Create Your Website using Google Sites

google_sites_620x350Many of our staff have been using iWeb to create their website, however as you may be aware, iWeb is no longer supported. Therefore, it is time to switch your website to a new platform. It also may be that you are looking to build a website for the first time. As a district, we have two options for our staff: WordPress or Google Sites. Both of these are great choices. In this post, I will focus on Google Sites.

Google Sites is perfect for those that want more flexibility in adding photos and changing fonts. It is also fairly user-friendly. Pam Davis has put together a great handout that takes you through the steps of starting a Google Site. I’ve also put together a series of video tutorials that will pair nicely with the handout. If you need any help creating your website, you can always contact Christie BoenJohn Craft, Scott McDonald, or Pam Davis and we’ll be happy to assist!

About Christie Boen

I have worked with Bend-La Pine since 2007. I am an Instructional Technology Coach and District Librarian.

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