Setting iPad Controls

The iPad provides a Guided Access tool for parents to set controls on how it is used. Guided Access  can be used at home to help your student to stay focused on a task while using their iPad. Guided Access limits the device to a single app and lets you control which app features are available. The Guided Access setting is established behind a four-digit code that you select, allowing you to control what access your student has and can be turned on and off as needed.

Enabling Guided Access

Click each heading to expand for diagrams and more information on that configuration.

1. Launch the Settings app





2. Tap “General”. Scroll down and tap “Accessibility”.









3. Scroll down and tap “Guided Access”.









4. Switch on “Guided Access(1) and Accessibility Shortcut(2), and tap “Passcode Settings(3)”.









5. Tap Set Guided Access Passcode.









6. Set a 4, or 6-digit passcode.









Using Guided Access

1. Launch ANY app that you want to use. Here, we use Notability.







2. Triple-click the hardware Home button of iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad (press the home button 3 times very quickly).

3. After triple-clicking the home button, you should see a screen where you can use your finger to optionally trace a circle/rectangle around any area that you want to disable for additional control.









5. Tap Start to begin Guided Access.









When Guided Access is enabled the hardware Home button and Sleep button will be automatically disabled, effectively “locking” the iPad in one app.


Exiting Guided Access

1. Triple-click the hardware Home button.

2. Enter the passcode you set when you enabled guided access.









3. Tap End to exit Guided Access.









IMPORTANT: While these Guided Access can be applied locally at each home, it is critical to note that in addition to this control the Bend-La Pine Schools have set-up each iPad so that the same school Internet filter that occurs in all of Bend-La Pine Schools will be a part of the iPad. When the iPad goes home or to any other location and connects to the Internet, content will be filtered to the same levels as those in our schools.  This said, please realize that there is no filter more effective than a student who is educated about appropriate use and digital citizenship, and a parent or teacher who is aware of what their student is doing while online.  

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