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TO DO: There is an action to take here, only if you are interested in promoting your students become involved in a regional spelling bee. (I hope that some of our MS students do get involved!) Here is some information about this and a contact to learn even more: Jodi Lawrence Turner, editor with The Bulletin, is hoping we might… Read more →


TO DO: Please check your calendars – and with anyone else whom you might need to – and let me know (yes or no) whether May 19, 2020, will work for this year’s 5th grade Move Up day. Please let me know by the end of next week! __________________________________________________________ Please communicate the following reminders (from Skip) to your staff: Over… Read more →


TO DO: Watch this video shared by Decatur Public Schools. But let me advise you to not watch it the first time in a room full of people, any maybe have a Kleenex handy. “I Chose You” was the prompt teachers were given when considering one of her/his students who inspire them to come to work every day. This video… Read more →