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TO DO: There is an action to take here, only if you are interested in promoting your students become involved in a regional spelling bee. (I hope that some of our MS students do get involved!) Here is some information about this and a contact to learn even more: Jodi Lawrence Turner, editor with The Bulletin, is hoping we might… Read more →


TO DO: Please check your calendars – and with anyone else whom you might need to – and let me know (yes or no) whether May 19, 2020, will work for this year’s 5th grade Move Up day. Please let me know by the end of next week! __________________________________________________________ Please communicate the following reminders (from Skip) to your staff: Over… Read more →


TO DO: Watch this video shared by Decatur Public Schools. But let me advise you to not watch it the first time in a room full of people, any maybe have a Kleenex handy. “I Chose You” was the prompt teachers were given when considering one of her/his students who inspire them to come to work every day. This video… Read more →


TO DO: If you have any certified staff of concern and have not communicated this to Jon yet, please do so immediately. Depending on where this employee is on Contract or Probationary status will depend on next steps – some of which take time to accomplish, but need to be completed by February, 2020. I believe I have touched bases… Read more →


THIS and THAT: Here is a video that Lisa Birk shared with the staff at PCMS regarding the powerful effect that positive expectations of teachers for students have on learning. (Lisa wanted me to let you know that although the videography is a bit outdated, the study has been replicated a number of times in education to validate its findings.)… Read more →


THIS and THAT: As you know (9.6.19 TRIBE), your MS AD will be spending some extended time with Sal and other ADs digging into some work that requires more than an hour here or an hour there. During the course of this year, they will be taking (three) 1/2 days for this purpose. If a sub is needed, this should… Read more →


TO DO: Please add a Leadership meeting to your calendar for Jan. 13 at 3:15pm. The focus of this meeting will be on our district’s investment priorities. If you haven’t already, please send Lora your notes for your staff listening session activities no later than Thursday, November 14th. Earlier this week, Lora had received notes from about 12 schools (and… Read more →


TO DO: I thought this might be a good time to share a great reminder about the power the adults in a building (and bus!) have on the experience a child has at school. Every Opportunity provides a student point of view look at what adults are teaching students every day and what students are “learning.” THIS and THAT: You… Read more →


THIS and THAT: For a number of years now, PCMS has sent out communication around Halloween dress-up to students and families in the weeks prior. Here is their flyer for this year. Other schools actively promote coming to school not wearing a costume at all. Whatever is decided at your building, thank you for communicating those expectations in advance! As… Read more →


TO DO: Here is an important message from HR that also has some follow-up communication expected on your part: We have worked with our OSEA leadership to establish a new classified evaluation rubric (Word and PDF).  While the contract language has not changed around timing or frequency (at least once every two years), this new form will allow for a… Read more →