Instructional Technology Strategies

The following strategies are helpful when planned into lessons integrating technology and classroom instruction:

1.  Develop templates to target learning activities and make the most of instructional time (use tools like Inspiration and Kidspiration)

2. Chunk technology tool instruction into mini lessons throughout content

3. Identify and take advantage of teachable technology moments

4. Narrow the options/choices for students within a particular application (music, photos, transitions…)

5. Scaffold the skills/options within a particular program

6. Use a gradual release of responsibility model when introducing new technology tools

7. Empower students to provide tech support for one another and solve their own technical issues

8. Provide written instructions for reference during activity

9. Include writing (draft, revise and edit) in all technology activities as often as possible

10. Utilize a variety of computer configurations with students (1:1, 2:1, partners, centers, half/half)

11. Take advantage of opportunities for students to model skills and content with technology

Do you have a strategy to add?  Please leave a comment below!

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