Epic! Books for Kids

General Info

  • Epic is a digital library for kids.
  • The Epic app is in Self Service for elementary students to download.
  • Educators can assign a book, or collections of books, to individual students or to the entire class. 
  • Educators can monitor their students’ reading activity from their teacher account.
  • Students who are learning to read can listen to audio books in Epic.
  • Students’ free Epic accounts can be used during the school day: 7am-4pm, M-F
  • Teachers can access Epic for free at any time.
  • Students log in with a class code.

How to Get Started

  1. Set up your educator account at https://www.getepic.com/educators.
  2. Add your students’ first names to your educator account. No need to add last names or parent emails. Here is a video showing how to add your students.
  3. Tell students to download the Epic app from Self Service and enter their classroom code.
  4. When they first tap on the Epic app, they will need to select their name from the teacher’s list.
  5. Here’s how to find your class code as a teacher:

Additional Resources

  • Epic Educator Resources pagehow to videos and more!
  • EPIC collections for units of study by grade level from Mary Ehrenworth
  • Please note, if students attempt to log in outside of the 7am-4pm M-F window, they will receive a message that reads: “It’s After School Hours! Ask a grownup to help you sign up to read Epic after school…” This is Epic’s way of trying to recruit more paid subscribers. Tell your families that students can always access Epic for free during the school day, and that they do not need to sign up for anything as parents, unless they choose.