iPad Integration with Daily 5

Title: iPad Integration with Daily 5

By: Christina Kennedy, Lava Ridge Elementary

Grade Level: 1

Learning Goal: To enhance the understanding of letter/sound and reading relationships

Content Standard: Address the diverse needs of all learners by using learner-centered strategies providing equitable access
to appropriate digital tools and resources

NETS-S Standards: Promote and Model Digital Citizenship
and Responsibility, Communication and Collaboration

Students use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively, across the global community, to support individual learning and contribute to the learning of others. Students:

  1. Interact and collaborate with peers, experts, or others employing a variety of digital

    environments and media.

  2. Effectively communicate and publish to multiple audiences using a variety of media

    and formats.

  3. Engage with learners from other cultures to develop cultural understanding and global


  4. Contribute to project teams. Produce original works or solve

    problems in a team setting.


Materials and Resources Needed : The students had access to a variety of learning apps that were pre-loaded onto the ipads for their use

Summary of Instructional Technology Strategies Used: We reviewed proper care and handling of the ipads and discussed the different apps available for the students to use during our language arts time.

Lesson Steps: The students are able to make a daily choice as to where they’re going to be independently working while I am meeting with reading groups and ipads were one of the choices. Students were able to choose an app and explore on the of the learning games available for approximately 15-20 min. daily.

Assessment: I didn’t complete a formal assessment, but I asked several students questions about their activities and exploration and was impressed with the level of engagement and academia they exhibited.

Reflection: The ipads were a hit in my classroom. The kids thoroughly enjoyed using them and it was a great way to start the year and integrate technology on a daily basis. The apps that were loaded were highly relevant to my 1st grade students and they reinforced the learning already taking place. I also appreciated the higher and lower level apps that were loaded in order to meet the needs of all my students.


About Amy Tarnow

Amy Tarnow has been with the Bend-La Pine Schools since 2000, and is currently serving as the Assistant Director of Instructional Technology. As a former classroom teacher and a mother of two young children, her goal is to support all teachers in creating relevant, personalized and connected learning opportunities that help all students succeed both in education, and their lives beyond the classroom.