Set Students Up for Success With Screentime Settings

When it comes to a student completing his or her homework, some challenges will always remain the same. Especially when it comes to time management and minimizing distraction. It does not matter if the work is completed on paper or Continue reading Set Students Up for Success With Screentime Settings

Be Internet Awesome

Tomorrow is Safer Internet Day. Roy Fuller, our Lead IT Technician, shared a cool little game made by Google called Interland on their Be Internet Awesome site. We can’t think of a more perfect day to play it than tomorrow. Continue reading Be Internet Awesome

OBOB Titles Nominated for 2019

Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB) is a great program that most of our schools participate in. Students in grades 3-12 form teams and avidly read a set of books in their division. They then compete against other teams within Continue reading OBOB Titles Nominated for 2019

Hour of Code Resources

December 5 marked the beginning of “Hour of Code” participation across the United States. ¬†Even though we have several blog entries dedicated to programming and coding, I thought it would be helpful to have a short entry that lists a Continue reading Hour of Code Resources

Searching for Images

I think all of us have searched for images at one time or another whether it’s for a report, newsletter, invitation, video, etc. Now how many of you have been innocently searching for an image and have been shocked by Continue reading Searching for Images