Using GarageBand for Peer Editing

My students learned how to use the application Garageband for peer editing.  They were all in the middle of working on stories and were at a perfect point to get some feedback on their writing.  I taught them how to open Garageband, choose Podcast and record their voice reading their story.  They used our reading tubes to help amplify their voice, since we don’t have enough headphones with microphones to go around.  After they read their story into Garageband, they were supposed to listen to it with their partner.  The could pause at any point and make changes in their story.

Reading tubes focus and amplify student voices
Reading their own work helps students improve the quality of their writing
Listening and peer editing

If I were to do this again, I would probably start by using one story and really teach students how to make changes as they are listening.  I am not sure what changes were made to their stories, if any.  It seems that the most valuable part of listening to a story out loud is simply listening for missing words and punctuation.  I found this a valuable lesson that I will extend into a regular part of our story editing time.

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