Comparative Adjectives

Title: Comparative Adjectives

Subject: ELL/Geography/Continents

By: Jeff Yacuk, ELL Teacher, High Desert and Sky View Middle Schools

Grade Level:  Grades 6-8

Learning Goal: Students will identify 7 continents and be able to distinguish differences between them using newly introduced “describing words” in comparative form.

Content Standard: Students will demonstrate comprehension of general meaning and an increased comprehension of specific meaning. Will compose sentences that compare newly acquired vocabulary.

NETS-S Standard: Students will use digital media to interact and collaborate information and ideas effectively with multiple audiences. Students will compile and analyze data to draw a conclusion and/or make informed decisions.

Materials and Resources Needed: ipad, doc camera, discovery,

 Summary of Instructional Technology Strategies Used: Chunk technology instruction into minilessons throughout class time. Identify and take advantage of teachable technology moments.

 Lesson Steps: Students are first asked to identify their own town, state, country, and continent in which they live. In groups of 2, students are asked to identify the 7 continents of the world. In the same groups, students are asked to compose a list of what they already know about the continents. Each group is also responsible for 5 “describing” words of the continents. Students are asked what the want to know about the continents. Key vocab “describing words” from Discovery Education video is introduced to the students. After watching the Discovery video a list of compiled of the “describing” words and comprehension of the words by the students is confirmed by making each group responsible for sharing about two words given to them. Each group is then required to place their words into a comparative sentence following the sentence frame given by the instructor. Instructor will demo this. Class will practice together and then construct the sentences in their groups.

Assessment/closing: Share one thing you learned by watching our video. What did you learn today about the continents?  Using a comparative sentence, share one fact about how the continents are different.



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