Fri., March 13th

Notes about how the school-closure will affect our classes:

*We will pick up where we leave off today. Therefore, the Reading Record #21 will be due, ideally on Wed., April 1st. However, if you need an extension on this due date, I will work with you. Today we are working hard on our Argumentative Essay #2 (student chosen topic), knowing that when we return, we will pick up where you left off and finish them. Ideally, again, on Wed., April 1st you will work for the block period and be able to turn it in on Thursday, 2nd, but we will check in together when I see you next.

*I am doing book talks today for a Book Group that will begin when we return. Please make sure when you come back, that you are eligible to check-out a book from our school library. (You can check out up-to-three books, so make sure you have one opening for this!)

In Class:


*Book Talks for Book Groups

*Argumentative Essay #2- work on as much as you can!

Out of Class:

Read! Rest! (See above note for current assignment due dates). I’ll miss you 🙂