Remote Learning Tools

We realize that there is a wealth of resources currently available. To supplement your standard curriculum, the tools below are supported by the Bend-La Pine Schools, and logins are automatically generated by our systems (or not necessary) to facilitate teacher and student use. By logically choosing and using these options, teachers can create remote learning experiences that are content-driven and engaging.

1. Plan Using Curricular Guidelines & Best Practices

A quick internet search on “remote teaching” or “distance learning” will literally result in thousands of websites, articles and how-tos. Here are some of the most common tips and practices we found:

2. Communicate & Deliver Instruction

How will you communicate daily instruction to students and families? Email is a great option but if you are looking for something more robust and interactive the tools below fit the bill. When using these digital communication platforms remember to set clear parameters for discussions and expectations for digital citizenship! With that in mind, these platforms can help amplify your delivery. Remember, we must provide communication in a language families can understand and access; included here are tools for communicating with multilingual families.  For more support, reach out to your ELL/Language department staff.

Digital Platforms

3. Engage Students

How will you make sure that students are engaged with your content? These tools can help. At the most basic level, students enjoy seeing a short video clip (3 minutes or less) of their teacher each day. This alone will foster a continued connection. What else can you do? Check out these ideas:

4. Supplement & Extend Your Curriculum & Lessons

Many core curriculum materials are already available digitally. The following tools can extend that core content and provide supplementary learning experiences for your students. When you mix things up it keeps lessons and content interesting. Be purposeful & keep expectations in check.

5. Provide Timely & Meaningful Feedback

There are many ways to provide meaningful feedback, both analog and digital. It is awesome to incorporate different types and modes of feedback, including peer reviews, teacher feedback, and immediate digital response. The following tools and strategies can help.

Additional Resources for Creating Dynamic Remote Learning

These resources are great for some additional ideas, but realize that they might reference tools to which Bend-La Pine staff don’t have access. That said, we probably have something similar. So take it all as information in, and ask the instructional technology team if you have any needs or questions.