Digital Learning Tools

To supplement your standard curriculum, explore the digital tools on this page. These tools are supported by the Bend-La Pine Schools Instructional Technology team.

Instructional Logistics

Many core curriculum materials are already available digitally. The following tools can extend that core content and provide supplementary learning experiences for your students. Be purposeful & keep expectations in check.

Digital Platforms

Engaging Students with Curriculum

How will you make sure that students are engaged with your content? These tools can help.


Create opportunities within instruction and practices for students to talk, share work, and engage with each other during synchronous and asynchronous learning. Collaboration is an important factor in creating and developing student agency. It is shown that students engaging in collaboration will feel more connected to one another, and to their school community.

Digital Feedback & Evidence of Student Learning

There are many ways to provide meaningful feedback, both analog and digital. It is awesome to incorporate different types and modes of feedback, including peer reviews, teacher feedback, and immediate digital response.

Additional Resources