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TO DO: Please make sure your certified staff knows that there will be no district-driven PD meetings next Wednesday, Oct. 9. ____________________________________________________ A couple of weeks ago I let you know that there will be a Scheduling Workshop offered here in our district… and asked that you (or others involved with scheduling at your school) consider attending if you have… Read more →


TO DO: This year’s Job Fair (yes, you read that correctly!) is scheduled for April 13. For all of you planners out there, you’re welcome. For those non-seven-months-ahead planning types, don’t worry – there will be more communication/reminders on this in the months ahead. _________________________________________________________ This “to do” is connected to our upcoming conferences and our usual need for additional… Read more →


TO DO: Please have through page 22 of High-Impact Instruction read by Oct. 21, our next Horizontal meeting. We’ll be spending the first 45 minutes of our meeting discussing this section. __________________________________________________ Please take some time this next week to update your Measure 98 (HS Success) Plan in Google Drive. Your initial school year balance (of $2,000 or $4,000) has… Read more →


TO DO: I have a favor to ask regarding bus transportation to/from your school. Would you please let me know, by Monday (9/16) at 9:00am, how many busses have typically been arriving late (not allowing students to get to class on time), as well as how late (e.g. one bus a few minutes late, two busses 15-20 min. late)? Additionally,… Read more →


TO DO: Check out this 1:00 video clip that you may have caught on News 21 on Wednesday evening. Stephen represented us all well! __________________________________________________________ Here is a link to a five-question survey. I’d love to have all principals and VPs complete it by 9/11 so I can share the results with you when we meet on 9/12. ________________________________________________________ Our… Read more →


TO DO: Don’t forget that there is a slight tweak to how you’ll (principals) be introducing new teachers at New Teacher Day on the morning of Aug. 26. You should have sent all of your new certified hires a letter (this letter) to collect their feedback on a few questions. When it is time for you to introduce each new… Read more →


TO DO: Please let appropriate staff know that Michele Oakes is still looking to fill out the PASS Level Review assessor team and is needing: 1 SS teacher, 2 math teachers, 1 science and 1 MS admin. If you or someone you know is interested, please contact Michele right away. Please share next year’s classified (office) staff work times with… Read more →


TO DO: Make sure you have the annual admin BBQ on your calendar for Monday, June 17th at noon here at the Ed Center. The dress is casual. Hot off the presses… All MS health teachers will be having a half-day (morning) training with the RESPONSE curriculum on day 189 – Friday, Aug. 30. Please notify each of your health… Read more →


TO DO: Here is something to be a part of if you are interested. (From Dan Curfew, a teacher at PCMS): My PCMS Design and Modeling students are wrapping up a design cycle to create a therapeutic toy that could be used by our Sparrow. Students designed something that will be fun, functional & creative, and meets the needs of… Read more →


TO DO: Please complete your Self-Reflection soon if you haven’t already. We are asking that you and your ICCL folks register for the Aug. 20 Leadership day (that will start with a Mary Ehrenworth keynote). Please click on the “Sections” tab and make sure you are registering for the Aug. 20 day (section # 10456), and not Aug. 21 (unless… Read more →