Oregon Geography Riddles

For social studies last week my students made digital riddles on important places in Oregon.  I made a list of those places (although the kids could have, but it would have added a day to our project).  The students worked in pairs and choose one place they wanted to research.  They went on Wikipedia and found 5 facts on their place.  They choose the best 3 to use in their riddle.  They opened a keynote template and typed in their three clues and choose a picture of their place from the digital kit I had already made. They used the mask feature on keynote to zoom in to different places on their picture and on the last slide they showed the entire picture along with the answer to their riddle.  Students very much enjoyed seeing one anothers riddles and we watched them as a whole class.  I think the thing I would do different next time is focus on the facts more and really teach them how to research facts, as most just wanted to copy them and didn’t have the skills to put something in their own words.

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