Check out this HUGE instructional Strategies Database!

Short story- Go to this link and browse from hundreds of instructional strategies that will work in your classroom.

Long story- Several of us in the Instruction Technology department have been contributing members to the Oregon Education Technology Cadre for a long time.  I have been a part of this group going on 9 years!  During most of that time, we have been asked to share teaching strategies for effective professional development to the database above.   Honestly, most of them came from the classrooms and blogs of some truly creative classroom professionals.   The best way to use the database is by choosing a category for the task you want to complete.  Is it an icebreaker, an exit ticket, an assessment?  Then browse by the activity that has the highest rating.   Bookmark this site.  It is a valuable tool that can be very hard to find when you need it.

Here is that link again incase you already lost it.  🙂

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Teacher / Instructional Coach with 17 experience. Fortunate to work at Bend-La Pine Schools. Enjoy camping, skiing, white water rafting and my two amazing kids.

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