Newsela is an engaging authentic content platform that prides itself on accessibility for students. Newsela obtains its content from some of the most trusted media partners anywhere. USA Today, Associated Press, BBC, Bloomberg News, National Geographic, The New York Times, The History Channel are just a few of the content partners which help to create 10 new articles per day!

Newsela’s reading level can be changed by the teacher or the student. Each article can be transformed for the reader without losing the message.


It is best suited for students in grades 3-12. Here are the directions to get started:

Choose sign in with Clever
If it asks for any syncing information, feel free to say yes.
Student users will need to get the Newsela app from Self Service. Choose sign in with Clever

Newsela is intuitive. Most teachers and students will be able to find what they need on the landing page. It is important to note, that although there is an App for Newsela, it is not necessary or even recommended for the teacher user. It is helpful for students who want to download items from Newsela to access later without the internet.

Newsela Support

  • Help Center – Do you have questions about Newsela or how to use it? The Help Center has a wealth of information.
  • Videos – Newslea has a YouTube Channel with many helpful videos for teachers. Please keep in mind, BLS is not using Newsela Pro.

Lesson Ideas

Middle School Daily Lessons

Using Newsela with Elementary Students