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TO DO: Some changes have been made to the Field Trip process. Please make sure you make yourself familiar with these changes. Here is the NEW Field Trip Permission Slip form. Please use this form for all trips, from now on. These “to do’s” all fall under the larger umbrella of “interpreters for conferences” which we need to begin planning for. As… Read more →


TO DO: This may not be a “to do” right now… but please try and add this as a checklist item whenever you have a group of students leave your building. For all field trips (including overnight trips), please notify your school nurse well in advance of the trip, as well as provide a list of students who will be… Read more →


TO DO: Mark your calendar and spread the word: next year’s Summer Leadership Academy is going to be held on Aug. 14, 2019, at the Riverhouse. Feel free to share this with your ICCL team. (Thanks to all who weighed in on their date preference!) As we start off the second half of the year, please remember to input your… Read more →


TO DO: The training with Dr. Ross Greene on May 17 is filling up fast. If you are interested in attending or sending someone from your building you should register soon as spots are going quickly! Here is the flyer with more info – including a link to register. Thank your counselor(s) next week for the things you see them… Read more →


To Do: When you are at the Ed. Center for meetings in the future, please make a point of taking a left upon entering the building and walking through the Tamarack program. Hayley and I want you to look for and touch bases with any of your students currently attending there, as well as having the opportunity to get a… Read more →


To Do: I ask that you make an announcement regarding next year’s staff work hours during SIW on Wednesday, 1/23. Please do not communicate this message to anyone prior to next Wednesday afternoon as we want to coordinate its release district-wide as best we can. Additionally, after the SIW announcement, please send this message out to all of your employees so… Read more →


To Do: [This is a partial repeat from my last TRIBE – assuming you have already spoken with Jon regarding any probationary teachers of concern.]  Please see the following reminder/To Do from Jon Lindsay regarding any 3rd year probationary teachers you have this year: Principals/Supervisors, it  is time to start thinking about the renewal/non-renewal process. If you have an employee that… Read more →