Getting Started with Webex

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WebEx is a great tool to communicate with others, whether it’s a meeting, tutorial, webinar, or lesson. You can get started here.

The Bend WebEx website is the perfect place to schedule and the WebEx app is the perfect place to have your meeting. Here’s a video tutorial on how to begin along with a pdf document of instructions if you’d rather read it step by step:

Here’s the same video shown above but without music.


Video conferencing tools can really test the capabilities of your technology on many levels. To avoid issues:

  • Make sure your computer OS is up-to-date
  • Restart your computer or at least close as many applications as you can before starting your WebEx.
  • Log in early, check your audio and video settings. If you have an internet bandwidth issue, WebEx will usually warn you. You can turn off your camera to reduce bandwidth.
  • Use headphones to reduce feedback and other sounds like tapping on a keyboard.
  • Try not to sit in front of a window.

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