Traditional Drawing VS Digital Drawing

Sue Wilhelm teaches art for grades K through 8 at Three Rivers Middle School. Last spring, she applied for an Education Foundation Classroom Impact Grant and received 15 Apple Pencil styluses to use with her students. Mrs. Wilhelm just completed Continue reading Traditional Drawing VS Digital Drawing

Accessing Khan Academy Through Clever

This is part 2 in a series of blog entries about using Clever. If you are not familiar with the Clever Application portal, please refer to part one of the series.   Today we will be talking about how students Continue reading Accessing Khan Academy Through Clever

Learn to Code with Swift Playgrounds

Note:  This app is currently only available on iPad air models.  Schools that can “currently” use this app are: Elk Meadow, Pine Ridge, Miller, La Pine Elementary, and Silver Rail. Apple recenly released a learn to code app called  “Swift Continue reading Learn to Code with Swift Playgrounds

Sketchnoting in Notability

Notability is truly our workhorse for students with regard to turning in work from student iPads.  But, Notability can be so much more!  Consider notetaking.  Some  of our students have taken to sketchnoting  (see this link).  Notability is the perfect Continue reading Sketchnoting in Notability

Comparative Adjectives

Title: Comparative Adjectives Subject: ELL/Geography/Continents By: Jeff Yacuk, ELL Teacher, High Desert and Sky View Middle Schools Grade Level:  Grades 6-8 Learning Goal: Students will identify 7 continents and be able to distinguish differences between them using newly introduced “describing words” Continue reading Comparative Adjectives