Bonjour à tous!

Bienvenue au monde francophone!

Welcome to French class!  Thank you for visiting my website!  I hope your experience learning about the French language, francophone countries, and culture inspire you to be proficient French speakers and citizens of the world.
Please use this site to stay informed about our classroom news, student work, what’s happening in French Club, useful resources for French grammar practice, and authentic French websites to practice listening, reading, and speaking.  This year, we will use iTunes U for our curriculum, assignments, and due dates, and students can access class information in iTunes U after entering the enrollment code for a specific class.  If you ever have any questions and/or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me via email.  Learning a new language can be challenging; however, by working together, I know we will have a successful academic year!  It is my hope that you will find my class challenging as well as inspiring.  
Please us the link below to contact me.