little to none of the typical fundraising that we would do in these weeks and months to come.  Out of respect for our families and businesses, now does not seem to be the time to be asking them to contribute to fundraisers.  If there are unique circumstances around a specific fundraising project that you would like approval to do  prior to the fall of 2020, please seek approval from your level leader before doing so.

Meal Delivery- Please let me know if you have any EA’s or other classified staff who are able/willing to substitute for meal delivery. For those principals who have staff serving in this area, please tell them to contact Stephanie Bent if they are unable to attend and she will coordinate the subs. Thanks.

Paraeducator Professional Development webpage- The HDESD is excited to share the Paraeducator Professional Development webpage, compiled by the Culture of Care Coaches (link below).

For leaders and administrators, there is a catalogue of opportunities at the top of the page, that allows you to view the comprehensive list of PD in the event you want to plan and organize specific content for certain programs/staff.  In addition, there is a Professional  Development Reflection Document that can be used by staff.

All of the content is then divided into categories on the webpage, with a variety of resource links/videos for paraeducators to access.  It will be updated weekly with new resources/links.


Social Distancing Reminders Tami Pike asked that we share the following reminders with principals. Thank you for all you are already doing.

11.Social Distancing Requirements. Public schools and private schools shall designate a person or officer to establish, implement, and enforce social distancing requirements, consistent with guidance from OHA. When in-­person interactions are required, social distancing measures must be implemented and enforced to the maximum extent possible.

12.At-risk Employees. Nothing in this Executive Order should be construed to require public school or private school employees in at-risk categories, or public school or private school employees who have an at-risk member of their household, to take action inconsistent with public health recommendations or the advice of the employee’s physician.


More Amazing Teaching Happening Throughout BLP Elementary Schools

Writer’s workshop continues at Miller:

May 4 Writers Workshop

Writer’s Workshop Distance Learning

Bossy R taking over first grade at North Star:


The ‘Sally Challenge’ at Silver Rail:

Finally, Kari Sue, music teacher at Ponderosa sent a summary of elementary music teacher websites to all of us earlier this week. If you haven’t already checked it out, it’s well worth your time. Pretty great stuff for our students if they can/want to access.

Thanks for all you are doing. Let’s keep the energy all the way through. Our students deserve it and they need it now more than ever.

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May 1

New ELL Enrollment- When you receive enrollment inquiries/paperwork (incoming K – 12th) from a multilingual family, please continue to follow our Welcome Center protocol.  During the closure, that basically means: reach out right away to the Welcome Center (x6824 or [email protected]).  Our team will help complete paperwork if needed, conduct our multilingual family intake process (including explaining the deferral of proficiency testing, and access to services in the meantime), and will reach out to school staff with any follow-up at the conclusion of that process.  Feel free to email Kinsey with questions.  Thank you for sharing this with your registrars/front-office staff.

Safety Guidelines- Julianne asked that I share safety guidelines with you again just to be sure we are continuing to follow and use them in our planning. Thank you for the great job you are already doing.

Outdoor School- I will soon provide you with links to Tamarack remote outdoor school activities that you can use as you see fit. You can share with all families, not just fifth graders. In addition, schools who did attend outdoor school in the fall can also access the links. It will cost you nothing. I am working with Charlie and OSU extension on payment. Be on the lookout. It might be a great way to engage students as some slowly begin to checkout.

Creating Resilient Leaders- Here is a great PD opportunity for you offered by the ESD on becoming a resilient leader. Share if you like.

Title Furniture- We have a bit of spare Title furniture that is being cleaned out at the ed. center. If you are a title school and want any, please let me know and we’ll get it to you. First come, first served.

Teacher Appreciation Week- May 4-8 is Teacher Appreciation Week, a time to celebrate our classroom teachers, counselors, school nurses and other certified staff members. Whether serving in person or remotely, we know these staff members care deeply about our students and this is a great opportunity to share our thanks!

Students and families – please share a quick video, drawing or photo saying thanks on Bend-La Pine Schools’ fun new webpage and we will share with our community to help our educators feel celebrated and appreciated.  Share your stories here

From Alandra- CALENDAR ART CONTEST- This year, we are getting creative with the production of our annual Family Handbook and Calendar, which is mailed home to families before the start of each school year. For the 2020-21 calendar, we are inviting students to submit artwork and photographs to be featured. Alandra is sharing this opportunity district-wide, but we also would like to invite teachers to share this opportunity with students (elementary classroom teachers, art teachers, photography teachers or anyone interested!).

