Using Kidspiration for Math Manipulatives in Bridges

I am constantly trying to find online tools for kids to use during math. The act of taking out the math kits for Bridges math lessons can be quite consuming and the lesson always ends with multiple pieces on the floor or misplaced into a different kit.

I started using Kidspiration for fractions. I was amazed at how many activities are already created for you and with a few alterations, they can fit right in with the Bridges math curriculum.

Students use the base ten blocks in Kidspiration to show decimals.

Last unit, my students made fraction bars out of construction paper. The process of making the fraction bars was very valuable. They took a full bar and folded in multiple ways in order to create fraction tools to use within the next few units. Again, the lesson was great but not the final outcome of all of the students fraction bars. Some students had 1/4 pieces that were very similar to 1/3 pieces. This was not going to lend itself to very successful fraction lessons with these handmade tools. I started using the Fraction Tiles on Kidspiration. It was quick, easy, and the kids really enjoyed. The best part is, is that I can have them print out their work so that I can see their process and not just their answer.

Students use Fraction Tiles on Kidspiration instead of their construction paper pieces.

For a staff training, I went through all of the Kidspiration pre-made Activities and made a list of the activity, a short description, and the manipulative used. I also listed the concept being taught/practiced. In parentheses I noted the concepts that could be taught with a little alterations made to the activity. I have attached this document here: Kidspiration Math Activities

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