Phone and Text

Communicating with parents and students is a must especially when teaching remotely, but you might not want to share your cell number. The good news is that you don’t have to! Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Check your voice messages on your work phone from home:
    1. Dial 541-355-9999
    2. Enter your ID (your 4-digit extension number), followed by #.
    3. Enter your pin number followed by #.
    4. Follow directions to listen to and manage your messages.
  2. Forward your work #:
    1. Press CFwdAll (or Forward All) softkey. Your phone will beep twice.
    2. Enter 9 and then the target phone number. Your phone will beep once. The forwarded number will display on the screen’s status line.
    3. To cancel the forward call function, press the” CFwdAll” or “Forward all” softkey again.
  3. Call from your cell phone without sharing your number:
    1. To hide your personal phone number when you call, dial *67 before placing the call. 
    2. It will show up as a “private number” or “unknown caller,” so families might not answer the first time (suggestion: leave a message identifying yourself, and tell them when you will be calling back). 
  4. To hide your phone number when texting, use TextFree to send messages from your computer with a unique phone number.