The theme is #BLSproud. What makes you proud to be part of your school or your school district? Share a piece of artwork or a photograph that conveys that sentiment.

Deadline: May 25, 2020

Students can use this link to submit artwork.

Questions? Contact Alandra – [email protected]

Finally, check out some of the great things happening in our schools.

Pine Ridge writing lesson

North Star’s PE teacher’s youtube channel is not only being used by N. Star students, but an entire school in Arizona is sharing with their students.

North Star Kindergarten phonics fun

Juniper staff doing a little dancing. Skip to about 3:45 to see Dan’s moves.

Buckingham’s packet pick up going smoothly!

Book recommendations from Ponderosa staff.

Apologies if I missed something you sent to me. Please keep all these great things coming my way so we can continue to share ideas and celebrations. Thank you for leading through all of this.

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April 24

Kindergarten Registration- An idea was recently presented, and I know Ensworth is already doing this, that schools have registration packets available to distribute at our lunch sites. If you are school that is hosting a lunch pick up spot, I encourage you to make registration packets available.

Report Cards- Nothing has changed on our timeline for providing guidance on report cards. We are planning to have that ready for you the week of May 3. Yesterday, ODE released k-8 guidance which includes directions for grading. We will be sure that anything we provide to you will follow that guidance. In addition, we will provide a short summary of their k-8 guidance, much of which focuses on the things we have been doing like connecting and communicating. Stay tuned for more to come.

Dyslexia Letter- We are not required to send the second round of Dyslexia letters this spring. This may impact next year, but I will provide details if/when they come. For now, you don’t have to worry about these.

Hot Spots- Hot spots have arrived and the first round has been delivered to your schools. Skip provided this resource page for additional information, how to request more, the form needed to be completed by a parent who is borrowing one, and a video (or written instructions) on how to set one up at home. Please take a look at this page and be ready to share this resource for any that may need it.

Meals- As you know we have begun delivering meals to many more sights. We have four routes in Bend and another in La Pine. We have an EA riding on the bus along with the driver for each of our routes. If you need something for EA’s to do, we need subs to ride and help deliver if/when regulars are unable. Please see who is able and provide me a name and phone number. I will add it to the list and they will potentially receive a call when we need someone. The Bend routes all begin at High Desert Middle School. They all run from approximately 10:30 to 12 or 12:30. It sounds as if the La Pine routes are all good. Thank you.

Behavior- Hayley E. shared this great resource on stress, distress and trauma in light of covid. Lots of info here, but stuff we will need to consider when we do reopen our buildings and bring our students back.

Sustainability doesn’t stop during covid– Please read from Jackie W.

Need some help – There is a group of folks who have rallied some local churches around volunteer or donation needs in our BLS schools. This group of churches is wondering about adopting specific schools, purchasing gift cards for teachers who may have needs, or even doing more landscaping projects (with proper social distancing, of course), among other things.  If you have an idea that a group of volunteers could help with please let me know.

No Contact List- Please update the no contact list by next Thursday if there have been any changes.

I know we all can’t wait to get back to non-distance learning, but in the meantime, teaching and learning are happening, schools are connecting with families, and some great things are going on. Thank you for leading this work!

Bear Creek Staff saying hello to their families.

N. Star parent shared some distance learning class time with Kevin.

Tammy held a scavenger hunt for her staff for a highly in demand product. I’m concerned there are so many squares/ people unable to find this commodity. I also hope Tammy isn’t using that as some sort of bribe around class size for next year.

For next week’s horizontal meeting, please be prepared to share something great you or one of your staff is doing that you are especially proud of.  Have a great weekend. Make sure you are taking care of yourself!


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April 17

Equity and Access- Please review information on Equity and Access from Lora.

Hot Spots- We have approximately 300 hot spots arriving soon. As you read in Lora’s message, we currently have 84 requests. Please be sure to notify your FAN advocate of any need for hot spots.

Kindergarten Summary- I’ll try to summarize what I shared during our meetings re: kindergarten registration.

  • Info going out from Alandra (press release, facebook, district newsletter) letting families know that online kinder registration is now open and encouraging them to sign up asap.
  • If unable to register online, contact school. Schools are to send registration materials to parents and include a school addressed, stamped envelope for return.
  • Parents who can’t register online and don’t know what school their child will attend may call a specially designated Ed. Center number. We will send them registration materials and include stamped envelope addressed to attendance area school.
  • Be vigilant and timely in monitoring who is registering and provide quick contact with families to let them know you have their materials and they are registered at your school.
    • This contact can be letter, email or phone. I would recommend a personal call from the principal.
    • Tell parents they will get a letter from the school in August outlining directions for submitting birth certificate, immunization records and proof of address. We are not requiring these until August. In addition, the August letter should include details about a welcome event for kinders in August.
    • We are asking that you plan a welcome event in August to give kinders and families a chance to meet teachers, see school, meet other kinder families.
  • Please do whatever you can from your end to publicize kinder registration. I fear a slow registration could cause an August registration stampede that will strain staff and cause staffing upheaval.

