Digital Citizenship Week 2016

In Bend-La Pine Schools, as well as around the country, the week of October 16-22 has been designated as Digital Citizenship Week. As parents and educators, our instructional technology team knows first-hand the importance of this topic and believe it is something we need to address with our children as part of their education. Digital devices are part of our society, and their presence can be both an asset and a challenge as we balance productivity, screen time, and being present in the moment with our teachers, friends and families. During this week, it is our hope that as a community we can open ourselves to learning and discussing the role that devices play in our home, school and work lives.

We have identified a digital citizenship focus for each grade level, and teachers will lead discussions around these topics during class times. You can a matrix with topics and lessons by grade level linked here. We have also identified a Family Focus for each grade level which you will also find on the linked document above. It is our hope that this family focus is something you can address throughout the school year in your home.

Digital citizenship is an important topic for administrators, teachers and parents, not just students.  Together we can help guide our students toward safe, respectful and responsible use of their digital devices.  Thank you for partnering with us on this initiative.