Canvas LMS

School is not where we go, it’s what we do.

Christie Mccormick, Blended learning coach, Bend-La Pine Schools

Canvas is a new tool to the Bend-La Pine Schools. It is a learning management environment that provides everything from content delivery to calendars, discussion features, quizzes and more. Initially launched as a pilot for a very small number of classrooms in January of 2020, we are now able to make this tool available for all teachers in grades 6-12.

Canvas is used to host classes throughout the world, and only seems limited by the scope of what we know how to do. It is a common tool in both K-12 environments, and also used by many colleges and universities to support brick and mortar learning and host courses completely online.

The Canvas environment can initially be very overwhelming. All staff who will be using Canvas need to complete the “Growing with Canvas” course that has been customized for our staff. This will introduce you to the platform and give you the skills you need to start your own courses. Please reach out to one of our secondary coaches, listed below, for enrollment information.

More informational resources and support materials can be found in our Instructor Resource Center. You can also direct families and students to the Bend-La Pine Canvas landing page for tutorials and login information specific to their needs.

Staff can also access our Canvas Toolkit for strategies and resources for implementing the Canvas Platform.