All of the above is planned based on the assumption we will be back to brick and mortar schools in the fall. If/when we learn differently, we will plan accordingly.

On another unrelated kindergarten note, we will still be honoring early entry applications according to policy, with one change. The deadline will be extended past the end of the school year as finding someone to conduct the testing is very difficult. The new deadline will be sometime in August. TBD based on social distancing guideline modifications that come or … don’t.

Staffing Horizontal Meeting I will be sending an invite to a special horizontal webex on Monday at 2:00 pm to discuss staffing plans version 2.0. I may or may not move forward with the regularly scheduled horizontal meetings next week. TBD.

Student Belongings Pick up and Teacher Classroom Pack up- Thanks for all of your input regarding student belongings and teacher classroom pack up. The majority of folks are very comfortable with waiting until much closer to the end of the year. We have discussed the advantages to that in our horizontal meetings. That being said, we know some of you have already made plans and have legitimate, well thought out reasons for what you are going to do. I am going to leave it up to you to determine your school’s plan of action. Please consider the following:

  • Follow all guidelines regarding social distancing
  • Plan for as few trips to the school as possible for families
  • Consider what kind of message your plan might send to families
  • Work with custodial/maintenance so that they can provide a deep cleaning/painting if that is something they intend to do. If you are waiting to distribute student belongings and/or have teachers pack up rooms, be prepared to do some shuffling to allow for work to be done.
  • Have a plan for staff who are compromised and will not be able to come into the building. There is a wide continuum of feelings and comfort levels and I would ask that you work with folks to accommodate within reason.
  • Please be flexible with families who may need things sooner than you plan to distribute

Julianne provided social distance guidelines and considerations on behalf of our nurses. Most if not all is stuff you are already doing, but please read to see if there is anything else you should be doing/not doing.

Logo Info from legal- We discussed this at our horizontals, but here is Sharon’s direction, “The District does not allow use of its school logos or mascots for commercial purposes, absent an agreement. Use by PTOs and school groups for fundraising for school programs may be allowed pursuant to an agreement. The sale of signs as outlined below is not allowed (not shown in blog). It appears that the signs are being sold for a profit that does not go to the school. The use of logos/mascots gives the appearance that this project is undertaken on behalf of the district, which it is not. I caution against creating that impression.

With regard to the use of logos on sports photography, that should be covered by a written agreement. If there is no current agreement, one should be in place before any future photos are taken.

Mini Observations- Please do NOT conduct a mini observation of a teacher teaching a webex or live video lesson. Call if you have a question. Thank you.

Time sheets- Send or email to me.

MAC Survey- Yes, this is still happening. Tuesday, April 21. It might take a bit of extra encouragement from you this year to ensure your staff completes it.

Organ Donor This will be a lot less important than the heading suggests…we have a family who has offered to donate an organ…the musical kind. If you are interested, let me know and I will help you connect. Although I’m not 100% certain, I don’t believe the painting and wedding picture come with it.

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April 10

Dan shared this video that does a great job of illustrating how many of us feel right now.

Here’s a fun way that Jen is connecting with families at Miller. Thanks, Jen!


Connecting with families- Amazing work connecting with your families. There are about 8,120 students enrolled in BLP elementary schools and we have had contact with all but 28 since our distance learning roll out went live on April 1! That’s 99.7%- an A+ in most grade books. We know there are students who have packets or ipads who are not maintaining regular contact with teachers. That will be our next step. How and what will we do to get those students engaged? Great work and thank you for your efforts!

From Lora- Elementary Team-Gary sent me the information today that for our entire elementary school population, we have only 28 on the “unable to contact” list. I am well aware that many students/families you HAVE contacted are facing huge challenges right now, but I am so grateful for our caring staffs and their outreach efforts. You all rock!

Kindergarten Registration/round up- I’m working on a plan that I will get approval for sometime next week. I will roll it out to you during our horizontal meetings or in the blog next week.

Report Cards/Grades- I wouldn’t spend much (if any) time worrying about this right now. We will have a plan to share in the coming weeks. The goal will be to make it practical, realistic given our current circumstances, simple for teachers to complete and valuable information for parents.

