Feedback~Tech Tools

Click on any of the links below to learn more about some commonly used digital learning tools. If the tool is on this page, access has been provided or should be free for educators at this time.

A crazy, competitive and fun formative assessment tool. Works best when all students are in the challenge at the same time.

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Teacher created quiz games that students are able to complete at thier own pace.

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Problems and activities created by teachers that allow the student to respond in real-time!

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Teachers can have a live view of student work and provide realtime feedback. Teachers can also assign partners to work together or as mentors.

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Activities, study sets, and really cool interactive diagrams! Quizlet has added “Quizlet Teacher” to assist with remote learning needs.

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Create and learn from interactive images.

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Interactive quiz game that now allows for individual study sets for remote learning.

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Build on-the-fly assessments using tools in Socrative.

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You build your Flipgrid class and ask the question. They answer with a quick and easy video.

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The world’s smartest dictionary!

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Build interactive lessons for students based on the TedTalks that you choose.

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Turn any video into an interactive lesson using Edpuzzle.

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Polling in in Webex Meetings

Watch this YouTube video