The Bend-La Pine “Best Practices” in Remote Learning

A quick internet search on “remote teaching” or “distance learning” will literally result in thousands of website, articles and how-to’s. Here are some of the most common tips and practices we found. Hopefully these will help you when evaluating options for your own classroom(s). And in the spirit of advice from friends and colleagues, be sure to check out the advice from some of our coaches and administrators linked at the bottom…thoughts on how we’d consider starting our own remote learning classrooms.

  1. Start simple. Don’t overload your students. This is a new way of teaching for you and a new way of learning for them.
  2. Create a communication plan, and follow it with your students and parents.
  3. Be clear with your instructions and be purposeful with you intent. Communicate the reason for an assignment. If students know why you are assigning something they will see value in completing it.
  4. Plan (just like you would for your classroom!). For example, during a WebEx be structured and organized. Give your session a name. Send handouts or material ahead of time. Create an exit ticket activity.
  5. Choose tools, and stick with them. It’s ok to introduce new tools for different activities but your main tool set should be consistent.
  6. Emphasize learning, not play with the tools you choose. (Teach and reinforce tech productivity!)
  7. Make the most of the time you ask your students to spend on screens~think about connections, fostering achievement and allowing for autonomy.
  8. Maintain relationships and do your part to create a positive experience in a difficult time.

If I were in your shoes… Guest blog posts from TLC Coaches and Administrators:

  • Christie Boen, District Librarian and Instructional Technology Coach & Former Kindergarten and First Grade Teacher
  • Jim Boen, Exec. Director of Middle School Programs & Former Counselor and teacher of Many Things
  • Cate Hill, English Language Development Coach & former Kindergarten Teacher
  • Scott McDonald , Instructional Tech Coach & former Middle School Design teacher and 4th & 5th grade teacher
  • Jenn Montoya, Literacy Coach & former Elementary Teacher
  • Amy Tarnow, Assistant Director of Instructional Tech and Online Learning & former 4/5 teacher
  • Gary Timms, Exec. Director of Elementary School Programs, & Elementary Principals
  • Julie Walker, EBISS Specialist and Literacy Coach & former Primary Teacher