Bridges Materials- As i shared in our horizontal meetings, Bridges has prepared a lot of materials to help teachers and families continue learning. Links below. please share with teachers. You may have trouble logging in, but your teachers should not. I’ll check to see if you can get login info if you want.

Bridges Remote Learning Packets

Bridges Math At Home Resources

Between the Bridges materials and Dreambox, math should be pretty thorough and simple to plan.

District Guidelines- When the district guidance Google doc is updated, we’ll try and remember to share with you when those updates occur and what they deal with. Here is your first update:

  • Under #5…A new document, an FAQ from Sean and his team about SPED, has been added as a separate document.
  • Under # 1 and #2…We pulled docs out about high school grading and graduation.  Have not replaced those with updated content yet.
  • Under #7…We added some content about how to access Google Voice when using your personal phone to mask your number and set up another number.  We included a link about that.

From Alandra re: Social Media-

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA: We are seeing an uptick in digital communication and many schools and staff creating new social media accounts. Quick reminder that staff members who wish to create a professional social media account need to check in with Alandra Johnson. She has some important guidelines and tips to share about using social media while representing our schools. Send an email to [email protected] (She is also glad to hear from those who have already created accounts and now want to make them official.)
  2. RESOURCES FOR FAMILIES: When sharing community resources with families, be sure to use our district pages, which are updated, vetted and approved (many are also translated):

Families in Need also Familias necesitadas (Spanish)

Student Mental Health


Información (resources in Spanish)

FAN Update from Dana-

  • Talk to your FAN Advocate about assigning a classified staff member to help with outreach.  Some schools have done this and it has helped lessen the load for the FAN Advocate. 
  • We will be conducting our Spring MAC Survey the week of April 20.  Mara Stephens and the FAN Advocates will get information out to staff.  Mara has also recorded a training that can be viewed by staff members that need to complete the MAC training. 
  • Please remind staff that if they hear of families that are now homeless, we need to get them counted.  Connect with your FAN Advocate so she can follow up.
  • There is a district team that is working to identify locations where students are not able to access the Grab and Go lunches.  Look for information in the days to come about expanded food delivery locations.
  • FAN Advocates are collecting names for the Hot Spots.  Dana, Ben and Skip continue to coordinate with Bend Broadband to get connectivity up for those that apply.  Hot Spots will be coming soon, and a plan for distribution will follow also.  
  • Please take a minute to reach out and thank your Advocate.  They are all working incredibly hard and are doing everything they can to connect students and families to services.  
  • If you feel there is an unmet need, please don’t hesitate to email or call Dana Pedersen.  

From Hayley E for Behavior Support- Our team of amazing Behavior Coaches have organized a user-friendly tool for parents. The tools in this resource- schedules, ready/not ready, and break routines- are tools that we use when coaching across the district (so students may/will be familiar). All the links are set for Anyone with the link can view.

Behavior Coaching Tools: For Parents & Families

Outreach Google Survey- At this time we will not be having you do the outreach google doc that I referenced in our horizontal meetings. Your ELL and FAN are coordinating to help with much of what was referenced in Dana’s notes above.

SPED info- Sean will be sharing this letter with SPED staff and families. Please reach out to sped staff to discuss questions or specifics about your school.

From Scott Bojanowski Re: SRO’s- During this morning’s safety meeting, we had some questions from school administrators about our SROs and if they will continue to service our schools now that school buildings are closed for the remainder of the school year. I talked with our SRO supervisors at Bend PD and Deschutes County Sheriff’s office today. 
The SROs will be on patrol duty during the weekdays, but they are still available to assist school administrators when needed.  As always if there is an emergency, please call 911 to get law enforcement assistance ASAP.
Jimmy Krauger (Summit HS) and Amy Ward (Bend HS) will be working patrol Monday – Thursday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM and Scott Schaier (Middle Schools/Marshall HS) and Erik Ammon (MVHS) will be working Tuesday – Friday 8:00 – 6:00 pM on patrol.  I did not receive specific shift times for Deputy Bryan Morris is South County, but he will be working during the weekdays.
The SROs will continue to try and help serve meals at the designated school sites, and will be available for school administrators to call or email with support requests (i.e. welfare checks on students, vandalism reports, etc.).

I’ll end with the reminder to be flexible. I’ll be flexible with you, you be flexible with teachers and teachers be flexible with students and parents. As Dan shared at the start of today’s blog, we’re building the plane as we go and things might not always work as planned. A little grace, forgiveness and understanding will go a long ways in making it fly! Take care of yourselves and go out and get some vitamin D this weekend!


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